Letter(s) from Julia Sihova to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

I am pleased to reception of the answer from you my friend Frank. My name Julia. At me fair-haired hair and blue eyes. I to send to you my photo, you can see me on it. As I to speak in my previous letter, I to live in Russia, in the city of Novorossisk. If to interest you his site and a history I to tell to you about it during our correspondence. I to be born February, first, 1974. My trade the children's doctor. And I to work now by a trade in a kindergarten. I am pleasant like with children, in fact they our future. I not to be earlier married, and to get and bring up the child of one I to not be solved. I to consider that the child should have father and mother, and it should have worthy education. I was trained at school with amplified studying the English language, and I can freely communicate on it. Though certainly my accent can seem to you awful. Recently I not frequently to communicate in English, and probably in my letter you to see some mistakes. If to you to seem that that not clear I to ask you to tell to me about it. I have received higher education at medical university, and to pass some years training by a trade in children's clinical hospital of city of Krasnodar. I to not meet the man with which it is possible to connect the life. Recently I to read in magazine clause about acquaintances through the Internet. There are many people through him get acquainted and create families. I to decide to try to find to myself of the partner in life on a site of acquaintances. Several days ago I to get acquainted with the man from Germany. It to seem serious to me in the beginning. But in the second letter it to send me obscene photos, and to ask me to do same. I to stop with it correspondence. In fact I search for the man with which pleasantly to communicate, and probably in the future it is possible to connect the life. You to like me. And I shall hope that I shall like you. I to want to see more than your photos, but the computer with which I with you to communicate hangs at acceptance of letters with a great volume. I to ask you to send me small photos. I hope for the answer. Julia

Letter 2

My loved Frank. Today I have visited a travel company, and have asked on an opportunity to visit your country and to meet you. As to me informed in this firm it not so difficultly now. To take off to you to me it is necessary to receive the visa. The firm is engaged in manufacturing of visas to visiting your country for the period of six months, or one year. Cost of the visa on six months of 300 dollars, and the visa validity one year has cost of 500 dollars. I need to write the application tomorrow, with the request to resolve to me visiting of your country. Then I should give data on my relatives and some my photos. The courier of firm once in day takes off for the city of Moscow, and brings documents for assurance of consulate. As to me has explained manager - term of manufacturing of the visa small, it on the average five - six days. And after that I can go to you my loved. Cost of the air ticket of 1200 dollars, is the fixed price up to any airport in your country. I to ask you to specify the exact name of the international airport nearest to you. My lovely I need to pay 1500 or 1700 dollars that employees of firm have made documents for a start to you. Now at me not so good financial situation, and circumstances compel me to ask you to assist our meeting. It is not a shame to me because that I now can provide payment of my trip to you. If I can find employment in your city, I to return all expenses for my arrival to you. My loved, I to want to go through together all ups and downs of our life. I hope that we can incorporate in embraces and exciting kisses. My lovely, I have learned the address of bank on a way to the Internet of cafe. It. Lenin's city of Novorossijsk.prospekt. The house 9. Phone 671623. To this address there is a branch of the western union. I to ask you to assist my arrival to you through the Western union because it is a safe and fast way of transfer of money in Russia. It to me was advised by the manager of a travel company. My lovely, my full name Julia Sihova. As to me have told in branch of bank, I will be required to name the ten-character code of translation, both your exact name and a surname. Then I can receive the help from you. Whole also I embrace you my loved! I hope that you can help our love. Your Julia