Scam letter(s) from Esther Ansomaa to Stephen (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear,
How are you today? First of all thanks so much for taking your precious time to send me a mail. Since am a woman of my words i will honour my words by sending you some images of myself and also telling you a brief about me like i Promised. My name is Sarah Lartey and am 32 yuears of age, I have a son ( Samuel ) who is 7 years young. Sincerely am a South African by birth but now in Ghana studying nursing, I have once visited the states and i did visit my Auntie in Queens thus in New York. It was real nice when i visited and would love to visit again sometime. I think it would be very wise for us to get to know more about each other through our private email addresses. Please send me some images of yourself in your reply to me.

Well Here Is Something Brief About Me.
I consider myself to be a fairly honest and truthful person and expect the same in return; I'm not wealthy and don't expect someone to attempt to deceive me or "play" me.
I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we DO spend together even better. I'm not one who cheats in a relationship; one man is enough trouble ; I don't have the time or energy to jiggle 2, 3, or 4 at the same time - haha.
I am generally an optimistic person with a sense of humor, fairly easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work.
As I mentioned earlier, I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also encourage him to go out and spend time with friends and pursue his own interests and hobbies as well.
As you can tell, I believe in total communication........ Not that we can do that all the time, but ultimately we can get the feelings out without too much delay, I hope. I believe in getting to know my partner and communication seems to be the best way to do this. I am adventurous. love to see new places and experience new things.
I will always have the little kid in me ,even though I am very responsible !! love to play,I am on the computer getting into it more and more!!! dancing is important to me I want soo badly to get better at it !!!
It is such a positive way of having fun and expressing yourself,and you get to show your woman to the world on the dance floor like a beautiful flower equal partnership takes to tango ,compromise ,communication is sooooo important!!!!
I will always be who I am at the core my soul my being who I am and what makes me ,Butttt!!! I am chuck full of potential I actually can be taught !!!!! LOL!!! woman need to be like a guiding light for men we sometimes have a tendence to miss the little things ,not on and a woman should work as a team together ,I cook ,clean,dust ,and do laundry.
God Bless
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