Scam letter(s) from Olga Dolgireva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Michael. Thank you very much for writing me...
I think It means, that you are interested in me and very pleasantly for me... I have to tell, that I bought a computer one week ago and I am not good in this and in internet.
But I know, that the most interesting thing in internet
Is communication with interesting people from different places of this wonderful earth....
Michael Do you agree? I think, that people should give Nobel Prize to the person, who invent Internet. It is so amazing...
The most popular in internet is international dating,
Contacts with people other countries, different cultures... and I decided to try.... May be you will ask - why is international dating? I will reply you with pleasure...
Because I am from Russia... my city Kuznetsovo.
I will tell you about my city in other letter, if you will tell me about yours... I was searching American man and choose you,
Because Russian man is not so interesting, so wise, gallant, not so honest, as other man...
May be this is because we had communism, which broke all our culture.. Sure, American and European man can be not so nice, but I hope, that you are not? I am kind and sympathy women and I am ready everytime to help to the people, who need this...
Certainly, I want so much to meet the person, who has also good and clean heart,
Who will value love, respect and trust to women...
I think, that the most important thing between man and women is demands time and power,
It is very easy to brake trusting, bit very difficult to make again... Unfortunately, here are not men, who can love value women's love...
Only cynics, who searches *** only for one night...they are unbearable,
When they are *****, because they can start to stick to the women, hit her and even kids...
Even teetotalers don't have respect here to the women.
They use much abusive words, what I don't like and it is so unpleasantly to hear...
I want to be with good-oriented man, who can care about me and protect from people as in my city....
Michael, you live in USA? I think, that man in your country is different from man in out country...
And they can love from all heart....
I understand your language, I learnt it at the school...I had excellent....
Sometimes I will use translator....
I want, that we will understand each other very well... You should write me without mistakes to understand me you well...
If you understand me not very well, please, forgive me...
I also will try to write you without mistakes...ok? I think, that I wrote already much, if you are not tired to read, I will continue... My name is Elena ... I am 27 years old...I am 165 cm and 55 kg. I was born 7 of May...
I work as seller in big supermarket. I sell toys, they can be 2-3cm, but some of them is taller, than you.
They can dance, sing, talk, move and go...
Certainly, if you are not crazy, you understand, that they have mechanism and that's why they can do this.... My work is very interesting... it is so big happiness,
When you see how childs love this toys and they start to be more kind... it is very important... I am lonely, I live in flat. I rent.
My parents live in 30 km from me...sometimes I spend my weekends with them there...
I have never been married...
Every morning I make different exercises, I like to run...
I think, that I have everything, but I don't have love...I really feel myself lonely...
I don't have person, with whom I can be happy...and I decided to find love in internet ... I would want, that you will answer to my questions. Michael, what do you want in a women.
What is your demands to the women?
What do you like in a women? I will wait your letters.
I hope, that you will reply soon and I will get your answers...
Thank you very much for interest of my person,
And I hope very much, that you like my letter....i tried with all my might
Letter 3
Hello Michael.
How are you?
My dear today I have not received your letter.
I wish to ask you why you have not written to me?
I hope, that all is good and, that you will write to me as it is possible soon!
I will wait for your answer my embraces Elena
Letter 3
Good morning or evening?
Michael, I am glad to get your letter.
Do you know time difference between us? I think, that it Is not much...

You answered me, it means, that I am interesting for you? Internet dating really works.
My mood is very excellent now, do you know the reason? I think, that yes.
If you still didn't guess - because of your kind letter...

I am glad and I am happy to know about you and to tell about myself.
I am glad, that we can talk to know each other better...
I have much questions to you, but I will not ask this suddenly,
Because may be you don't have much time to answer to them.
I will answer to all yours with pleasure.
If I will not answer to them, please, don't be upset to me, simply answer me again with other words...
May be I simply can understand this not correctly...ok?

I want to meet the person, who also as me want to be happy, and to present him this happiness...
It is so difficult to live alone.
It is so nice, when you are with person, from whom you feel love, passion, kisses, support...
Do you agree with me, Michael?

I like to do massage, to cook, it is so big enjoyment for me to invent different foods.
Also I like to make photos of my life... my girlfriend help me to do them. She is good photographer.
We are always together, she is very close for me person,
Whom I can tell everything and take good advices... her name is Darya .

I like water, lakes and rivers. I enjoy, when cold wind **** on us.
Do you like to swim? Fishing?
I tried one's, but I couldn't catch anything.

I like to joke and I have sense of humor. But sometimes I think we need to be serious. Do you agree?
What is the most important thing for you? Work? Love? Sweetheart? Entertainment? Resting?

Already 3 years I am single. I didn't have any relation and man all this time.
Now I want and I am ready to meet new love... because I am alive and want to be happy.
Michael, if you are not ready for serious relationship, it will be better, if you will stop to write me.
But if you want to know me better, I will be happy to correspondence with so nice man as you - Michael.
I want so much to believe you, Michael, my heart tells me, that you are very kind person.

I would want to hear your voice and to call you. But I don't have phone.
I earn only 200 euro at the work. Also I rent flat, as you know, plus I have to eat.
That's why I don't have uperfluous cash to buy phone.
But I promise you, that if we will have warm relation, I will find a way and call you...
I will be economical to phone-card and will call you from post office.
I want to hear you very much!!!

Michael, I have never been in your country. but I always wanted to visit it.
You have very beautiful country.
If I will not write you at the weekends, please, don't worry, I work 6 days in week, exception is only Sunday.
But in Sundays I go to my parents, I already told you about this, they live in 30 from me.

Michael, I want to be with man, who will give me care ...
I will meet meet every day with together with love, tenderness and passion and we will enjoy of our love.
I dreamed to be sweetheart and to love only one man and to be faithful to him.
The most important - to be with lovely man.
And everything else will come to us with feelings. I think so. Do you agree with me, Michael?

Michael, I like you, and it is so pleasantly for me to get your letters.
I already miss your letters, where are them?
I hope to get your letters soon.
Letter 4

Hello Michael!!!!! Michael, I am glad to see your letter.
When I was reading, what you wrote, I smiled...))
I can't get used to computer and internet, but I try...I write you 1-2 hours.
And I have pleasure of this.
Now I can't imagine even one day without your letter. It is very a pity to me, that I I could not write to you earlier.
I wish to tell to you, that I could not answer all the last days because I leaved to the parents.
We in Russia on this Monday on March, 8th had a holiday of all women which the international women's day refers to.
You when or heard about such holiday?
At us it is accepted to congratulate all women this day and to give them flowers. I didn't tell you before, that I like your name. Michael, mmm nice name for good man!
And if we have big distance between us, when I read your letters, I feel, that you are near.
I like ti get and read your letters.
And I like to write you, because you are always on my mind.
You write me respectfully, and I like it so much. I imagine you, when I read your letters, I imagine, how you tell me your words from your letters.
I think, that we have much general things for interesting dialogue and talk.
And I want to tell you about my interests, leisure, amusements and how I like to spend my free time.
Usually in free time I like equestrian sports. Do you also like it? Did you try to go on horseback?
You even can't imagine, how can you feel free yourself, when you are on horseback and gallop on empty field.
It is feeling of freedom, and I like it so much. I wish to send you a picture with mum I very much I hope that it to like you. In free time I also like to listen music and read books, what kind of music do you like?
I like relaxing music, pop-music, country, reggy, a little Rnb, and a little techno.
I hear different music, everything depends from my mood.
I like to read books in soft evenings, I like Russian and foreign writers.
My favourites are Turgenev, Pushkin, Dostoevski, Tolstoy.
As about foreign writers I like to read romantic poetry - Kant, Ray, Bredberry.
Have you read literary work of even one of my favourites?
Also I like to go to cinema. When have you been the last time at the cinema?
The last film, which I like, was 'Johnny D'. Did you look this film?
I don't have favourites among actors. But I like very much acting of Jhony Depp this film.
I like to go to the cinema with my girlfriend. I spend our time very interesting and funny. We go to cinema, cafes, bars.
I have to tell you, that I drink not much,
It can be very seldom and I can drink only two goblets of white wine or champagne.
I also don't smoke, and what about you? My girlfriend is very happy, that I found you in internet.
She told, that I even changed a little.
How do you think, Michael? What could change in me?
I send you photos me and Darya .
She tells, that that I started to smile more often,
Became more happy and almost always I have nice mood!
Michael, do your friends know about me? What did they tell? I already miss your letter.
I am glad very much, that we continue our correspondence and I hope,
That we will develop our relation more and more...
You are only one man, whom I write...
I wait your answer with impatience.....
Letter 5
Hello my Michael! Are you not opposite, if I will tell you - my Michael?
Michael, your letters are as sunshine, they bring warmth to my heart.
I am glad very much, when I get them.

I do not search for more men on a site Because I have met you and you have seemed to me very interesting person, therefore I have decided to write to you, I do not communicate with people which me not You interest, very interesting person, I not such person to speak with all successively, I have dialogue with one person and it you!!!

Yes I tried to come on my spayse but my computer has given out a mistake for thinking.
I necessarily shall try once again.

Michael, do you like your job? I want to know more about your work.
Do you go to your work with pleasure?
Tell me more about this, please.
You are so kind person and I am sure,
That you don't have enemies, who would wish you bad things.
Please, tell me, may be you worked in other places?
Did you have much different jobs?

As I already wrote you, I work as seller.
But early I worked in factory, I was engineer.
But factory was closed and now I work at the shop.
It is really very interesting work.
Now every day I see little babies and kids. I want to have mine very much.
Childs are very happy and smile a lot, when their parents buy them toys.
Oh, I like so much my job. It brings me much positive and nice mood!

Michael, I hope, that you always will be sincere with me,
I also always sincere with you and I will tell you everything, what you will ask me.
I don't hide anything from you and I hope, that you also will tell me everything.
I want so much, that our relation will be honest and kind.
I would not want, that we will have secret from each other.
Please, understand me correctly.

I wish you to have a nice day and nice evening with cup of tea on your sofa, after heavy day.
I know, that you will write, I will wait very much. I send you kiss, but not much, one and very soft.
I hope, that you will get it, when you will open my letter.
Where is your yours? I already miss your letter, please, write me sooner.
Letter 6
Good morning my the best man Michael!
Finally I am at the home after my work and I can write you a letter.
When I was going to the home, I thought, what I will write you.
I know, that thousands kilometers divide us, but when I write you, I feel, that i whisper this words to your ear...and I know, that you hear me..
Again I type you a letter and I feel myself so nice,
When i see, that you like so much to read my letters. Today I want to tell you about my family, my lovely dog.
I want, that you will know everything about me.
And I also want to know about you.
I don't have sisters, brothers. I am only one child for my parents.
I love very much my parents.
And our family has love, warmth, kindness, mutual aid…
Do you have brothers or sisters? My father is very intelligent and interesting person,
And he is interested about everything around him.
He likes to see news and soccer.
He has much different interests. One of them - his old tractor.
He worked as mechanical engineer, he is good specialist of car's repairs.
His name is Aleksander. He is 63 years old.
My father is true man, he is honest, justly and loving man.
He adore me and my mother and we also adore him!
He take all important decisions in our family, and always it is correct. My mother's name is Zina, she is 61 years old.
She is very attractive for her age and feel herself very nice.
She is very energetic and fun person, she is never in bad mood.
Her advices always help me. She is really wise woman.
Early she worked as book-keeper sewing factory.
Now she is in pension and does house's efforts.
They live in village, it is in 30 km from city.
They love very much nature and fresh air. About my dog.. he is my lovely dog. His name is Vasya. He lives with me 5 years.
He is brown and very fluffy. He is very kind and every time sleep in my foots.
The most favourite food for him is fish. I love animals very much, and you?
Now I am writing you a letter and Vasya is sitting near with me..
May be he wants t tell you "hello mister Michael" Please, tell me more about your family.
How do you think, what your parents will tell, when they will know,
That you correspondence with women from russia?
Do your parents know about me?
I want to communicate very much with your family, to know better about your life. I am really glad, that we met each other in internet. I really need your words.
Because my day would be lifeless without your sweet letters.
Thank you very much for your correspondence with me, this is very important for me.
It is really interesting for me to know more and more about your life.
I will wait your next letter with impatience. Please, write me sooner.
Your Elena and dog Vasya
Letter 7
Hello my Dear Michael, my lovely Michael!
I am very glad to get your letter.
Every time I am so exciting, when I open my mailbox.
I want to tell you, that I am happy so much,
That we found each other in internet
And that we dicided to write each other.
I am so thankful to my fate, which connected us!

My female intuition didn't let me down, because I am sure,
That you are the person, whom I wanted to meet always.
I searched the person, with whom I would want to spend happy and long life together...

It is very a pity to me, that your brother so has badly acted with you.
Yes I can tell to you the full name Elena Popova.

You really tell me about much good thoughts in your letters
And I am so thankful to you for warmth and enjoyment of dialogue, which you give me...
Always, when I read your letters, I feel, that you sit near to me and tell this words...
May be I have rich imagination...
I can imagine all your gestures and all your emotions,
From which you pass me your ideas... it is very great for me!

I want to know so much about your past relationships. Did you love?
When did you have your last relationship?
Are you ready for new relationship?

Michael, I want to tell you about mine, which was 3 years ago as you already know.
He was very kind person. But he liked to drink very much.
It is illness of our nation.
I can't understand, why people don't want to take a cure from alcoholism?
I tried to help him so much, but it didn't work.
I tried to change everything,
But alcohol was the most important in this world...
And that's why it was the reason of crash of our relation.
We understood, that we should to stop our relation and never come back to them...
And from this time I didn't have any relation with other man.

Now I want to be with man, who will love me from all soul.
Who will understand me and will be always hoest with me and my feelings.
I think, that you are this person, I feel this.
My soul feels your warmth and kindness to me.

Michael, I hope, that you will not get tired of my letters and questions.
I want to know everything about you!
I like you more and more and I am so glad, that I found you!
I already told you this, but I hope, that you are not tired from me!

I send you my lovely kisses, and I hope,
That they will give you tenderness and caress...
Your gentle and sincere Elena
Letter 8
Hello my Dear Michael!
How was your day? How is the weather? Health? Is everything ok?

Today I feel myself very very well, because I saw a dream.
This dream was about us, about me, about you, my Michael
Ususally I don't remember my dreams, but this I remember well.
And I want to tell about this to you.

I and my girlfriend Darya was walking at the park in city...
It is very nice place, there are much green plants and flowers.
The weather was warm and sun.
I don't know how and why, but I saw you - Michael,
You was sitting at the bench and was smiling.
You saw us and called us. I felt enthusiasm and joy...
I and Darya gone to you and greeted... you was smiling always and saw only to me.
It was so delightfully...
We was sitting at the bench and was talking, talking, talking...
All this time you? eyes saw to my eyes and I thought, that you want to tell me something very important!

Befor I going to home, you asked me, what will I do tomorrow?
I answered, that I don't know... and then you told me so joyfully, that you will wait me here tomorrow....
At the park and at this bench...
I told, that Certainly I will come and I didn't want to go so much!

Michael, you brang me closer, and embracing me so tenderly, you was kissing me..
This kiss was all eternity... and I understand, that you don't want to leave you...
It was the most nice kiss, I felt, that I am at the 7th sky.. from happiness, which you give me...

I awaked so sharply of an alarm-clock,
But with big smile on my face...I was happy and I am still so happy!!!
I hurried to my work, but I wanted so much all day to write you about this nice dream....
You should know, that when I am at the work, you are always ion my mind.
And we are always together on my dreams, thoughts...
It is so pity, that this is only at the dreams now..
But I know, that if we will want, our meeting will be obligatory,
And there will not be any barriers... the most big distance can't stop our wishes...

Now I want to ask you... what do you want at the future...
How do you see your life after 3, 5, 10 years?

But this is not all questions, which make me worry,
I am not jealous, I trust you... but -

I am really only one women, with whom you have correspondence?
Only one women, only whom you write letters about your dreams, thoughts...

I hope, that my question didn't make you upset, simply I want to know this...
I will wait your letter, and remember, that I am always with you,
In yout thoughts and your life, as you are in mie...
Your Elena
Letter 9
Hello my dear, my sweet Michael.

I am happy again to read your letter, your long-awaited letter...
I want to tell you, that all day I wait your letter...
Because your letters really paint my day to the most bright colors...
I even think, that if I will not read your letters,
The next day I will not think about anything...
It is so pity, that so big distance is between us,
And I would want so much to overpower it one day.
I like to talk with you.

You know, my dear, that already so long time I am alone.
And I would fell myself more lonely, if I wouldn't have my girlfriend with me.
In my life I was lonely very much time.
That's why I learnt to spend my days in loneless...
But I don't want, that you will think, that I am am dull and restrictive omen.
Because I like to go to different places, I like active live...
Simply sometimes I get tired so much and that's why I don't want anything...

For example, yesterday I was with my girlfriend Darya to the restaurant, because she had birthday.
She is 27 years old, and now we have the same ages...
We was celebrating her birthday together, only she and me,
And it was so interesting for us.
We are the best girlfriends and we are never boring together.
My Sweet, it is so pity, that you was not with us.
And you couldn't open champagne for us and slice a cake.
That's why waiter did everything this.
But I believe, that my birthday we will celebrate together – only you and me!
Michael, do you agree? Do you want this?
My birthday is in 7 of May . I hope, that you remember?

At the restaurant I and my girlfriend Darya spent time very interesting,
Enjoing of our time and was singing karaoke. Do you like to sing karaoke? It is very funny.
We had very tasty supper and was drinking very delicious red wine.
It was really so nice evening and I would want repetition this with you.
I am so sad, when I think, that so big distance divides us.
Otherwise I would be in your warms a long time ago...
I wouldn't see to anything else, only to you, my Dear Michael,
Because your contemplation would be near with me, which would give me much of happiness and enjoyment....

I never hide anything from you, I am always sincere with you.
I will answer to all your questions.
When I know more and more about you, and get your letters, I feel so happy myself.
Michael, do you feel this.
Do you feel beating of your heart, when you get my letters?

You are my sun and your letters are shaft of light and warmth for me every day...
My parents ask about you. They want to know, what is the secret of my happiness. I started to smile more..
They know why – because I have met you in internet,
Because I get your letters..they are very glad of our communication.
My inimitable Michael, your appearance in my live made bright imprint. Everything, what I feel is so wonderful!
I tell you this very seriously. It is similar with new page of book. At the book of life.

I ask of myself: "why does Michael write me? Why do I write to Michael? What do we what?"
And I understoond, that our contact is very important for me. It is so interesting for me with you.
I searched a man, as you, who will understand me. And hope, that I found this man, appeared to me.

My Dear Michael, please tell me, do you see the women, with whom you would want to be in me?
Why do you correspondence with me? I need to know this..
May be, this is the most important letter, which I wrote you.
And your answer will be the most important for me.

Dear Michael, please, take care of yourself... I pray for you.
Your Elena P.S. I found in internet beautiful verse, and I would want, that you will read this...

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter and tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning
of sharing and caring
and having my dreams all come true;
I've learned the full meaning
of being in love
by being and loving with you.
Letter 10
Hello my Dear Michael!
In the morning sunshine told me, that one person of this wonderful is waiting a letter from me!
Here was very marvelous morning....
It was so nice to awake and to feel, that man thinks about me somewhere....

Yesterday I gone to the village and told to my parents about you,
I told them very much about you and about you talk with you.
Michael, my father told me, that you are worthy man and he hopes,
That everything will be good and one day we will talk in real.
Also, my father sent you "strong handshake" he would want to know you in real...

My parents asked me to tell you, that you are very good person
And that they believe you and to your kind words, which you write me.
My mother wants very much, that our relation will be strong
And good and to be us happy! She wishes us only well.
I was at the home of my parents some hours,
Then I and my mother decided to go to breath of fresh air to small forest,
Which is very near to home of my parents.
The weather today was warm and sunny.i rested with my soul. I felt so well myself.
I like to enjoy if nature.. and you?
Do you like to spend your time at the nature or at the city?

Michael, I have never wanted to be so close to the man early...
I can't understand, how it could be, because so much distance are between us.
I want to tell you, that when I saw to the sky, there was so much stars...
And this sky is also over you're your head, my Michael!

And sometimes I think, that if we will see to moon and to one star in one time,
We could see reflect of each other...
I would see your smile. I would see brilliance of your eyes...
It is not possible to see this through photos...
And may be start would can help us to see this...
Oh, how much I would want to see this with my eyes....

I would want to see your sun smile, your gentle glance.
I would want to lay with you on soft grass,
As blanket and to see to the sky...
And to hear wind, which would sing our his song.
I would never forget this night.

I don't ask much, I want only one to be happy and loved...
Now I have to tell you bye for now.
I send you much of thousands kisses and embrace you tenderly.
Only your Elena

Letter 11
Good afternoon, my dear Michael!
How are you without me? What new and interesting you have?
My day was simple today, as other days - in dreams about you!
Because I can't think about anything, only about you Michael.
I read your letter very long and I understand your thought very well,
And about what you want to tell me.

My lovely I very long read your big letter!
I not a haze to think before, that with you there were such situations.
You have told to me much about family and it was very interesting to me to read it!
You had very complex past you speak me about such huge
sums of money which in Russia earns nobody even for some years.
But I am very glad, that you the proof person and not looking at all on such difficulties you could take yourself in hands!
I am very glad, that you trust me even the most personal things!

I miss you so much Michael, and to be with you
Are my the most big wishes for me!
I want to touch you and to be in your warm embraces,
Today I thought much about futuren and now I can't see it without you.

I dreamed, how our family will be...
We would live happily and we would be the most close person for each other,
It seams to me, that my dreams also can be interesting for you
And I decided to tell you about this.

Michael, you should know, that I am very good housewife, I like to work,
I can cook very tasty and I like cleanliness, I like to care about home, where I live!
That's why it will be very cosy and smell of love and goodness!

I would can to cook Russian foods, plus different foreign foods...
We would have romantic suppers with candles. Do you like romantic?
At the weekends we walk at the park or in other nice places.
We would have nice moments with each other, and it would be the best time for us!

Before sleeping I would do massage to you and would ****** you with my kisses,
After this you would embrace me and whisper in my ear nice words,
I dream to sleep with you on your strong shoulders to feel your smell,
In the morning we would awake from bright sun and would start our day of our sweet kisses!!!

What do you think about this? How would our family be, if we would meet and be together?
Please, write me detaily about this, I would want to know your dreams.

I want to tell you so much Michael, you are my ideal!
I have never thought, that I will meet such man, as you are.
But you are in my life and I have meaning of my life now, I know, for who's sake I live now.
Thank you, Michael, you gave me this meaning of life and I want to be only with you!

I want to give you my tenderness and caress, I want to be your women!!!
I want to hurry after my work to you Michael
I want to love and to be loved!
Do you understand my thoughts, do you understand, what I write you?

My passion and my wishes grow to you, I think about you 100 of my time.
I know, that you are only one person, whom I need.
Please, Michael. Don't have doubts in my sincerity, I write you, what I feel, and I feel happiness!

I wait your thought about what I wrote you. Do you feel the same as I feel?
I will wait with impatience your letter and I will answer to all your questions.
I kiss you tenderly, my Michael
Your Elena
Letter 12
Hello my dear Michael, my lovely Michael!
I am happy so much to see your letter.
I am really in so unintelligible situation for me now.
I feel myself very unusually, this is feeling of strong happiness,
Happiness of reading your letters.

Michael, I don't need any other man, I want to be only with you.
I also told you before, that I am definitely person,
And at the begging of our correspondence I told you that I search only one man,
With whom I will feel happiness and love,
All this qualities I felt in you, I feel this in you.
And now I want to devote all my life to make you happy!!!!!!!

My dear I have no visa and passports.
Lovely to me it is very pleasant, that you have sent me the pictures.
I think, that you have very big talent in painting!
I liked your pictures!

Michael, you know, that my parents like you much and they are glad because of us.
My girlfriend also likes you. All people, who is near to me, tell, that we should meet,
Because we found each other in different part of this words.

Michael, I don't know, how to ask this from you, I will ask, as I can.
If I would come to you, will you not be against to this.
But I hope to only one, that it really will be soon,
Because every day without you is as torment for me.
Every day of loneliness, I am really lonely without you!

I don't know, what you will do, when we will meet at the airport the first time,
I only want to believe, that I will not fall down in a faint,
Because my dream will be real and we will be together!

My Michael, I think, that we should start to plan our meeting,
Because I already can't be without you and only to wait, wait, wait!

Michael, I can get holidays and to spend it with you.
I want to go to travel agency and to know the information,
What I need to go to you and the price of all this, I know about necessary documents and conditions.
I will know everything, if you want.
I want to tell you, that it is so terrible for me to be in so big distance from you, Michael
If I will travel to you, it would be the most nice time..

Please, write me, if you want, that I will go tomorrow to the agency and know about travel to you.
Please, think about all this and write me about all your thoughts, which you have for me.
I ask you to answer to to all my question sincerely, as always,
And I hope very much, that tomorrow I will get your letter with reply..
If you will tell me to go to travel agency, I will go there immediately,

I wait your letter with impatience, forever your Elena
Letter 13
Good afternoon, my sweet Michael!!!! My dear I liked your history how our attitudes will unusually develop!
Lovely it is very a pity to me, but I could not hear to that file which you have sent me.
Lovely I liked your picture!
You are very nice!
You also have sent me Homere Simpson, it is very popular among children in us I have very good news for you Michael, I was at the travel agency...
And I know now all information, which I need for travel to you.
I need for going to you following: 1) visa
2) medicine insurance;
3) passport
4) tickets They will prepare all my documents approximately a week...
But if I will not make tourist visa, I will need more time, may be some monthes...
Also travel agency guaranties full design of documents...
And 100 getting visa. If I will not get visa or other document, agency will return me money..
That's why I think, that it will be better to use travel agency...
They told me, that they will arrange my travel as tour,
Because it will be more easy and sooner to make documents and to get visa...
In other way, it is impossibly to get visa.
That's why I will make tourist visa, it will be the best,
Then we can change status of tourist visa.
It will be availablo 6 monthes, but I can stay in your country continuously I can only 90 days.
In this time we can change status of visa and I can stay with you forever! All tour will have ammoun in 1600 $..
1)245$ tourist visa
2)205$ medicine insurance
3)50$ passport
4)900$ tickets
5)110$ services of travel agency
6)90$ tickets to go to Moscow by train. Flight to Moscow only from Moscow. But now I don't have money even for tourist visa.
I don't know, how much time I will need to save up so much money .
I asked today my mother, father and my girlfriend Darya,
I wanted to borrow money from them.. certainly, I would return them this money,
Because I would want to work then in your country, to be useful for our family.
But they don't have so much money....i even don't know, what to do. I am so upset all day because of this. I thought, where can I get so muh?
But I couldn't find an answer... but I still believe, that everything will be ok and we will be together....
Soon we can enjoy of sweetness of our lips and warmth of our gentle embraces...
To be honest, I was at the shock, and now I don't know, what to do.
But I really need you so much...
I can tell safely to every body in this world, that I need you sooo much...
Every time, when I go to bed, I have dreams only about you...
I close my eyes and I see us together...
I want to be close to you and enjoy of our relationship.
But it is not possible.
I really like so much our community...but we should go farther and to develop our feelings... I will you honestly, I already think sometimes to collect all my things and small baggage..
And to go on foot to you... in different weather...collecting all my power ...
But I want to meet you so soon!!!!!!
And I can't do anything with this. My heart forces to move and to take some decisions...
I know, that we have much distance... when I think about this, I feel so big pain in my heart...
May be it is love and I love you?????
I even don't know, what to think...
Michael, please, answer me as soon as possible....
I know, that we will be together so badly...
Yours forever, Elena
Letter 14
Hello my dear Michael !
Today my day was a little different from others,
But today I came to home and switched on the computer...
How much I was happy to see a letter from you!
Because only your words and thoughts give me the power and smile on my face.

My Dear, my heart was excitingm, when I was reading your words,
Where you wrote about your feelings to me.
Feelings, which you have never had, and now I am sure, that I want to love you.

I know, that you are ripe and experienced man,
But my words are also real, as my feelings to you.
I can't stand...I even can't hide my feeling inside me,
I want you to know I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU Michael

I have never felt the same to other man.
I love you as I have never loved in my life...
And I am read to give my life for you...I want to help you in everything...
Because I would be really happy to make everything this...
now I will try to find money for travel to you, but I can't.
It is much money for me.
But I try and I hope to find this money to be with you soon!

I will be happy simply to awake with you.. Michael
And to see lonely, how you sleep. I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU...
And I would be the most happy to warm you, and you never will be cold..
I would cling close to so strongly, my love...

I will never leave you, because I know, that you also love me...
You are very kind person...and the most important is that I love you...
I love you more, than anything...
I would be happy to do massage to you...
I would be really happy if you will do this for me also...
I dream, how your gentle hands touch my body and ****** it...
I dream, how your lips will touch my lips, then they will go to my ear...
I dream about our passion nights...

I don't need other man, I need only you.
And to be with you is the only one dream for me...
I would want, that we really will be together...that our meeting will be very soon...

My lovely to me it is very pleasant, that you can help me with payment
of my documents, I spoke with my tourist agent and she have told to me, that I can start to do my documents right now.
It asked me, that I would hurry to start to do my documents because many people will soon travel and there will be huge turns.
My dear I asked it how you can transfer me the capital.
It has told to me, what you can make it through company Western Union, you heard about it before?
I never before heard about it and if you want I can learn about it today.
Lovely I also asked it what to buy my one way tickets.
Lovely my tickets cost 900 dollars it there and back.
It has told to me, that it is impossible, because I fly to you under the tourist
visa and it will be necessary for me to show my tickets in the return end at customs.
Lovely I hope, that absolutely soon I can start to do my documents to you.
My tourist agent asked me, that tomorrow I would go to it and spoke it when I shall start to do my documents, that it could prepare for them.
I ask you, what you would tell to me when you can send me the capital for my documents?

My lovely I very strongly love you!
I very strongly wait for our meeting with you!

With love, your Elena
Letter 15
Hello my Michael!
I am glad so much, that I can write you Michael.

My dear to me very much, that you had difficulties on your work.
I wish to ask you when you now can send me the capital?

You are the most best thing, what happened with me in my life..
Because of this I am happy so much,
That we found each other in this wonderful world...
Honey, you even can't imagine, what do you mean for me...
You are the most bright shaft of sun, which awake me at the morning...
You are the most bright star at the sky...

Sometimes in the evening I feel so lonely myself,
Because you are not near...
I would want us to be together now...
You even can't imagine, how much I would want to touch you...
If I could only to touch you and to feel your warmth...
I don't want anything else, only to be with you, but I can't do this...
Because you are so far from me, and I can't do anything with this...

Michael, my thoughts are only about, how can I find money for our meeting,
Because I need this for travel to you.. and you know this.
I tried to ask from my friends, from everyone of them,
Also from my parents, but no one can help me to pay for all documents.
I don't know, what to do, i don't have people, where I can get this money.

I wrote you, that I need 1600$ for documents and tickets.
But I don't have them...I can't pay for travel.
I am crying and tears are in my eyes, it is unbearable pain,
When I think, that we will never meet...

My Dear Michael, I want you to know, that I love you so much.
And you are always on my mind.
I am always with you and never leave you,
Because I love you. Michael, I will love you always, always,
I want, that you will know this forever.
Because they mean much for me.
I want, that you will think about me so much, as I think about you.
And I want, that you will remember me always, because I love you!!!
With love, forever your Elena
Letter 16
Hello my Michael!
Now I am sitting near to window and writing you a letter.
I know, that in other part of this world you think about me.
And you wait, when I will write you. This warm my heart so much!

I am simply glad as a little child, when I see your nice words every day.
My day today was very longly, I thought, that it will never will stop.
Afternoon I felt not very well myself and only I the evening I became better...
i felt illness in my belly, I am so glad, that I am better now.

My dear it is very a pity to me, that you had troubles on work!
But I am confident, that you can solve them!!!
Lovely today I was in my travel agency and spoke with my tourist agent, she have told to me, that they do not accept payment by credit cards from for a plenty of a deceit.
It has told to me, that they accept payment only cashes.
My dear I think, that Western Union it is the most good variant for us with you.
Lovely I hope, that on following weeks I can receive your capital and start to do my documents.

I want to be with you now.
An it is not important for me, how is the weather there – cold or the heat,
I want only to be with you.
I know, that nothing can bother to the persons,
Who love each other and want to be together.
I am ready to go to the world`s end!
Where you will go, I also will go with you...
Even if it will be north pole, even if it will be desert Sahara,
It is not important for me.
The most important is you, my Michael
Our feelings are similar with fire, which was kindled in our heart...
And I can't anymore to withstand this flame...
No one music of the earth can be more sweet
And draw level with bitting of loving heart...
I know, that I will be the most happy women with you!

But Michael, I don't know, how we will meet...
I don't have necessary money...
Michael, now I really need your help.
I can't travel to you without your help.
I need to start to prepare my documents and to buy tickets.
I already can't wait this day, I become crazy!

I do everything, what I can. I asked money from my parents,
All friends. But I can't find money. I need your help.
I am so shy now, I want to cry of the shame, but I don't have other choice.
Michael, you know, that I can't go to you without money...
And the last hope for this meeting is you. Do you understand this?
I understand, that this is much money for everyone,
But for me this is biggest money.
I need one year to save this money.
If i will save, I will not have possibility to pay foods,
Pay for the rent of flat. And only to save money to go to you.

Lovely Michael, it is not possible for me.
It is very difficalt for me.
It is shame to ask you about help, but it is the last my hope to meet you.
Lovely Michael, I want to ask you about help me with money
To start me the process of preparing my documents for travel to you.

I wait your replay with impatience, my Michael!
Millions kisses are only for you, your Elena
Letter 17
Good afternoon my gentle bear cub!!!
I grieve without you Michael, I love you so very much, I am valid with impatience
I wait for day when we shall be together, together and our life will be the happiest...
I wish very strongly I wish to be for us together,
And to have very special and remarkable meeting...!!!

I have entered into parents to it weekend, and sat at a celebratory table.
The same as it is necessary on this holiday. Trees of fur celebratory Kulich, also the decorated eggs.
It was very cheerful, when we with mum have decorated eggs. To us played entertainment with it.
As two girlfriends.
My mum is very glad, that we with you shall together absolutely soon!
To us it was very cheerful. It was an interesting and good vacation.

My dear I spoke with my agent of travel and it has told to me that they do not accept a card of what to secure themselves against a deceit.
It has told to me, that they accept payment only cashes.
Is not present my dear my travel agency very popularly.
My tourist agent has told to me that they already very much for a long time are engaged in tourism.
I do not think, that it speaks me a lie.

Dear I wish to be enough patient about one magic day,
We are incorporated and in hands each other in embrace...
I am very glad that this day has come.
Michael - love in my life. We are so close, nevertheless while is far.
Irrespective of, where my life takes me, my heart established on you dear Michael.
Dear you will always remain in my heart for ever.
You force me to feel favourite, you force to feel
Yourself safe, but that even more important you force me to feel demanded.
Something, that I did not feel during very long time.
We knew, that our friendship becomes correct since the very first day which we spoke.
But, anybody from us could not start to imagine love which we feel,
Not blowing up or rattling in our hearts,
But only slowly turning in beautiful relations which only YOU and I can understand.
We should be together, though we always near.
YOU - my soul mate, my best friend, my inspiration, my LOVE.
In a life, we receive a remarkable opportunity, and it is love.
The love is included into many forms.
You love people differently and for the various reasons, how they touched your life.
The love - very powerful word also can describe set of feelings,
But its the main context carries the same
The value. I wish to tell my Michael, that the love which I have for you, is immortal.
It is love which is strong and steady.
I really feel happy, that you became a part of my life,
And I cannot wait within day, that we can meet again,
Even in our letters.
I wish to lay down about you dear at night and to fall asleep in your hands,
Only to wake up and see a beautiful smile.
I want divide your pleasures and griefs. I wish to be yours.
You - all to me. You - everything, that I do. You see and make the best in me.
You - what I want divide all with - my ideas, hopes and dreams.
Reflection about you dear do my intimate feeling full.

Dear Michael - you such source of inspiration for me.
I shall be for ever obliged to you for everything, that you have brought by my life.
So that to compensate to you, I promise you my heart and all love in it for other part of my life....
I never met in my life someone more beautiful, pleasant, favourite, understanding, as you mine dear Michael.
From the very beginning I felt, that you the good person and you have very much grown fond of me.
But I had no concept then, that I shall fall in love, but now when I have,
I am so grateful. I am grateful for us to wander in the world each other so softly and unexpectedly.
The nature has given us all in our hearts, and joined us
In a way, never imaginable. I want, that you knew, that from the depths of my heart, I love you.
And I love everything, that creates you, from your hair - that is a pity to me, that I cannot play with them...
With your forehead - that is a pity to me,
That I cannot kiss, while you sleep; from your eyes - which shine, when you smile only for me...
That I only know your lips, have been made absolutely correspond only for my lips...
To your **** - that I would like to tighten a finger you close for a kiss;
With a bottom of your neck and slowly falling to your heart and downwards by everyone
Centimeter, each part of your body. I wish more than something,
That you and I could grow beside, love together, to study together, and to laugh together, for ever.
I sincerely feel, that between two of us, we look like love which some people never receive chance to test.
I promise to love you. And you should know it,
That it is very important for me that you knew it, that you - my angel who always will be a part me.
I love you mine Michael and only you.
With love, yours for ever Elena
Letter 18
Hello my love Michael!!!
There is a person on a planet which I love!
I love his a private world and sincerity in dialogue.
I feel grief without dialogue with him and this person YOU my love.
I love YOU MICHAEL! You my love!!!

My dear I wish to tell to you that today I again was in my travel agency.
I spoke with my agent of travel and she have told to me, that they can start to do my trip right now.
Lovely after our conversation with it I do not have doubts, that it can be bad agency as you speak me.
I think, that this very good agency.
My girlfriend used in the past to year services of this agency and very much it was pleasant to it, it has advised me it.
To me it is very pleasant, that you can send me this weeks 500 dollars.
I can start to do my documents.
I am very glad, that we with you absolutely soon shall together!!!

My dear I liked your ideas on ***, I consider, that we should not discuss such themes with you on the Internet, because this very personal.
I hope, that you will not be against it.

I have no any day without idea about you, my Michael! I wait each your letter!
I go on park and I think of you, I look in a window and I think of you, I eat and
I think of you, I prepare for dream and I think of you, I wake up and I think of you, I sleep also you dream me.
I overlook to eat when I think of you. Each my day there passes in ideas on you, my love.
Each my new morning results me to idea about you. My ideas are absorbed by you, I do not think of anything the
friend. I present you, our meeting. I present about our prodriving time together. I dream as we go on
avenue and we keep for hands. We do not hasten... You look in my eyes, I to thaw from your sight...
I cannot think about the friend except for our meeting... As I would like that my imaginations have come true even on half....
I so want it. I wish you... To see... To feel... To touch you... To be in your embraces... As I do not have not enough your
presence with me. I suffer without you, your dialogue. My imaginations are filled only
with you. You my dream. I cannot live without you. I miss you. And each my day passes sadly without you. And with your letters
I am happy and I give pleasure to surrounding people. I dream of you when I go on park,
When I walk with my girlfriends,
When I talk with native,
When I eat,
When I have a rest,
When I work,
And when I sleep to me you dream. I dream of you in dream. I want to be with you. I shall go on foot, to
be floating or fly on wings of love to my love to you! I love you!!! I have no my idea of without you! I shall die without you.
You air for me, as water for a flower! My friends understand me in my desire. You my sole ideas. I am glad to this. I do not want
to leave my ideas on you for a second. I dream only of you.
I understand that I should find my time for my friends too, but I cannot when I think of you. I am glad that you think of our
meeting, it means that you sincerely love me. Thanks for your love. I love you
too and very strongly.
You my love! I finish this letter. I shall miss again up to your following letter.
Write to me soon.

Your love Elena!
Letter 19
Hello my dear Michael.
I have received your letter.

I could not believe that I have read through!
How you can speak me such words?
I wish to deceive you, you really think so?
To me it is very sick from such words.
I spoke you, that I very strongly would want that we with you were together as it is possible soon!
And I very strongly love you!
But now it, after all your words starts to seem to me, that you simply play it with me!
I do not understand, how your language of mg to turn speaking me such insulting words?
After everything, what you spoke me about the love to me, you simply take and speak me, what I wish to deceive you?
I cannot believe in it!

As to this money about which you speak I to you many times explained that I can pay for my travel to you in my agency only in the cash capital!
And you wanted, that I would come to you!
You spoke me, that I would go to travel agency and learned the information for my flight!
I asked for leave from my work, I very strongly got tired, at the nights I thought only of you and represented as us it will be good together!
And now you speak me such mucks?

I wish to tell to you, that I did not think, that you are capable on such!
When we only have got acquainted with you you were very lovely and pleasant!
And I have grown fond of you!
But now I cannot believe, that you have written it to me today!
You offend the beloved?
I now very strongly doubt, that you test for me strong feelings.

Excuse but I cannot write to you more, because on my eyes of tear......
Letter 20
Hello my lovely Michael.
I am very glad to see your letter.

I have just arrived from my parents.
My mum asked me, that I would speak you hello.

My dear I am simple in a shock of that you wish to come to me!
It is so unexpected for me!
I wish to shout with happiness!
But I wish to ask you why you have put the opinion above me and not asking me all have solved.
To me it is not so pleasant from it because we with you soon shall one family and I also wish to take part in the decision of any questions.
I hope, that you understand me.

My dear I very badly understand a computer and I do not know as I can adjust msn on my computer.

Lovely you have made so all quickly?
I do not know to me it is necessary to ask for leave on my work of that I could meet you in Moscow.
And it yet all difficulties as I spoke you at me even are not present money of that I could meet in Moscow.
I learned also the ticket for a train 200 dollars will cost.

Especially I never was in Moscow, and it is very big city and I do not know as I can find that address.
I speak it because to me will be necessary money for a taxi also.
I do not know, the taxi in Moscow will cost how many.

My dear now you see that you needed to consult on me.
Lovely I do not know, that to me to do now.
I very strongly love you and I shall wait for your answer only yours Elena
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