Letter(s) from Evelyn Mensah to Gerry (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Gerry
So nice to hear from you and how is the weekend going over there?Its boring here for me as i feel odd going out there all alone without a man by my side,mmm.

Before going further,Let me start this off by writing to you formally in telling you about my life and my future and my dreams.

As you know my name is Cynthia ,i am 28 years old ,5'5"Tall , 59 kg in weight.I live in London ,united kingdom .I have never been married before . my latest relationship that ended approximately 2 years ago was quit by me as my fiancee had bad temper,possessive and so controlling for my liking.I condoned his attitudes thinking he would change before we get married but he didn't so i quit for i do not want a broken marriage afterward.
I enjoy cooking ,reading epic stories ,movies such as action romance ,horror and comedies.I like watching soccer ,baseball ,cricket .I like going to the beach ,going for a walk holding hands,walking on barefoot on the beach sand.

I am a fresh graduate from the university of London,have applied for jobs now waiting for anyone that will click but not idle for now as i buy female clothes,foot wears,wigs,hand bags from importers from china or Dubai and sell in retail to make little profit to foot my bills here.Not really moving smoothly but i know every journey starts with a step.

I don't like to rattle my own chain but i believe i am a kind hearted and affectionate and caring type of woman with loyal and unique traits.As i am writing you this letter because i am looking for true happiness in life and i will not rest until i find it .As life is becoming more and more precious to me as the days roll by.That means to share the rest of my days here on earth with the one special person that is compatible with me and who will love me and care for me in the same way i will love and care for him . To share a long life together being responsible for one another true happiness.

I believe i am a woman of simple and fair values as there is no such thing in perfection even though i do value honesty and trust as it is also the key roles to find my one true happiness. I am religious [catholic].i am understanding as i have a well rounded train of thoughts and beliefs about how i like to treat and value other people without being hateful or hurtful.
Although we all do have our levels of tolerances and limitations.
Once again i state that i am genuine ,i am looking to find my one true happiness in love and life to explore a journey of love and happiness and all the interests that we can share together .Therefore i will leave you now to read this letter and i hope it fills in all the gaps of every thing you wish to know about me.
I have attached some photos for you,hope you like them

Love and true friendship and true happiness is what i seek here.
Take care of yourself and have a lovely time

Letter 2

Thanks for the compliments.Honestly,its been long such words came way from sincere men like you.I am truly honoured.Why have you refused to tell me the dream?mm,are you the secretive type?can you be free with me and tell me every inch of your feelings ,thoughts,dreams and fantasies,ok?
Do you drink?smoke?do drugs?whats your opinion about public display of affection?
I wait for your mail.I am eating some apples now,you care for some?
Hugs and kisses

Letter 3

Gerry darling
Ohh,do you know i wake up these few days i have known you with curiosity to read from you.This morning,one of my flat mate Cindy told me that i was calling a name while i was sleeping last night,mmm.This is funny but i tried to ask her what name i was calling,she smiled and wouldn't tell me but she must,lol.I am sure its your name because i do not have anyone close to my heart now like you are.I find myself smiling when i think you and look at your pic,i close my eyes and see your image,i do not know how all these can happen in a short time like we have known each other for long.
I want us to build this relationship on trust,honesty and mutual respect for our feelings.
I accepted your invitation and use to buzz you on messenger but no response from you.Add me again on cynthiakgs777,ok?
I would also love to chat with you time to time for you are worth my time baby.you have put a smile on my face again and i am getting addicted to you more everyday.
I should be getting ready for church and would check if you are on messenger when i return,ok?
Take care of yourself for me
Hugss and billion kisses

Letter 4

Yes you have a chance my sweetie.something inside me tells me you are the man i have been looking for.There is this force always pushing me when i think of you.when i close my eyes,its you i see.I just wouldnt know but i think i am in love with you.
You are not to be blamed for your actions but you havve to be more careful in matter of emotions.Not all women would understand the way i did.I knew it was your past that made you act that way but you do not have to dwell on your past so that it doesnt ruin your future,ok?Evrything would be fine darling.I havnt come to hurt you nor destroy you.
I was thinking of our meeting but i dont know if its too early?we need to meet,spend time together and know eachother well.what do you think?
I am off for jogging now and would be waitingg for your email
Hugs and kisses
Love always

Letter 5

My darling honey pie Gerry
If all these is a dream,i would choose never to wake up from this sleep.I cant imagine having these deep feelings for you and having you reciprocate it .To me ,i have found him[you] .I am an adventurer and would love to see where this journey we have embarked on ends.I am ready to see to it with total honesty,devotedness and respect but my scare is you if you are ready to see it to the end.
The chemistry is there as you spark up the passion in me with you letters,i wonder what happens if we are together seeing each other eye to eye.
I always pray to God to bring forth my man my way and i think he has finally done it for me.I do love you Gerry,i do .
Can we meet?We need to meet,spend sometime and learn more about us.
I have carved out your face from your pic and its in my wallet now.each time i open it,i see your face first,mmm.
I cant wait to kiss those lips of yours and have you ravish me like i have never had before.
Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to you
Hugss and billion kisses

Letter 6

My love Gerry
Mmm,what a way to brighten my day with your mail.Your dream i wished it was a reality.You have really turned me on this morning and i am so horny now,mm.Why are you torturing me when you know we are not together so you finish what you started,mmm.Anyway,i know we will meet soon my love.I cant wait to see your face,feel it,look into your eyes and tell you how much i have missed you my darling.
Do you know i scream alot?The neighbours could hear me scream when you pounce on me,do you mind?lol.
I have a tatoo on my right wrist darling.I have body piercings on my lower lips,my tits,my belly button,do you mind?I shall send you some more pics my darling and would want some from you too.
What are you upto today?I would do some washing and cleaning this saturday morning as i do every Saturday.My friend Natasha will come in the afternoon so we can go fix hair and nails and we may hangout a bit before coming back home to see if i can meet you online for chat.
You are one in a million sweetie,i thank God everyday for bringing you to my life.You have really changed my life a great deal and made me a happy woman again.
Kiss kisss
Love always

Letter 7

I have done mine,you owe me one now darling.Love you,miss you

Letter 8

My love Gerry
How are you?I m fine and missing you.I sent yu that info yesterday ,you didn't get it?
You would have to send the money by western union with the info below

Name- cynthia kagiso
city- London
post code-E11 4PT
United kingdom

With the info above,you can send the money and i will get it.
I tried to see if we could chat but you are not online.I am not too strong this morning and need some rest.
Write me as soon as you can,ok?
hugs and billion kisses