Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Malceva to Eddie (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Eddie!!! How you? Thanks for your remarkable
The letter! Your words are really very fine!!! Thanks you for
Openness for that you share with me all. I very much love the such
Our dialogue also I feel, that every day all of us approach more. I
I can tell to you, that I have very much become attached to you. I hasten
Home also it is always very happy, when I see that you have written to me. You
Became a new episode of my life. I always considered myself as the person
Real time and never sat hours at the computer. Only
Now I understand, that the Internet dialogue can be such interesting and
The grasping. It is possible to tell, that it became my drug. Now I
I understand that, at all not seeing the person it is personally possible to have the remarkable Dialogue.
Eddie, let's continue our dialogue also!
Today I wish to tell to you more about my former relations. I think,
That it also is not a little important also to you it will be interesting to learn it.
Probably, you also tell to me more about your relations, which
Were earlier. I can tell to you, that I always liked boys, I
Has started to notice it at school. I always critically concerned to
To courtings of my schoolmates. I did not see anything good. After
That as my father has divorced from my mum and I have left in other city,
Has started to concern sceptically men and not to love at all. When I
I became more adult have understood, that my opinion concerning men not correct,
Also that there are many good men. Certainly, divorce of mine
Parents was the big mental trauma for me! I think, that you,
Eddie understand? When I studied at institute, I also had
The big attention from guys. I liked one guy, which
Studied for two years is more senior me. I also liked him, and we met
Till that time while he has not stopped to study at institute. He has left
To work to Moscow. We corresponded letters, but through some
Months he has written to me, that has met other girl and has grown fond of her. I
Was in the big shock and had strong experiences long time. After
It I had no long and serious relations. Then
I have started to understand, that in a life the man of more adult is necessary for me
Age. Probably, in this my desire shortage of the father affects and
Man's education in the childhood. Eddie, now I am in that
Age when it is necessary for girl to have the favourite person nearby,
To feel comfortable and it is protected. I very much wish to create the
The happy family with the correct man, and is final I very much I want
To have children because I very much love them. This my biggest
Desire, and I hope that soon my dreams will a reality. I hope
That my story has helped you to study more me. I have told to you all it
Not casually, I think, that it is very important for you the nobility. I want that
You also have shared with me your story. Let's agree that
We will tell each other all. Sometimes the person to which it is possible
To tell all thoughts and experiences, it is very necessary.
I feel trust to you and consequently I tell it to you.
I will wait your prompt reply. Eddie, I
I wish you the most good day and do not forget to smile.
Your Russian girlfriend Tasha. P.S. Dear Eddie, I again send you some photo! I know, that you love it...
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