Scam letter(s) from Anna to Eddie (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear !!!
I am so pleased to receive your letters. How are you doing? I very much want to hear your voice, but I unfortunately have no any own phone, I should admit to you it to have phone expensively for me, I regret very much for such frankness, my earnings is not high also I very much hope that it will not remove you. As I have already written to you, I live one and I provide me. I have no most favourite cinema, I love a part from them, such as "Enormous" and a song from it also, "Harbour Pirl", "Intuition", also I love very much " the sky of Vanilla "," the Butterfly Effect, " "Matrix". Recently I saw american cinema " 50 first dates ", I Loved this cinema, especially I liked the penguin, Though they - not the main heroes, but they very much entertainment! Songs
I like even more, I regret, but I cannot assign any of them. Mine
Favourite color is white and dark blue. My favourite flower white
Lily. My favourite holiday - New Year, I love this holiday very much,
First of all, because it - a holiday of family, also because from new
Year always waits for something new, changes in the best side as decide, that people try to leave their problems the last year and to enter In New Year with new forces. Though there all - stocks, but
A little helps. I also would like to know your favorites. Write to me
Please about them. And still if you observed some from the Russian films what of them you liked most of all?
I with impatience wait for your answer,
p.s. Excuse favourite that I so I long did not write to you very much have been occupied on work. I could not go to the Internet of cafe and write. Yours Anna.
Letter 2
Hello my dear !!!
I love you my lovely above all. How at you an affair? What are you going to do in this week-end?
Now I sit in the Internet of cafe and I write to you this letter. Yesterday at night dream about us with you has dreamed me. We laid together on hot sand, about the sea. Looked, how the sun comes. It was very beautiful. The sea was silent, the soft pleasant wind blew to face. You gently embraced me. We spoke each other fine words, kissed. Slowly **********. And on this fine moment I have heard a sound of an alarm clock. I so did not want to wake up from this fairy tale. But it was necessary to go for work. I hope, that soon we shall together and we can embody all our dreams.
You want our meeting? You would want that I have arrived to you?
With impatience I wait for your letter.
Your loved Anna.
Letter 3
Hello my loved Eddie !
I shall be happy to arrive to you, we shall walk, embrace, kiss. I think that my dream to be executed when I shall arrive to you, but you should understand that it happened we should make this efforts. You should understand that to go in other country are necessary money. It is inconvenient for me to ask you money, but my family poor and at me is not present so much money to make trip. I think when you invited me to yourself, you understood that will be necessary for me of money. I the serious girl and me serious attitudes are necessary, we with you should be resolute and we should not be afraid what difficulties. You precisely want that I have arrived to you? You should solve, because all depends on you and if you can help me that it is fast I shall stand near to you. I want to arrive to you, but both of us should want it. I wait for your answer more likely.
Your Anna.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Eddie!
I am glad to receive from you the letter.
Today I went to travel agency and have asked that to me would be necessary what to go to you.
To me have told that it is necessary for me to have the passport for travel abroad and the visa, and the ticket of the plane.
First will do the visa and the passport for travel abroad, cost of the visa - 450euro, cost of the passport- 90euro.
Then as these documents will be ready me will book a ticket the plane.I am glad to inform you that I have ordered to do documents! And we soon will appear nearby!!! I very much want to you!!
Road you can help me with this money?
I wait from you the letter.
p.s. until I needed the money to make the visa and passport. I very much want to be with you my favorite!
Yours Anna.
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