Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Malygyna to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Dearest Steve! It was very pleasant to me to talk to you too. Our telephone conversation has presented me pleasure and happiness. Thanks you for it. I could not explain words as I am happy, that I have talked to you. Unfortunately there is no opportunity that you called to me. As I called to you from the payphone. I spoke, that I have no phone. My postal index 606100. I am sure it's a miracle. We're writing each other for few weeks only but it seems to me I know you for the whole my life. Steve. I constantly think of you! And I dream of our meeting! Steve. I wish to go to travel agency and to learn about a trip to you. What do you think of it? You not against? I think there is some magics between us. I hope you will agree with me that we have found something special in each other. You've made my life so bright and interesting, you made me love the whole world! It is so wonderful! Thank you my darling!!! I'm very happy that you're confident with me and when I think of you my heart is full of love and joy! I trust you. But you know, when we started to write each other I had some doubts at the beginning. But I decided not to give up because I felt you were very close to me and seemed to be so special, so lovely. Each letter from you confirms that I've made the right choice. Without you, my life would be so empty. I don't know how to explain why my feelings to you are so strong, I just feel it inside of me in my heart! My dear Steve, I think about you all the time and I know no one is so important to me on the whole world as you are! I will never love somebody more than I love you! I always dream of you! Ekaterina!
Letter 2
My sweetest Steve! I had some problems with e-mail and I could not write to you. But it in the past. Now everything is all right. You have ordered for me roses? How? I not absolutely understand you. Explain to me please. I am absolutely healthy. I read your letters, and I don't know what to say. I feel like I have found a treasure and that is you!!! I really didn't expect to find such a wonderful man like you. Today I was thinking about you only, I want you to know, that makes me happy! Now I know that if one day I hold you in my arms I will never let you go. Believe me, I will never let you leave me. But sometimes I ask myself: is that true or I'm only dreaming? Is this an eternal love, or just a beautiful illusion? If it is just a dream I don't want to wake up! Sweety, when you close your eyes do you see me? I do and I don't want to lose this ability to see you when I think of you or read your letters. You see how easy is to fall in love when there are two willing hearts, with only the best intentions. My dear Prince, I am willing to travel thousands of kilometers, because I believe that you can show me what the love is. I believe you can change my lonely life. I want to show you how wonderful life is when you are in love. Steve. Now I do not doubt of our meeting! Today I went to travel agency. I have signed the contract. And now the travel agency has begun registration of my documents. We shall together soon! Steve. Cost of registration of the international passport, the medical insurance, the visa and a trip to Moscow for reception the visa 325 euro. It is the good price. Now it is necessary for me to pay this money in travel agency. My love! I never asked money men. And I did not wish to ask you to help me. But I could win my pride! I am ready to forget about my modesty for the sake of our love! Yes. I ask you to send me 325 euro. Steve. I trust you! And I do not doubt of your love! I am ready to arrive to you and to give my love! Tomorrow I shall go to bank. I shall learn about ways of sending of money to Russia. I never can find such money. And I can hope only for you and your help! Honey, I believe in the power of love! It is the light that shines in your eyes, it is the warmth that fills your heart. It is the beautiful song of two hearts beating together! I love you!!! Ekaterina!
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