Roamnce scam letter(s) from Rosemary Asomani to James (Australia)
Letter 1
well u ask me how to get the money to me.
u can get it through western union money transfer and u will need my details to get it done here are my details
NAME......................EVELYN JACKSON
ZIP CODE..............00233
Letter 2
hi baby sorry for the late reply i fell asleep and just wake up my darling well to get money sent through western union go to any post office or any shop or office where u can find western union with my details and the amount u are to sent to me and ur identification card to get it done that is all u will have to do and u will be given vital information that i will need much to get the money here in Ghana and the information is ur full name the MTCN number the TEST question and the ANSWER to the QUESTION is what i will need to get the money here with my id card that is all u will have to do to get it done as i am on here baby waiting to here from u love u and missing u much.
And the cost is to get the phone and the digital camera will be 750$.
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