Scam Letter(s) from Maria Shapkina to E. P. (Canada)

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Letter 1

Good evening!!!!! I am glad to receive your letter. I at all did not expect to receive it because not know you will answer me or not.
Suddenly I that not so have written that also you have not received my letter. I hope that you can see me on my photo. It is pleasant to you? I hope what yes. Because you like to me. But I very much would wish to learn you better. I ask you read my letter and to answer my questions. You are very interesting to me and I wish to know about you all. I do not wish to hasten, I know that if to hasten that of anything good it will not turn out. I search for serious attitudes and I wish to find the man of the dream. I do not wish to play or simply to communicate. I wish to learn about all of you. In men I to appreciate sincerity and the truth. Because only these qualities help people to create mutual understanding and happiness for both. I so think, and you??? My name is Mariya. To me of 29 years and I was not married and I do not have children. I live in Russia, in small city which name Savino, The population of ours it is city about 23 thousand people. I work in hospital, I look after patients. My speciality nurse. I work six days in a week, I go to cinema, theatre, I go on dances. I wish to learn from you, what most of all interests in girls? What you like? What qualities? How it should look? We in city do not have man with which I could be happy. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet and have written to you. At us to have the Internet of cafe and I can to come and receive your letters. I as would like to receive more than your photos. I hope that you will send them to me. I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that you will answer me. I shall wait your answers and questions, I with pleasure shall answer them. I wait and I hope....... Your new girlfriend Mariya.

Letter 2

How your day? How you? How you feel? I am glad to receive your letter. I do not know why but I feel better when I receive your letters.
Me the difference in the age of because it for me not important does not interest, I do not look how many to the person of years, and I look its private world, Its sincere condition. In the life I have understood one, that the person I am necessary to me is more senior me with which can to be realized easy as mother,to be learnt and " to find itself ". It is more interesting to me be with the person it is more senior than me in fact can to give me many,that will give one young the man in replacements I too I can give it much. I think that at us never will be problems in dialogue in fact there will be so much interesting themes on which we can communicate. I hope for you it too not a problem. I perfectly know what age you, for me at all has no value your age. I think, that for the present feelings the difference in the age of between people has no value. Main this relation to each other, inwardness of the person, here that for me the main thing. You agree with me?
I like your pictures, at you really beautiful smile, I want that you smiled because it very much is pleasant to me more.
At me it is a lot of questions but I shall not ask you to answer all at once. I hope that you will answer those which I wish to learn from you today? Well? I all over again shall tell more about myself. My weight of 54 kgs. It approximately 122 lbs, but I am not assured. Growth about 164 centimeters, or 5 ' 6. The size of a breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89-65-92. Describe itself? I wish to learn about yours the sizes also. You will inform me? I wish to inform you on that that I love in men. I love cleanliness, I like to cooking for various dishes. I think that all that should at mark the man, it to appreciate the woman, to love her and to look after for her. And I am assured that then the man and the woman will be happy. Therefore I also wish to learn you better. I think of that that I shall meet the man with which I shall be happy. And which will be happy with me. I have met you and I wish to learn more about you.
What will you tell? How you think when the man and woman will is happy together? When will understand one another from one sight? Or a kiss?
By the way. I hope that I shall see as tomorrow your photo as? I with impatience shall wait, I hope that my photo has liked you. I wait for the letter, you already answer me? Sincerely, Mariya.

Letter 3

Hello My Friend!!!!!!
I again smile because have receive your letter. I with impatience waited when the working day what to receive your letter would will end.
I very much like your lovely doggie. I love goggie.
I wish to talk today about your friends, I wish to learn more about that who surrounds you and as them call. Than you are engaged together? How for a long time you together? How you think, in it world to have the present friends? They at you to have?
At me to have the best girlfriend, is name Nastya. We grew with it in one house and went to one school. After school it has entered the institute and now she works in the company of sale product. I have acted in medical college because I should work and I would not have time to study in institute. Earlier we often were together, now we meet on weekend and we talk about much. As you think that it speaks about you? It would speak that I was is cautious communicating with you. I know that it speaks it because almost does not know you. I have told about you and it has told that you probably the good person.
It would speak that we with you did not hasten, I too do not wish to hasten, I think that we all over again everyone should learn one about other and then together to think of the future. My girlfriend spoke about that what to have bad men which deceive women. The photo of girls are necessary to them only, but I am assured that you not such.
I am right? I so am glad that have met you because you understand me. You understand all about what I to speak. Or not all? I hope that all. I hope that tomorrow I learn about your friends as.
I shall wait for your letter.
Now shall go home and I shall think of you.
I a know why, but I cannot think of anybody, and about what the friend.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your sincere girlfriend Mariya.

Letter 4

I am glad to your letter. What today was interesting?
What has occured? How your mood? I hope that perfectly.
I today went along the street and have seen as the little girl take small a cat. He was very dirty. You know that has surprised me and has lifted mood? The Girl has approached to me and I would ask what name I has given it a cat. I have told that I do not know, it would be necessary to think. Then on has gone to other party. And what name would be given by you? I do not know why but me so like a cat. And you? I when see their that at me all day will be happy. And at you to have what that signs? For example if I receive your letter that I know that all the night long I shall well sleep, and you? What do you love? You can tell about the interests? What you like to eat? What to look? What books or newspapers to read? You like to dance? You to dance with me? And the sea? You love the sea? I do not know why but I love a beach. I love when the fresh wind freshens me when cool water to wash me. THIS SUCH UNFORGETTABLE FEELING!!!!!! I only once was in Sochi with girlfriends and I very much would like to be on sea once again. You would like understand with me on a beach? Likely it is a lot of questions to you. I hope that you not is offended from for it. Forgive, I simply very much wish to know all about you. You have what or hobby? Well, likely you are tired to read my letter. I shall write more tomorrow.
I with impatience wait for yours a photo and the letter.
Your, thinking of you Mariya.

Letter 5

Hello My Best Friend!!!!!!
I am glad that you are interested in me. You understand my bad English? I hope that and is correct. if you that that do not understand that can ask me and I shall answer you with pleasure.
I wish to learn from you about your work. What do you do on work? You respect and liked with yours the chief? I think what yes, because you very good person. I work usual nurse and in all help doctors and another the medical expert. I work about 7 years and me my work is pleasant. I wish to be with people, I am pleasant to them to be helped. It is pleasant when they are happy. But I very am afraid blood. I do not know why but I am afraid to look at it. I have already got used but all the same have fear. Likely because I would not have man which me has protected. Me at very terribly night when I come back from work and one. It would be good if I haze to embrace you and you would go about me. You would protect me? I work sometimes even at night when to me appoint watches. To me to pay for it the premium and an increase to the salary.
Tell now about itself which are, tell to me about the work, it is pleasant to you or not, what is not pleasant?
You know about what I think, about that that we with you as two birds which fly towards and more increasing and learn one another and then meet more. But all depends only on us. In fact at any moment one of birds can back be developed and depart. I do not wish to fly back, and you?
Tell more about itself and the opinion on our acquaintance?
I wait for yours letter and I hope that you will soon write.
Your trusting Mariya.

Letter 6

Hello My Dear!!!!
Forgive that could not answer you yesterday. I very much hastened for work and I did not have time to answer you. I needed to replace the colleague which was ill. I hope that you are not so offended on me.
You will forgive me?
I thought only of you when was on work. You waited for my letter and I could write only the small letter. I did not sleep today at night, I slept only in the morning when have come from work. And the fine dream has dreamed me. About that as we with you have met. You know as it was?
I went on coast the river and have decided to be expiated on a beach.
At me with itself a cream for sunburn also did not know as me to put it on a back. And here I have heard as you have approached and have asked, to you to help?
I have told that would be glad if you have helped. And you have helped me. Then we still bathed together and enjoyed solar beams. You spent me home and we the first time have kissed with you. You have helped me if it would be not a dream, and the truth?
Than you were engaged today? You like to eat? What dishes? I adore to prepare for various dishes? You would like to try?
I hope that I shall receive your letter tomorrow and you are not offended on me.I hope that to you to like, or not?
Yours Mariya.

Letter 7

Hello My Dear!!!!!!
I am happy that you have answered me. On my face a smile and in heart a song from that that I have received your letter. I very much waited for it. I know about you much and you know about me. I wish to talk to you seriously. I wish to know about you all completely and consequently have solved that we need to talk seriously. I hope that you not against?
I wish to tell to you that in Russia there is a tradition. The girl should visit the first the house of the favourite person and after they start to trust in these feelings they go to the grandmother of the girl and they get acquainted. I hope you understand that these of traditions serve hundreds years. So if we will understand that we wish to see each other to me it is necessary to arrive to you. And I am glad to it because will come true two dreams at once when I was small I often watched TV on other countries and I always would like to travel, and if I arrive to you these are two dreams at once. To be with favourite and to carry out dream of the baby.
I do not have from you any secrets and I shall tell all to you about what you will ask. Only speak the truth. How you think we approach one another? You like me. I like that as you write to me that I learn about you. It seems that you that for whom I searched, but I cannot believe in that that it happens. And I wish to learn about you all.
All completely, without secrets and secrets. Mine mum, the grandmother, girlfriends know about you all that I know. They speak that are very glad for us with you. When they see that I am happy, at once understand that I have received your letter and consequently is happy. Ask how are you doing and I speak them.
As you think we can be happy together? Or not? My grandmother speaks that we with you as two sportsmen which run towards to one another. And than more we learn one about other. That we become closer. I think she is right, and you?
That you think of us? WHAT do your friends speak? You that hide that from me? Tell the truth, I shall understand all. You get tired to read my letters? You all over again read the letter and then look a photo or on the contrary? It is very interesting to Me.
I with impatience wait for your photos and your letter and I hope that I shall soon receive them.
Your sincere,



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