Scam letter(s) from Mary Olly to Al (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for the email... I am sorry I could not get on to send you an email... its because of what happened to me ... My flight was due to leave but something happened to me and I could not make it again... I went to cash my travelers check so that I could get money to settle the remaining hotel bills I owe and some other things so I could leave here but on my way back to the hotel I got attacked by some robbers here, they hurt me bad and they also took my money and my valuables.. The incident left me with bruises on my left thigh and my back still hurts from that incident.. I am so confused and I am weeping now because I was due to pay up my hotel bills and then leave but I cant now because the money I was supposed to use was that which was stolen, I cant travel because the hotel people have flagged my name at the airport so I cannot travel until I pay the money I owe... This incident that happened has really caused me so much pain and its a time like this I wish my parents were still alive, I don't want you to feel that I am after money or anything but I am just asking if you to help me as a friend in need.. not as someone we have talked for days but just someone that is desperately in need of help... This is a really a trying time for me and I have swallowed my pride to ask you for help as it will be wrong for a thing like this to happen to me and I keep it to myself and not open up to you about it. I know it is kind of hard to help me especially considering that we haven't met in person but I need to pay up this hotel bills here so that I can be allowed leave here for good. Pls in any little way you can just help me and I will really appreciate it... The bills total $2000.00 but with help from my uncle who is even unemployed as he is disabled and some other people I was able to pay $1000.. I feel awful having to ask you for money but really I am in a tight corner and don't know what I should do. I don't know if you could help me with the rest which is $1000.00 ..ok??? I promise to pay you back on my return to the US. Even if you don't have up to that considering that you have your own personal bills and expenses, You could just tell me how much you could help with so I can tell you how to get it sent to me.. I really feel awful asking you for help and I am sincerely sorry that I am bothering you with this.. I really wish this never happened so I wouldn't have to ask you for help like this.. hope to see you soon so we could talk better about the things we like most and hope that the fact that I asked for help doesn't ruin things between us... Bye for now
Yours Mary
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