Scam letter(s) from Jane Williams to E. P. (Canada)

Letter 1
It's so good to get your sound like someone who knows what he wants out of life and i really love that.I will start by quoting God: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Gen. 2:18."...It's my pleasure to get to know you and i hope that we will have a nice time learning more about each other.i hope this gets to be the start of a wonderful communication between us. I'm from Pensacola in FL and enjoy seeing new places with a friend once and would like to see more of the world sometime ! i was raised by mom after i lost my dad to and i are presently working as a volunteer worker in africa where we are volunteering although i will be back home bye ending of this month that is why i am searching for that special someone on here,do you get to travel a lot and where have you travelled to??I'm sure you watch the news channel a lot where you hear stories and the war rates and child abuse in some parts of africa? i want you to know i have been in relationships in the past that all ended in heartbreak and also had me depressed for months and haven't been in any serious relationship for some years,best way to get over the past is to start something new...i know God had better plans for me and thats why i signed on the online dating site and i hope it gets to work for me but only time will tell.. Tell me some more about yourself and also how much time does your job takes from you??Additionally, I've been told that I'm a fairly friendly, kind and caring picture of true love is this .... do you know those hot air balloons ... well in a loving soulmate relationship ...each person tries really hard to help their lovers balloon rise high in the sky ... teamwork and love and trust that each will make that happen!! My friendship/relationships are very important to me, so as much as I can, I try to invest and spend as much time with those close to me and have a meaningful interest in their lives. For strangers, I have no problems with meeting people and conversing, so long as they wish to do the same...then I'm game too so tell me do you enjoy being single?I do not enjoy being single. I like to make a man happy and care free. My view of a perfect marriage is that, Their would be no raising of any ones voice inside or outside., there would be no put downs inside or outside the house, there would be no jealousy, If one of the parties found someone they cared for more then they should speak up and tell the other spouse Before they cheated, no finding out about it from someone else.Instead of arguing I think each person should have 15 min to try to sway the other person with intelligent discussion. After that the past is gone. well i will looking for to read more about you too and also send me some pics of yours too...Have a great day and take care of your good self !

God bless you !
Letter 2
Thanks for the message and whats the weather out there been like lately and what have you been thinking about?I have been doing some writing and then watching tv as well as thinking about the future..SO WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS IN THE FUTURE,WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY,WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING IF YOU HAD A PARTNER,DO YOU LIKE TO BE SPOILED AND PAMPERED BY YOUR WOMAN,IN YOUR FREE TIME WHAT DO YOU DO?I go to church twice in a week with belief is very important to me and i strive to worship God as much as i can.I've known the Lord all my life. I must say that it's been quite the ride! Ups, downs, turn-arounds... but it's all been good..Over the years I've experienced miracles in mine and others' lives that have more than made it evident of His divine presence. Now, I can't think of a journey that is more fulfilling and satisfying than to have that daily walk with our Creator and meditate on His goodness and the abundance of blessings that He has showered upon me and all of us. I can be a very active person (although it's been a while since i have been into sports). I love sports. I used to run track while i was a teenager and friends said i was as fast as the wind haha,i also played football also,golf, swim, tennis, badminton, hike,...etc etc. I feel very youthful for my age and thats because i enjoy taking care of myself and staying in a very good shape). I enjoy selected movies and have gained an appreciation for live theatre in the last few years. Hmmm, I do watch TV a bit and must confess that I am a bit of a news ******...gotta watch the news... and more news... and then sports... and then more sports. Is there a pattern here? I also love comedy,haha..nothing heals the soul much more than a good laugh,right? I gotta go now and can't wait to hear from you. Take care of yourself! God bless and keep you ! Sincerely yours, Jane
Letter 3
It's a very good start of the day out here!My day as been going good since i am always hearing from you did you have for breakfast,do you prefer tea to coffee??Last night before i went to bed i wondered,Could you be the one? Could you be the blessing from God in my life, the one to which the bible said - "your helpmate" in this journey through this world? Whenever I have this interest in someone, whenever there is the potential for the long term relationship- I often think "what would it be like having the companionship of that person, walking in faith together, doing things together and most of all, having the love of God between us and having the love of God for each other. What would it be like coming home and embracing me and kissing me, what would it be like to have that wonderful feeling that someone loves you and is commited to you, and what would it be like to have a wonderful intimacy with you in all things?What do I expect in the future? my first priiority will not be building my nest in this world and just being comfortable but having that much love for that special person and the love of God. I am not a materialistic person. I could be very happy if I had a partner who simply lived in faith with me and was there for me and I for them. I like a home life, I like doing things together but also do not expect a perfect match- in that- my partner and I could have some different interests but I believe in sharing and some compromise and I would always be open to doing things with my partner, even if it was not my interest. I gotta get going now, may your day be blessed and i will check out for your reply soon.. Affectionately, Jane
Letter 4

Hello , It's a pleasure reading from you today, you sound like a nice person who know what he wants out of life and i'm impressed by your simple attitude and qualities which motivates me to knowing you more.Am sure we can get closer and closer as time goes by. I can't wait to learn more about you. What do you like for breakfast? What is your favorite color? What do you to have for dinner? What is your favorite cartoon character? Do you prefer cuddling by the fire or on the couch watching a good movie? Since I am a shy person, how would you make me feel more at ease and comfortable around you? Would you do anything I ask of you, as long as it's within reason? Well, I hope to chat with you again real soon. Tell me what is on your mind, I would really like to know. Take care and STAY HAPPY!!
Letter 5
Psalms 37:4 tells us that as we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart. If your desire is similar to mine of having someone very special to share your life with that you can trust with your innermost thoughts and feelings and you don't have to ever doubt if they are trustworth then God knows that and if you ask Him then we should be confident that He will give us what we ask.
Letter 6
i am so sorry for i haven't been able to email you all this while i have been so sad cause we need help , when i got to the orphanage home ,there was this kid at the orphanage that has kidney problem and the doctor said he has a short life span, it pained me a lot because i love kids with so much passion and hate to see such a terrible thing happen to such a young and some other people at the orphanage are trying to raise some funds coz a surgical operation needs to be done on him so i thought i should tell you maybe you will help with donation as it will go a long way in contributing to saving the life of a young lad..i gotta go take a nap right now and hope to get your letter soon..i really love and care for you..
Jane cares
Letter 7
this is one of the orphanage kids Okay ,and we really need help urgently Please help us save his life we have been running around seeking help ,
Letter 8
Please we need a little fnds so the kid can undergo an operation,so can you help s with any amount you can?
Letter 9
you will have to go send it via western union to my mom info and i will email you the info,let me know how much you can go send...
Letter 10
Name... Sherry williams
Address...23 aso road
Zipcode..23401 Please let me know how much you can send..
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