Scam letter(s) from Julia Sihova to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon! I to see you on a site of acquaintances, you to like me and I To decide to write to you. I to live in Russia. My name Julia. I The nice girl. I to want to meet the man for dialogue, and it is possible For creation of family. To me thirty one year. If you to want to see mine Photo can write to me on my electronic address
Letter 2

I am pleased to reception of the answer from you my friend Steve. My name Julia. At me Fair-haired hair and blue eyes. I to send to you my photo, you can see Me on it. As I to speak in my previous letter, I to live in Russia, in the city of Novorossisk. If you to interest it Site and history I to tell to you about it in process Our correspondence. I to be born February, first, 1974. My trade The children's doctor. And I to work now by a trade in a kindergarten. To me Our future is pleasant to work with children, in fact they. I to not be earlier Is married, and to get and bring up the child of one I to not be solved. I to consider That the child should have father and mother, and it should have worthy Education. I was trained at school with amplified studying English Language, also I can freely communicate on it. Though certainly my accent can To seem to you awful. Recently I not frequently to communicate on English, and probably in my letter you to see some mistakes. If To you to seem that that not clear I to ask you to tell to me about it. I Has received higher education at medical university, and some years To pass training by a trade in children's clinical hospital Cities of Krasnodar. I to not meet the man with which it is possible to connect The life. Recently I to read in magazine clause about acquaintances through The Internet. There are many people through him get acquainted and create Families. I to decide to try to find to myself of the partner in life on a site Acquaintances. Several days ago I to get acquainted with the man from Germany. It to seem serious to me in the beginning. But in the second letter It to send me obscene photos, and to ask me to do such . I to stop with it correspondence. In fact I search for the man with which pleasantly To communicate, and probably in the future it is possible to connect the life. You To like me. And I shall hope that I shall like you. I to want to see More than your photos, but a computer with which I with you to communicate Hangs at acceptance of letters with a great volume. I to ask you to send To me small photos. I hope for the answer. Julia
Letter 3

Greetings Steve! I to see your message, and it is pleasant for me to read it. It is pleasant and a little unusual, dialogue with you. In fact we to be in the different countries. But the Internet to allow us to communicate. I to be pleased that you to continue to me to write. I to write to you from the Internet of cafe. I cannot dare to have now a computer of a house. Probably in the future I will manage to get it. My city to be is on coast of Black sea. It is a seaport. I to live one. My parents live in the city of Timashevsk. It is some hours of driving on the bus. Earlier I lived with them, but then I had to leave. I try to see them more often. I could not remain in city in which to be born. It small and to find in it employment very difficultly. Novorossisk the big and modern city, me is pleasant to live and work. I now need to visit a kindergarten in which I to work. Two times day I to check health of children. In fact they still kids also require attention. From them parents take away some home in the evening, and the some people live at us till some days. They are children of those parents whom frequently to go in business trips. I like to be near to children. My friend, I hope that we shall continue dialogue. Tomorrow I to write to you still, and I shall expect the letter from you. Julia
Letter 4

I again to write to you. And I to re-read your letters with pleasure. To me so It is pleasant, that to be available for me the friend behind ocean. You good and lovely The man. And you probably to like many women. Yes, I to not hide from You. I like our dialogue. My friend, and you to write still to other women Except for me? I cannot forbid to you dialogue with other women. But I To tell to you it is fair, I to not conduct correspondence with other men. And at me in City I do not have gentlemen. I to love a constancy in attitudes, and Therefore I shall not communicate close at once with several men. Mine The friend, I the nice girl, also hope that I like you. But I to not want That you communicated with me only from for my appearance. I to not want to be Simply beautiful toy in hands of the man with which I communicate with Serious intentions. Appearance of the person to vary in the course of time. But it Pure and loving heart to remain such for all life. In the following The letter I shall allow to you my post address and if you to want that we We can write each other letters through post service. But for that To write to you the letter to me it is necessary to know your post address. It is a pity to me That I do not have phone in an apartment in which I to live. If you Can send to me your exact telephone number and a code of yours Cities I shall try to phone to you from phone the automatic device, or with Phone of my work. My lovely friend Steve, letters from you to do my days More variously. Your charm and honesty to like me. It is time to me to go Home. Tomorrow I shall look again the letter from you. Up to a meeting my lovely The friend! Julia. P/s. Yes, I to overlook to tell to you. I to send to you still mine Photo. Tell to me, to like it to you whether or not.
Letter 5

Greetings my beautiful friend! I to see again the letter from you, and to read it with love. To me interestingly our dialogue. Your country so it is far from me. And this distance seems to me such huge. But when I to read your letters, I to overlook about distance, I to present you at the screen of a computer and from these ideas to me to become warmly and easy. Today to be given out very warm day, and I to decide to descend to sea and to receive sunburn a little. I even to dive into the sea, but water yet very warm and me was necessary to leave at once almost on coast. Now on a beach not yet populously, but in the middle of summer to us in city to come it is a lot of tourists. It is pleasant that my photos to like me to you. YOU also to like me. I to be pleased what to meet you. You are very unlike the Russian men. My friend, you such lovely and frank, and I to test pleasant sensations in my heart at dialogue with you. I to send to you my post address. The city of Novorossisk. Lenin's 112 street, an apartment 20. My full name Sihova Julia. I shall hope that you can to send me the letter through post service. Specify please your post address, and I shall try to write to you also tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Me to not disturb our distinction of age. Besides I to consider that the man should be more senior and than the woman, in fact it the head of the family is more skilled. Today my parents should come to me to stay for a while. And I now shall go on station of them to meet. I to want to tell to mum and the daddy about our correspondence. If you to not have anything against it I to acquaint you with my parents in absentia. They very good people. A name of my mum Elena, and a name of father Nikolay. To the father 61 year, and mum 54. The daddy all life to work in police, and last year it to carry out on pension. My mum worked as the school teacher, and now she the housewife earlier. Parents since the childhood to bring up me in honesty and modesty. I gratitude him for my education. Up to a meeting my lovely friend Steve. Your Julia
Letter 6

Good morning my lovely! It is pleasant and joyful to see the letter from you. You enter my life, and to change her. I have met my parents. We drank tea in the evening, and I have told to the father and mum about you my lovely. They to send the regards to you and the best regards. After my story at parents There were good impressions about you my loved. My lovely, I to reconsider today family photos, and to find there some photos of my family. On them I am removed with my parents. These photos are made on the black-and-white camera, and they are difficult for scanning. If you want them to see, I shall send them to you in the letter through post service. Today I with parents walked on city. Weather was fine, I thought of you, and my heart joyfully fought in a ******. I to think of you, and about myself. And to notice, that you it is constant in my ideas. I to grow fond of you though probably you can tell to me that I strongly hurry. But I to not want to hide from you my ideas and intimate experiences. I to not know as you to consider these my words, but I to grow fond of you, and to want to feel from you love and tenderness to me. My lovely Steve, I did not inform you the postal index of my city in my last letter. I to not know the international index of my city. But tonight on a way on work I shall come into post office and I learn from them an index. And in the following letter I shall inform it to you. My lovely, you to like me and I to want to see love to me in your beautiful eyes. I to send to you my photo. I to do her in the middle of April. I need to go on work, in fact I to work today in a night shift. I shall think and dream of you my loved. I kiss you! Julia
Letter 7

Fine day my loved Steve! Again at perusal of your letters the love overflows and compresses my small hot heart. My lovely, I have visited today post office and have learned the international postal index of my city. It - 353900. My unique loved, I want to love and be loved. And from all men of our huge world you are necessary for me only. Today on work in a kindergarten preventive works were carried out. We carried out full inspection of our small patients. Some from children cried when by him have started to do inoculations. I to regret them, and calmed them as could. I like to work with children, to look after and care of them. I to think that any woman should love children. In fact the pleasure of motherhood is incorporated in us by the nature. And as still it is possible to concern without trembling to small creations which become continuation of our life. But I to consider that it is impossible to give birth to children when there is no high-grade family, or opportunities is worthy from to bring up. And the child should be desired in family. To get children it is possible only at desire of two people. My loved, if You to not want to have children I to agree with you. I to search not for children And the person which can grow fond of me for all life, and can understand me completely. My loved, tell to me as will pass your day. Also think please of me, and I then shall feel you even through such huge distance. It is a lot of, many sweet kisses for you one!!! Your small Julia.
Letter 8

Good morning my loved Steve. As your mood as you to plan to carry out day. At me not so good mood today. Today on work I to receive the salary but when I got home by the bus someone have cut my handbag and have stolen my purse. I have noticed his loss only when have gone to an apartment. I for a long time sat one and cried. Then I descended in militia and to declare on loss. I not so to hope that my things will find. At us it is a lot of criminals in the country, and the militia to work not so effectively. Your country is much more civilized, and probably such that has taken place with me at you happens very seldom. To me today have given out earnings for last two months. Ten thousand roubles it is the big sum for me. It approximately four hundred dollars. I hoped to pay rent of an apartment, and to get something from clothes. But now I should suffer. Now I shall go to post office, and I shall allow the telegram to parents, it is necessary to ask to help them to me with payment of an apartment. My lovely, I learned on work on opportunities to phone to you from phone of our organization. But there is our phone works only inside our city. And an opportunity of dialing on telephone number in other country, or reception of a bell therefrom - now are switched - off. All this because of that that international calls dearly cost and administration of our kindergarten does not wish to make their payment. My lovely. When I was on a beach several days ago, I have met there one my Familiar. They had a rest there with the husband and children. I have seen at them the camera, and have asked to photograph me. Today in the morning the girlfriend to come to me and to bring a photo. I have asked the manager the Internet of cafe to scan a photo, and now to send her to you. She not so qualitative, but I hope that I like you on it. I to trust you my lovely and consequently I send to you my photo in a bathing suit. As you to see a beach still deserted at this time. But will pass some more weeks, and in the afternoon it will be completely filled having a rest. My lovely, on me now to pull hard it is a lot of problems. But when I re-read your letters I overlook about all. I present you in my dreams and happiness fills in my heart. Whole, I embrace and I love you my beautiful! Your Julia
Letter 9

Good morning my sweet loved!!! Many warm ideas and sweet Kisses for you. I am pleased that you to like my beach Photo. Loved, I the modest girl also has dared to send you this my Photo only because, that I very strongly adore you. Lovely, I today should work in night Change, but I to take a compensatory holiday on work. I need to visit to parents in The city of Timashevsk. They have agreed to help me with payment of rent of an apartment. I I shall ask for mum hundred dollars if she can give them to me I I shall try to call you tomorrow in the evening. Our difference in time Approximately 8-9 hours, and at this time at you will be midday. I hope To hear a sweet voice my loved. I should return in Novorossisk tomorrow in the morning, also I shall go on work in a day shift. Now to me It is necessary to hasten on the bus. In twenty minutes there will be last flight and I I am afraid to be late for him. Good day to you my lovely Steve! Whole also I embrace. Julia
Letter 10

Good afternoon loved! I kiss you and I am glad to that that I have you. My loved at me for you news. I to change the surname. The matter is that when I to be born mine parents were not registered. And mum to give me the surname Sihova. And now mine the daddy to want, what I to take a surname his sort Sotnikova. And if you will write to me that my full name Julia Sotnikova. I was a pity that not To have a home telephone number if it has been established in my apartment, we with You can - communicate is more often. Today in my organization to pass Meeting of collective. Sponsors of our kindergarten have allocated means On his reconstruction. A kindergarten have decided to close on repair, and it not Will work up to the middle of September. I was a pity to leave children, Has got used to see them constantly. And sometimes houses to me to become boringly Because that I to not feel as a number of their bustle and laughter. My lovely, sometimes In the summer at leisure I to earn additionally the nurse in sanatorium. In Twenty kilometers from my city to be the resort settlement Kabardinka. Now in sanatorium it is a little more patients, but will pass still Some weeks also will begin a resort season. Then I shall be arranged to work In sanatorium also I shall be borrowed there till September. It is a pity that the sanatorium works Only in summertime of year. I would like to work constantly in It, because in it good money. My lovely Steve, I like and it is gentle I embrace! Julia
Letter 11

Greetings my fine beloved! I hope, that you enjoy this afternoon and our dialogue. It - pleasure to re-read your letters, and to know that I is nice to you my loved. Today I to have been on duty last change in a kindergarten, since tomorrow's day it any more does not work. We have said goodbye to children. I have come home from work a little early today, and have decided to take a walk a little on city. Weather was excellent here. I walked on quay, and the warm sea wind pleasantly freshened me. Now I to come into the Internet of cafe and to look your letters. During my walk my ideas have been borrowed with you my lovely. You to want our meeting in the person, our warm embraces and passionate kisses? To me it is mad it to want. Probably I am too impulsive, but I am drawn very strongly to you my by loved, and I cannot do anything with the heart. Lovely tell to me about you and your ideas, your dreams and your desires are interesting to me. This big obstacle distance between us, but I hope that we can overcome it. And sometime we shall merge in a uniform passionate kiss. I to want to do you very happy my love, and to want your tenderness. I love you for ever all my heart. I shall go home, it is time to have a rest a little now. I shall sleep with warm and pleasant ideas on you my lovely. Whole, gently I embrace and I love you Steve!!! Julia
Letter 12

Greetings my most dear. My feeling of love becomes very strong For you. I search for very impatiently your letters in my mail. You began The center of my reflections. I want to be your wife, and I want, that you were My husband. I want, that you arrived to me to Novorossisk. Our meeting Can pull together us more, and I hope that I can meet you in mine City. We can visit on a visit to my parents, I shall show you Sights of my city. And also we with you my lovely can To receive rest in mountains. I carry you in my heart at any time and Nights, and every second you in my heart. I with alarm wait yours Following e-mail, also I want that my heart was illuminated. Gentle And sweet kisses for you my loved Steve. Your Julia
Letter 13

It is a lot of kisses my loved Steve! As your day. You to like me and my heart belongs to you to one. My loved if I do not like you, and all this time you to conduct our dialogue for entertainments tell to me at once. I shall not hold insult on you, in fact it is impossible to think poorly of the favourite person. I think of you all time and I look at your eyes and I see remarkable things in your soul. I like and I dream of you my beloved. My I love loved and I am able to prepare. And I want to prepare for you for something tasty. The woman should look after the beloved. And I shall receive pleasure from care of you. I to want to see you near to me, to want to prepare and care of you. My loved, I hope that probably you can soon visit me in my city. It is my most sweet dream to meet you. But at the same time I shall try to pull together our meeting too. My loved, I to want to visit tomorrow one of travel companies. I to want to learn about an opportunity of visiting of you. I wait for a meeting with the fine message from you tomorrow and I hope that at you my loved everything is all right. Your Julia. It is a lot of, many sweet kisses for you
Letter 14

My loved. Today I have visited a travel company, and have asked on an opportunity to visit your country and to meet you. As to me informed in this firm it not so difficultly now. To take off to you to me it is necessary to receive the visa. The firm is engaged in manufacturing of visas to visiting your country for the period of six months, or one year. Cost of the visa on six months of 300 dollars, and the visa validity one year has cost of 500 dollars. I need to write the application tomorrow, with the request to resolve to me visiting of your country. Then I should give data on my relatives and some my photos. The courier of firm once in day takes off for the city of Moscow, and brings documents for assurance of consulate. As to me has explained manager - term of manufacturing of the visa small, it on the average five - six days. And after that I can go to you my loved. Cost of the air ticket of 1200 dollars, is the fixed price up to any airport in your country. I to ask you to specify the exact name of the international airport nearest to you. My lovely I need to pay 1500 or 1700 dollars that employees of firm have made documents for a start to you. Now at me not so good financial situation, and circumstances compel me to ask you to assist our meeting. It is not a shame to me because that I now can provide payment of my trip to you. If I can find employment in your city, I to return all expenses for my arrival to you. My loved, I to want to go through together all ups and downs of our life. I hope that we can incorporate in embraces and exciting kisses. My lovely, I have learned the address of bank on a way to the Internet of cafe. It. Lenin's city of Novorossijsk.prospekt. The house 9. Phone 671623. To this address there is a branch of the western union. I to ask you to assist my arrival to you through the Western union because it is a safe and fast way of transfer of money in Russia. It to me was advised by the manager of a travel company. My lovely, my full name Julia Sotnikova. As to me have told in branch of bank, I will be required to name the ten-character code of translation, both your exact name and a surname. Then I can receive the help from you. Whole also I embrace you my loved Steve! I hope that you can help our love. Your Julia
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