Letter(s) from Natalia to Eddie (USA)

Letter 1

HELLO!!! My name is Natalia! I live in Russia, dating site, I am looking for the second half. I want to find true love, I loved your profile, I would like to continue with you dialogue.

If you do not mind to write me an e-mail: Sweetgirlgg@BonBon.net

I am very tired of being single. I really want to build a serious relationship.
I'll be glad to communicate ..... Natalia

Letter 2

HELLO my friend!!!
Good evening! How you do? I am glad to receive your answer. As
I also promised, I will try to tell about me directly all it to a smog in
This letter. =) also I hope you, you will answer me reciprocity and you
Will write to the answer the big history about you to direct and your life.
To me it is very interesting to me, than you are occupied? It
Entertainments for you the best? You perform that work? =) to me 26 years and the deposit place a birth
On March, 10th. My nationality I of Russian and I live in Russia in a
The city of Saransk. It enough the big and ancient city to
Be approximately 700 km from capital of Russia Moscow. We have many
Sights of former time. I live in a southern part of Saransk.
I wish to continue dialogue with you
And I do not want it, you in the future were anyhow jealous me. I
Desire to speak only with you. I know, that you live
Very far from me, I understand it, and for me it is not awful. On
Returning in it there - romanticism. =), it is good. I will continue to
Tell about me directly. I have a higher education of the teacher. I work with children the teacher in group of nurseries
Formation of 7 years. To love me, my work and on everything, it satisfies to me, because
I very much love children. =), I do not have children and me not by time
Was not married. So has developed my life. I would like to tell to you
Small main and very important criterion. For me acquaintance on
The Internet very new step and consequently I concern acquaintances to you
Very important and it is serious. I ask to speak with you if you are not present
Adapted seriously also search only for some entertainments. I
The serious and decent woman also will not transfer banality. I very much
Seriously concern you. I search for love, the person to me I
It would be good, also I wish to construct new relations. The new serious
Relations. I hope, that you understand me, that ... ... ... say, that women to you
How? =) I hope, that I have not frightened and have not removed you
From me, but however us adult people and I it would be desirable
It at once all became clear to you. Well, I will finish probably a deposit
The letter also is profits time me to be occupied in affairs. In it
The letter for you there - is a little me a photo. I hope, that they to you will be
As also I wait from you compliment ;-) Natalia