Scam letter(s) from Natalia to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my friend.
I am glad to see your letter. When I see your letter. I receive the big portion of happiness.
It become seems to me that we closer with each letter.
At me the feeling of dependence on you has appeared. When I come home after work.
I at once would approach to a computer what to look your letter.
And when I read your letter. I become quiet.
I yet did not tell to you about last novel with the man from Russia.
When to me there were 23 years. I have finished college. I was arranged in to work in advertising agency.
I have got acquainted with the man. It was very beautiful, clever. With it it was very interesting to me.
I have fallen in love with him . And it seemed to me that it loves me.
At us the novel was.
He had big communications and it has helped to buy to me an apartment.
When I have learned than it is engaged. I nearly have not sufficed a heart attack.
It was the gangster. It extorted money from businessmen. I have sufficed horror.
I have thrown it. It has told that if to see me with another the man.
It will **** me and it .
And now I am afraid to begin attitudes with the man from Russia. It simply will not give me it to make.
When I have addressed in militia. To me they that cannot make without proofs have told that.
Has already passed 3 years as we have ceased to meet. I sometimes see it.
It would want that I have returned to it . But I have refused to it .
nd it has told, that will take away an apartment.
As it{he} has helped me to buy her . The apartment has been bought on my money.
But with his help I could buy an apartment without long procedures.
I have told to it that at hi that to fail. Because under documents the owner an apartment am I.
It{He} has told that will find a way to take away an apartment at me.
I hope that at him that will fail.
I hope that have not disturbed you this story.
I want to ask you. You search what attitudes ???
What do you feel under the attitude to me??? You sometimes think of me???
How you concern to smoking and drinking of alcohol???
I do not smoke, I can allow myself a glass fault only for a holiday.
And I as do not want to find the man which drinks much.
I want to find strong love.
To me told one history of love.
She{It} has taken place with the man and the woman from the different ends of a planet.
They as wrote each other letters. Also spoke that like each other.
And in one day to the woman it became bad.
She has gone to hospital. To it have told that she is hardly sick and that it{she} needed to live absolutely hardly hardly.
She wanted to see the the man. Also has decided to fly to it{him}.
But it{she} did not have not enough money. And she{it} has asked the help for him{it}.
It{He} was frightened, it has thought that she wants to deceive it{him}.
And it{he} has given up to it{her}.
In one day it{he} has not received from it the letter. And within many days from it{her} there were no letters.
It{He} has decided to arrive to it{her}. And all to learn{find out}. It{he} knew its{her} address.
When it{he} has arrived to it{her} it{he} has learned{has found out} that she{it} has died. With it{him} have accompanied up to a tomb.
The girlfriend has told that she{it} strongly loved it{him}. Also that she{it} wanted to meet it{him} last days the life.
When it{he} has understood that she{it} spoke it{him} the truth. It{he} could not live with it and was shot in hotel.
This was a real history.
She{It} has mentioned my soul.
I want to set some more questions. What are you ready to make for the sake of the love???
You are ready to give everything, only for the sake of that what to be with the favourite person???
I am personally ready on all. I am ready to give a life for the sake of the favourite person.
The main thing what my loved{liked;favourite} was happy.
I hope that you will not become angry that I so has much written to you.
I wait for your answer. With best regards Nataliya.
Letter 2
Hello !!!
I am madly glad to receive from you the letter. Today I for a long time thought of you.
Today I walked on fresh air.
In general I love the nature. I love a wood. I like to look at stars.
I very strongly love romantic conditions.
You love the nature???
I like to walk in a wood. Winter this good season.
Leaves on trees start to turn yellow. And the wood to become very beautiful.
You seem to me very interesting by the man. With whom to me it is good, quiet.
And I have understood that you that who are necessary for me. And I want to admit to you this letter.
I have fallen in love with you! I do not know that to me to do{make}. I am afraid that you will reject me.
I understand that we are connected only by a computer. And it oppresses me more.
And now I want to ask you. You believe my words???
What do you think of me??? That do you think what I love you???
I want to test destiny.
Tell to me fairly. You feel to me love???
I hope that you will write to me. I shall wait from you the letter.
Letter 3
Hello my tiger.
I always wait for your letters. And I am happy that you write to me.
I hope that you not against if I shall name you a tiger.???
Now you became really a part of my life.
Each time when I receive from you letters. I become happy, lives joyful.
When I read your letters I come in delight. I simply do not know as you all to explain.
And now I am precisely sure that I want to meet you. That you are necessary for me.
You kind, romantic, noble.
I did not meet all these qualities in one person.
But you my exception.
I can trust you completely. You my best friend. Closer you at me who is not present.
I very strongly want to have serious attitudes{relations} with you. You which that person I so for a long time searched.
You do not imagine what to be created at me on soul. I cannot find to myself a place.
I do not present the life without you.
I for a long time wanted you to tell about it. But I was afraid that you will laugh at me.
But now I cannot simply restrain. I cannot constrain the feelings any more.
I want to learn{find out} your opinion, what you think of it??? Please tell to me only the truth.
I would want that our attitudes{relations} began with lie.
I love you! And now I can tell to you about it in open.
I wait for your answer.
Letter 4

My dear I it is very glad that you have answered me.
How your affairs today??? I hope that all well.
I think that the in love person is ready on all.
The in love person is ready to fill in a bath champagne, only for that what to make impressions.
Only the in love person is ready to present one million scarlet roses.
Only the in love person is ready will stand under a window loved{liked;favourite} or loved{liked;favourite}.
I would be glad to visit your country. And to begin with you serious attitudes{relations}.
Your letters of steel for me as an elixir from all troubles.
When I come home and I see your letters, to me at once to become easy, easily cosy.
Your words are so pleasant, that I feel queen.
Now when I have learned{have found out} you. I have understood that you my ideal of the man.
To me it is very lonely here one. And I want to see you as soon as possible.
What to be with you, to share the emotions, feelings.
I want to give you all love, all time.
Now when I have met you. I to be ready on all what only with you.
I want to create with you the world of love, the world of a cosiness.
Tell to me, you want it???
Today I talked to the manager of the agency.
It{He} has told to me that organizes my travel to you.
The manager has told, that tomorrow, it{he} will explain to me all about my trip.
I hope to sign the contract of my travel.
I very strongly love you, and is ready on everything, if only to be near to you.
I love you! I wait from you the letter. Yours
Letter 5
Hello my dear, my loved{liked;favourite}!!!
I am glad to see your answer. How you today??? I hope that all perfectly.
I think of you constantly. And I very much grieve without you.
I want to arrive to you. When I shall come to you I shall kiss you. I shall be your lady.
My dear I would want that we were happy. What is the attitudes{relations} would become ideal.
In the first I feel such love to the person. I still so did not like. For me you very close person.
I still when did not hear such pleasant words. To me still who so did not concern as you.
I very seriously concern to our attitudes{relations}. And I really want to spend all life together with you.
I need in real love. Honesty, trust, care is necessary for me.
My feelings to you are real. And I want to meet you. And to give you all love.
I want to be near to you!
I have good news. Today I have signed the contract with my travel agency.
Today I have paid the first part of money, for the visa and other documents.
I have planned that the visa will cost 200 $. But from for difficulties of my reception.
I had to give 400 $.
My love probably to be necessary for me your help for payment of other part of money of my travel.
I hope that you will not give up to me.
I shall inform to you tomorrow about all. I hope that it for you not a problem.
Now all that to me need to be shown the agent, it is your full address. Your full name. Your postal index. And the airport where I need to fly.
The agent has explained to me. That the agency has the responsibility for the girl which uses their agency for trip to other country.
After I shall give agency your full information. To me will tell an all-round price of my travel.
My dear I think that your help will be necessary for me.
I love you I wait for your answer.
Letter 6
Hello my sweet!!!
How you today? I hope that all well.
I am glad to read your letter. I am glad that you agree to help me with payment of my flight.
My dear I feel a little not conveniently. As I should turn to you behind the help.
And I am glad that you have not denied assistance to me.
I could not calculate the budget. I hoped that I can arrive{fly} to you at own expense.
I did not think that it costs{stands} so dearly.
And I am glad that now I have you which me can to support.
You present{true} the man. And it is very pleasant for me that you have undertaken this responsibility.
The manager has told to me a total cost of trip.
It is 1390 euro.
Into this price enters.
The insurance: 250 $.
The international passport: 240 $.
Two tickets: 900 $.
With me remained money after the first part of payment. It was 200 $.
And now I should pay within one week 1190$.
After I shall pay. The agency will give me the visa, the international passport and two tickets.
My visa operates in your country 3 months.
After that, I should arrive{fly} back to Russia.
I constantly think of you. I very strongly want to be with you.
My dear I has asked the manager. As it will be better what you have sent money.
The manager has explained that it will be better if you will send money through the Western union.
Also it will be better if you will send me for my name.
You when be heard about such way of transfer of money???
The manager has told that it is very convenient system. Also that you can send money without any problems.
My dear I have to you question. You are ready to meet me??? My visa operates 3 months. You are ready to lead{carry out} them together with me???
I love you! I want to be only with you. I want to become yours forever.
I all burn desire to meet you and to give you all love.
I shall do{make} all that you to me will tell. I shall prepare you, all all. Just we would be happy.
I love you. I wait from you the letter.
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