Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Gorbushina to Trevor (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hot greetings to you!

It is a great pleasure to write you this first shy letter:) I am a little bit nervous because I am not too good in writing but I will try my best! I am here to find my soul mate!!! And what about you?? Do you have a girlfriend or a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with? If not you HAVE to write me a letter because we can be a match!!! In that case I would gladly get to know you better!

Let me tell you a little more about myself. I am 28 years old, it is a wonderful age for a woman I think, when you are already not too young and naive as before and it is still much time will pass when they will call you an old woman:) I am a simple girl, sometimes naughty, sometimes serious... I am very thoughtful about my man's needs and wants and I am a naughty girl:) But only with my man!! I am a very open person and I appreciate sincerity in people. I always say the truth, what ever it could be, I like honesty and straightness in relationships, so I will not keep silence in relationships and will tell you everything honestly. I had a very bad love experience in the past, I was hurt but I don't keep negative emotions in my heart, if you want I will tell you about it in my next letters. So I lose hope to find the man of my dream here in my town and I have a great expectations on the Internet. They say it is a perfect place to find a soul mate, and I believe I am worth to find my happiness here. I hope after reading this letter you are still interested in me:) If so please write me a litter, ok?? I will be waiting for your answer!
Please write me on this address:


Letter 2

Good day to you, my dear Trevor!

I am so happy to get your answer! You know, Trevor,all the time yesterday I thought how it could be wonderful if you would be interested in me,dreamt about what kind of letter will you write me,may be it will be a long nice letter with different photos, a concise narrative about your life,or may be it will be just several lines saying "Hello! How are you?", but in every case I will not allow the opportunity to know you better and a chance to make us close people pass by me! And today, reading the lines of your massage I feel myself so happy and delighted! I am so excited now that I forgot everything I wanted to tell you about me in my letter:) But that is ok, because I am going to write you a nice informative letter, and I feel that when I will send you it I will not sleep well in the night worrying about will you like everything I told you about me or not:) I truly hope you will enjoy my personality and who I am in reality, I will tell about my good and bad sides with maximum of honesty, and hope your letters you will write in the same way:) We begin our relationships from the clear sheet of paper now, and it is very important to maintain this clearness in the future...

You sound like a very intelligent person and I respect it a lot. Your photos are so nice,I can see that you are a very interesting and attractive man and I really want to get to know you much better! Please tell me more about you and send me some photos of yours in your next letters,ok? I will be waiting impatiently and may be one day we will be good friends and even more... I am sorry for your bad experience in Internet but I need a husband not money!! Of corse it is hard to survive nowadays but I am a serious girl and want to create a family. You know I think 51 years is a perfect age for a man, you can do many things already and you reached something in this life and you have an opportunity to pay your family much attention, are you agree with me? Yes I am a naughty girl but only with my man!!!

So my name is Tatyana, or just Tanechka:) I live in the east of Ukraine, do you know this country? I hope you do:) My town is Amvrosiivka, Donetsk region. I work as a nurse at the hospital, this work takes 5 days a week,and on Saturday and Sunday I have my free time. It is a very hard job I work sometimes for several weeks without days off or till late in the evening but I like it because helping people gives me a lot of satisfaction! I guess not a lot of people can tell that they like their jobs yes?? So I am a lucky person! I was born on the 28th of May 1981. I am Gemini:))

As for my family I have my parents (who are the best parents in the world by the way:)), a younger sister and older brother. My brother is married and has two little daughters so I have two nieces whom I love dearly!!! I send you the photos of my parents, my brother and sister, my sister-in-law and surely my dear nieces!! They are so cute:))

I have one favorite hobby: I like flowers so much! In summer I have a wonderful flower-bed, it is very big and has such a diversity of colors! It is the most pleasant thing for me to feel a gorgeous odor of flowers... But in winter I can't plant flowers outside, may be just some pine-trees:) But they don't flourish unfortunately:( So I have a great collection of window flowers! I have 28 kinds of them, and almost all my free time I spend looking after them. Really flowers is a constant source of delight for me!

I am romantic, honest,loving and generous to a fault. I do not smoke, I drink socially but not often. I love the outdoors and the nature.
Especially I like fishing as we did it with my father when I was a child:)

Dear,I want to make our correspondence more real, and it would be great to give you my phone number, but unfortunately I have not a personal phone:( May be it sounds strange,but in our country not many people can afford to buy a mobile phone. But if you will give me your number,I will try to make a call for you:) Because I really want to hear your nice voice! Or may be I will give you my working number at the hospital and you will call there.

And one more thing. I hope you will not be angry but I don't speak English, sorry for it:( And to communicate with you I have to use the translation service, they translate our letters. I am so grateful for my translator Dasha, she makes really a very good job, helped us to find each other and will help us to know each other much better! And as for my English I plan to learn it in the nearest future, they say it is not the most difficult language to learn:)

Darling, I will be finishing my letter for now,hope I have not disappointed you:) Please,write me soon,ok? Bye-bye! Sincerely yours Tanechka.

Letter 3

Good day, my dear Trevor!

I am really so happy to hear from you again! Thank you so much for your answer,darling,I wish we could write each other plenty of letters in the future... I miss hearing from you, but I am glad you spent such a nice time with your mom and daughter! Darling, thank you so much for your wonderful photos!!! I can see that you are a very nice man and I am so pleased with your attention!!! But I still can't understand why are you alone??? You have everything to find a nice girl and be happy. But I think at is my gain:) Thank you for your words about my family! I appreciate it a lot! It is interesting to hear more about your family thank you. I am really sorry for your dad:( You know, my father's Birthday is in three days after yours on the 1st of October:)) I like your astrological sign a lot because my father is a great person!!:)

Today was rather hard day for me, there are many patients now at the hospital and I had much work to do,but each time after an usual working day what ever hard it could be I go home with a feeling of satisfaction, I am glad I could help so many people!

I am a very open person, I like spending my free time with my family,I live with my parents and I like cosy family evenings when all our family gathers after work at home, we have our supper,drink tea and tell each other how the day has passed, such an evenings are very precious for me, I am a very family oriented person and with every passing day my desire to spend cosy evenings with my dear husband grows...My golden dream now is to find that only one man who I will be able to love with all my heart... I am sure there are such a men who appreciate love which is given to him by his woman! Are you one of these men,darling? If yes I will do my best to make you the happiest man in the world!

I have one older brother and one younger sister. My brother's name is Andrey, he is 30 years old, and my sister's name is Olya, she is 20 years old. I love them so much! We had such a wonderful childhood together:) And of corse I have two little sweet nieces Marina is the older and Yana is the younger,they are Andrey's daughters, they are two wonderful little angels I love them more than everything in this world! I have already sent you the photos of them and now send you one more photo with my older niece. I love children so much and I spend with my sweet nieces a lot of time,so I have already an experience of raising children:)

I like cooking very much, I can prepare many different dishes but my favorite one is Ukrainian national dish kholodets, may be you have heard about it earlier or even tasted:) But if we will decide to be together I promise to cook kholodets special for you and it will be soooo delicious:) Have I told you that I like playing billiard sometimes??? I am rather good in it:))) You can see it on one of my photos:))

May be you wonder why am I looking for my second half in Internet? May be it will seem to somebody that it is a rather strange way to find a husband, but I can prove that they are not right! You know, I am not in Internet incidentally. My friend Nadia convinced me to come to the agency. She came here 5 month ago and has already found her second half! They are in love with each other for 4 month, two weeks ago they got married and live now in Mexico! It was hard for me to believe that it is possible but the end of this story was so happy that I thought: "Why not me? Am I not worth such a happy marriage??" So I am in Internet now and God already gave me the chance for happiness: I communicate with YOU!! I am very very excited of our acquaintance! And I hope you feel the same:)

Darling,I truly hope to come tomorrow to the agency and read your new letter! Kisses for you:) Tanechka.

Letter 4

My dearest Trevor!

Thank you so much for your letter, darling! Your photos are as usually so wonderful!!! Thank you so much for them! And I can't stop wondering why such a nice and handsome man is still alone?? How can it be? But I understand that you have serious reasons for that... I am so happy that all the women in your country kept you for me!!! Thank you for telling me why are you alone I guess I understand your reasons. My parents are pensioners, they are 57 and 65 years old. I am glad you think my dad is handsome:) I am sorry that you have not heard of kholodets, it is very delicious and I will treat you with it some day!! It is a frozen chicken soup:)

I can't believe that we wrote each other so many letters (may be somebody will say that three letters is not so many,but for me it is really so:) I think we had to get to know each other very good and it seems to me that I know you now for ages...Really,don't you have such a strange but nice feeling,darling?

I can hardly explain my feelings now... Was there in your life a day when you found something you was looking for for a very long time,may be even for all the life? If you had such a day can you remember your feelings? Was it great? It seems to me that I have such a day today, I feel that my dream realized and I found you, that only man I want to be with...I am still afraid of believing it but it seems to be so... I will be waiting impatiently for your next letter to read your thoughts about it:)

Today is a very nice day, this evening I am going to spend with my little nieces, my brother and his family live not far from me and our parents so I can see my little angels very often. I really enjoy to spend time with them, children are so cute! Recently younger Yana started talking long words and it was a real holiday in our family! When I come to their house we play different games and toys, I feel that I am becoming a child again:) Did I told you that I still like bicycling like a kids?:))) I even have a photo of me riding a bicycle:)) I send it to you.

I have a question for you, darling, do you believe in dreams you have at night? As for me I believe and not because somebody told me that dreams say the truth but because I made sure in it for my own! I had a strange dream this night, it was me and you in it and we argue about something, and our argue was so laud and emotional that I even woke up at night,I was so sad that we had a quarrel but then I remembered that if in your dream you argue with somebody this means that in reality you will have a strong friendship and the harder you argue the stronger relationships will be between you. And you know,my darling,we had such a bad quarrel in my dream that in reality we have to be really happy together! So I fall asleep again in a very good mood:)

I will be waiting impatiently for your answer tomorrow,hope you will write me a thoughtful letter and explain your emotions and feelings.
Kisses for you:) Yours Tanechka.

Letter 5

Hi, my honey Trevor!!!!

I like your photos a lot thank you!!! How have you been doing there so far away from me?:))) Hope you are ok and in a good health...No I didn't get your card I am sorry. You know, Trevor, it seems that you are always in my mind since the time I have met you in the net:)) I really can't get you out of my head!! Why? I don't know the answer... If somebody told me several days ago that it was possible to have some special feelings to the man you have never met in person I would not believe it... But it seems I was wrong:)) But enough of it because I don't want to rush the things too fast!!! I am glad you are starting to feel something special to me too... Yes I will be happy if you will print my pics!!! You really want to send me a Birthday gift?? you are so sweet! My full name is Tatyana Gorbushina. Address is 96800, Ukraine, Donetsk region, Amvrosiivka town, Kurchatova street, 11. Yes I will gladly cook kholodets for you! I am so sorry to hear what happened to you in 1999:( Thanks God you are ok! Say hi to Che from me! I am glad you believe in dreams too! The meaning of my dream was very good so don't worry about it! I don't like arguing! I don't have DVD at home, my favorite movie is Titanic. I like theater a lot. It will be great to live in a big sailing boat!

So tell me how are you doing there now?? How is the weather?? Here everything is ok and my mood is very exciting because I met such a man like you, darling!!! I never was lucky in love that is why I am now a little bit scary if it is real or not, or I will be hurt again but I truly hope that you are serious and will not break my heart!!! Honey, I just want to ask you if you will change your mind towards me, will meet another girl or just will decide to stop our correspondence under any other reason so please inform me about it, ok? Because my intentions are really serious please keep it in your mind ok?? I don't want you to leave me without any explanations as it happened recently to one of my girl friends who used this agency to correspond with a foreign man too for half a year already and suddenly he just disappeared, she is so frustrated now and I don't want to be on her place, hope you understand!!

Honey, this letter will be shorter than usually because I have to pay for the translations as you know and there is only little money left on my translational account but I hope to receive my salary tomorrow morning so I will be able to write you tomorrow again, I don't want to lose our contact!! It seems that I am addicted to your letters, honey:))) I kiss you!!!! Will write you as soon as I can!!! Always yours Tanechka.

Letter 6

My dear Trevor,

thank you very much for your letter. I really appreciate your efforts to write me, darling, you know I am some kind of addicted to your letters and it seems that I know you for ages already...

But this letter of mine will be short, I am sorry:( It is because my translational account is empty and I hoped to get my salary and pay for the translations but I will not get my salary this month, because of the world crisis my hospital can't provide their workers with paying their hard earned money this month:(( So I don't know what to do, I am sorry. I don't know how to survive the whole month till I will get my salary and I can't afford to pay for the translations, I am deeply sorry, my love:( I don't know may be you could help me with paying just for several letters till the time I will get the money? I really don't know what to do:(( In case you will not want to help me, I will understand, I just want you to know that I was happy to meet you and eager to continue our correspondence which will lead us to a personal meeting. It could be great if you wished the same:(( Hope to hear from you soon... In order not to lose contact my working number is +380502826440 Monday-Friday 9-17 my time. Always yours Tanechka.

Letter 7

Dear Sir,

thank you for your letter. Miss Tatyana Gorbushina will be happy to hear that you are ready to help her to pay for some letters. She will be informed about it as soon as she will come to our agency. To translate one letter costs 5$. In the mean time we send you her address: 96800, Ukraine, Donetsk region, Amvrosiivka town, Kurchatova street, 11. Her full name is Tatyana Gorbushina. You may send money through Western Union, MoneyGram or on the bank account of our manager. Miss Tatyana will appreciate your help a lot and will write you as soon as she will pick up your money with her ID.

Tatyana's personal translator
Daria Kamushkina,
executive manager of
"Amvrogeneral" translations.

Letter 8

Dear Sir,

thank you for your message. To translate one letter costs 5$. We send out the USD bank account of our manager.

Tatyana's personal translator
Daria Kamushkina
executive manager of
"Amvrogeneral" translations.



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