Letter(s) from Pearl Van Der Merwe to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hi David,

Its fine to call my luv, I miss you and I want you to know that I am sorry for the delay baby. There is nothing much that I can say except for the fact that I obviously had to stay till the burial. I was supposed to be on my way to you by now and tomorrow we would have been together probably in each others arms.

I was wondering why you haven't called since I sent you that mail, I was so worried about you and your plans. I didn't have my charger with me and my phone was off until I got to a near by town to get a new one. I traveled home to my parents and as you know they live in the country side. I was glad to see them as you know I haven't seen them in a while but under these circumstances there isn't enough time to socialize.

I told them a little more about you and our relationship, they say that if I feel that you are the right man for me then they can't stand in my way. At first they were a little sckeptical, because of the distance thinking that if I go there I might never come back and nobody knows much about you in our family yet but after telling them more about you they became more accepting and welcoming. I really enjoy talking to you David and I've been so worried about you, whether you are OK, but mom said to me " Pearl, if he loves you he will understand." Well now that I know you understand I'm a little happy. Thank you so much for your support and care.

I've been so busy. I went to the bank on Friday to ask for a loan to enable me foot the funeral cost for my mum's part but was declined. The cost of the whole is a bit expensive because we are expecting a lot of people to come so we have to cover the food and venue, cascket, and so many other traditional rites. I am looking to raise about ZAR28,000. (twenty-eight thousand South African Rands). ( about USD$4,000). I feel a bit awkward asking if you could help me in this regard at this crucial times. This is because I feel you might say, but we haven't met each other yet? In any case, I will appreciate it so much if you could help nevertheless, if you won't it doesn't change anything in our relationship. You could call me if there are details you need in this regard.

Still yours,