Letter(s) from Irina to John (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my friend. You have not forgotten me? I hope that was not present.
But if you have forgotten me, I would like that we have continued our conversation. We do not know about each other much. Because we had conversation on a site of acquaintances. And I do not remember as it refers to. I have received yours e-mail there. You asked to write the letter for me. I could write the letter just now. I hope you not angry with me because of it. I also hope that you wish to continue our conversation. Irina

Letter 2

Hi dear friend !

Thank you very much for your letter. I am happy to continue our correspondence because it seems to me that you are an interesting person. Dear friend, I do not remember where we had acquaintance to you earlier. It was a site of acquaintances. But I do not remember the name of it. There you gave me the e-mail address. I could not write to you earlier. Because I had no opportunity to visit the Internet-cafe.
I had a lot of work. I hope you understand. And I hope that we can have good friendship with you.
We do not know what is waiting for us tomorrow,but anyway,let me introduce myself please. My name is Irina. I am Russian. My native town is Saint Petersburg.
I am 29 years old, my weight is 55 kg, my height is 173cm. I was born on the 8th of December. I had a good family. But I lost my dad and mum in the car accident four years ago.
Now I live with my grandmother. She is a pensioner. I haven't got my sister or brother, just my cousins, but they live in Russia. As for my private life, I wasn't married and I haven't got my children. I am sure that the woman should devote her love and care to her beloved man and children. Also it is very important for each woman to have a reliable and strong shoulder next to her.
As for my occupation, I have graduated from the Pedagogical University, my qualification was a teacher of Literature. But I didn't want to develop my carrier of teacher because teachers are really poor in our country.
Then I decided to start my working as a decorator in the theater. It is a special world and now I devote to this occupation all my time. I help to the actors with a make-up,clothes and decorations. I like my job very much though the salary is not very high. I must confess that I turned to the Internet for the first time because I am sure that the letters help us to discover the inner world. I think that it would be great to see each other one day,but before it I would like to get to know you much better.
Unfortunately I do not have my computer at home. That is why I have to use the agency which helps people with Internet. It is very conveniently for me.
Well,I do hope that I could tell you a bit about myself. I do hope to receive your next letter soon and I wish you to have a successful day!
Your Irina.