Letter(s) from Natalia to Jarek (USA)

Letter 1

Hello jarek! I was glad to see your letter when I have checked up mine e-mail. How are you? How there has passed your day? I wish to write little bit more about me that you knew about me. My name is Natalya, me 29 years, I live in Russia in the city of Kazan. I have no children and was not married. It is very interesting to me to learn about you more. Therefore I will have to you some questions. Please only be sincere when you will answer my questions. You search girl for the serious relation or only for flirtation and an fun? You have children if yes that how many and they live with you? You were married or till now are married? For you a problem that I live in Russia? For me not a problem that you live in other country because I think for love distance, age, a nationality not a problem. You had correspondence other girls? If yes that what results of this correspondence? I had no correspondence before, you the first man with which I begin correspondence. I search for my second half and I use for this purpose Internet because in the real world, here in Russia I had no success with men. I send you my photo in the letter also that you saw as I look. But I think face is not so important for the relation. For me more important soul, heart of the person. If you have possibility that please send to me also more a photo. I wish to see as you look. I now finish my letter. If you are interested more to learn about me that I will wait your letter. You also can ask questions me if you have them. With respect Natalya

Letter 2

Hello jarek!
I see that you again have written to me and i am glad.
Thanks for your compliments. So we begin correspondence and we will learn each other better every day, so? My day was today good. Weather not so such cold as in the winter and feel the coming of spring. I wish to tell to you more about me.
I was born on May, 29th, 1980. To me 29 years and I have not found till now the man of my life, my second half. You probably have a question, why? I do not know, can be it destiny and can be you that man with which I will be happy. Time will show. I work the dispatcher in a taxi. In Russia difficult to find work, therefore I do not work by a profession. At first I worked as the bookkeeper. But because of crisis me have discharged from work. I have the higher economic education, have finished University. Where you work, you like work on which you work? I work in a day shift. From 8-00 till 18-00. All my day passes in work. Since morning I go for work, till the evening I on work.
In the evening I come home, I take a shower, I make a supper, I watch TV and I go to bed. I live one. My parents live separately from me with mine sister also in Kazan. I sometimes in weekend visit my parents.
I do not know what yet to tell about you. If you have questions that ask. I have some questions also for you. You smoke, you you drink alcohol? What hobbies you have? I finish my letter today. Take care. Natalya