Scam letter(s) from Julia Sihova to Jesse (USA)

Letter 1

Jesse! My loved. Today I have visited a travel company, and have asked on an opportunity to visit your country and to meet you. As to me informed in this firm it not so difficultly now. To take off to you to me it is necessary to receive the visa. The firm is engaged in manufacturing of visas to visiting your country for the period of six months, or one year. Cost of the visa on six months of 300 dollars, and the visa validity one year has cost of 500 dollars. I need to write the application tomorrow, with the request to resolve to me visiting of your country. Then I should give data on my relatives and some my photos. The courier of firm once in day takes off for the city of Moscow, and brings documents for assurance of consulate. As to me has explained manager - term of manufacturing of the visa small, it on the average five - six days. And after that I can go to you my loved. Cost of the air ticket of 1200 dollars, is the fixed price up to any airport in your country. I to ask you to specify the exact name of the international airport nearest to you. My lovely I need to pay 1500 or 1700 dollars that employees of firm have made documents for a start to you. Now at me not so good financial situation, and circumstances compel me to ask you to assist our meeting. It is not a shame to me because that I now can provide payment of my trip to you. If I can find employment in your city, I to return all expenses for my arrival to you. My loved, I to want to go through together all ups and downs of our life. I hope that we can incorporate in embraces and exciting kisses. My lovely, I have learned the address of bank on a way to the Internet of cafe. It. Lenin's city of Novorossijsk.prospekt. The house 9. Phone 671623. To this address there is a branch of the western union. I to ask you to assist my arrival to you through the Western union because it is a safe and fast way of transfer of money in Russia. It to me was advised by the manager of a travel company. My lovely, my full name Julia Sihova. As to me have told in branch of bank, I will be required to name the ten-character code of translation, both your exact name and a surname. Then I can receive the help from you. Whole also I embrace you my loved Jesse! I hope that you can help our love. Your Julia
Letter 2

Kind to you of day my loved Jesse. I to receive your letter and as always to be pleased to this. I today to visit a passport office and to allow the documentation on the passport for travel abroad. The woman which accepted my documents, on my question when all will be ready to tell, that the passport will be ready in 7-8 days. Then I can visit again travel agency and learn about that what the visa to do separately. The manager of travel agency to tell, that they to do the visa only if I to pay the complete set of services. It to mean, that I should pay and the ticket. I to write to you, that I to not have such money. My loved I shall work what to earn the necessary sum for visiting you. I to know, that when that we can meet you my love. I so want, what you to be a number and I to feel your strong shoulder. My loved Jesse I write all about myself. If you that that interest to ask. I about pleasure to accept and read your letters. My love at us to go today a rain and weather to deteriorate. I so would like today to go to take a walk on quay, but it was necessary to postpone walk. I to go on telegraph and to allow to parents the telegram, that I'm fine and that I while to not go anywhere. Since June, 12 I already to go to work in sanatorium. And houses I shall come every 2-3 day. For now at me to turn out not the big vacation. I today to do cleaning of a house and at me all to fall from hands. Because, I to think all time of you. And about that time when we to be together. My love the more I to learn you, the the feeling in my ****** about you is stronger. I to love you very much. To kiss many times. Your Julia
Letter 3

My loved Jesse, yes I wanted to arrive to you, the girlfriend promised to borrow me 400 $. I to expect for it, but at its native to happen to mountain, and I to not know where now to take money for road. My love, seems to me that someone checks our love. But I shall try to find a new way for achievement of our love, I cannot sit and wait while the happiness will come to me. I shall struggle for the love up to the end. I have ancient grandmother of an ornament if to turn out to sell favourably them we soon shall together. I tomorrow shall go to secondhand dealers and I shall try to sell jewelry of my grandmother to pay round agency. Loved I every minute think only of you. I like the whole your Julia..
Letter 4

Greetings my sweet! You the most remarkable person, for me in it The world. I am constant to think of you mine love. You to arrive to To me in my dreams frequently. I to kiss yours the person. I, that To feel your strong cautious hands. I to check up strong Pleasure from it. Now my ideas which will be mixed. It It seems to me that you Absolutely about. Only it is necessary to reach you Hand and you my mine the Sweet. I had no before it. I, as though To enter into other world. In the world of dream and desires. I to want, that To do walk with you under a star the sky. It so is beautiful and romantic. You and I go having joined to hands, and the fine sky is Higher than us Stars. We can lay and observe stars. It is probable, where it there, on To other planet also the beloved pair. And they also lay also a sight in The sky. We can love everyone another all the night long long And not feel Weariness. We shall be add each other both to allow Energy and to cause Each other. It will be not a simple floor. It will be on It is much more It is more. We shall add the friend the friend. We there should be an only thing the whole. I, To put, that to soul of the person to have two Half. My loved I To ask your help to my arrival to you. I have 800 dollars, I To take from relatives, I do not have not enough 700 dollars to pay for the ticket , In round agency. I very strongly want you to see, you to help me through The western union, you to send for my name of 700 dollars and in ten days We shall be together. If you to want to leave me at yourselves as the wife that we Embassies in your country should address in Russian. Then we can To get married, and to be with each other all our life. My loved as - yes I To visit bank the operator to me to tell, that I should name the code from Ten figures, my full name Julia Sotnikova.togo that employees of firm Have made documents for a start to you. Now at me not so good Financial situation, and circumstances compel me to ask you To assist our meeting. It is not a shame to me because that I now can To provide payment of my trip to you. If I can find employment in Your city, I to return all expenses for my arrival to you. My loved, I To want to go through together all ups and downs of our life. I hope that We can incorporate in embraces and exciting kisses. The address of bank, City Novorossijsk.prospekt Lenin. The house 9. Phone 671623. To this address There is a branch of the western union. I like whole I hope on yours The help. One thousand kisses my loved. Julia
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