Scam letter(s) from Olga Buga to Robin (USA)

Letter 1
My dear friend,
this is your Olga here.
How are you doing ?
I hope you do not mind that i call you friend, this mean a lot for me,i do belive that friendship can grow into something more private,do you agree with me ? :)
I have told to my co-workers in clinic about you and they were very surprised,they asked me if i take vacation and fly to you there and i said it is too early make plans like this and we need to know more about each other first ! My co-workers like jokes like this and i am sure this is the subject to discuss for every day now :) They just see i smile more often than before and i feel more positive and they were curious who make me feel like this ? And now they do know that one man far away did :)
So did you tell any one about me already ? :)
I see that we have many things in common and this make me feel that we can be couple able in person.I think that sometimes people do not have enough time to know each other when they are getting in person first,but when we do write it is the chance for you and me to share something that is really important and if we get for a meeting we will know a lot about each other,this make me feel comfortable.
I want to be honest to you and the same from you,i do not use any more profile in Internet and i do communicate with you only.
I think it can be the chance and if it wont work out i may be never try Internet again,but something tells me everything goes fine and we could be the couple.
My birthday is on Monday,19 of April.
I have no plans for my it yet, because there are two days for making preparations and i think it will be just home party with friends and i may be go to see my family the next day because my relatives do live in the countryside and it is just few hours by bus from here.So what is your home address ?
I want to have yours and will send my in the next letter, just need to check my postal code.
I like to swim very much and i have one picture for you, it was made in Turkey and i will look for more picture, today have only one,send more soon.
Do you like any kind of water sports ?
I would study diving very much ! Come here soon Yours Olga
Letter 2
My dear,it is Olga,
so how are you doing ?
I am fine,today on Monday is my birthday and i take the day off and we go to the restaurant with my friends,it will be only ladies company :)
If i will get an other few day off, i will go to see my mom and return here the day after tomorrow in the morning on the first bus and go to work.
So i will see how it goes.I will ask my friend to take photo camera and we will make birthday pictures so i can send something to you also.So it will be just ladies party at the restaurant, i think that few of my patients will come also,sometimes i keep contact with my patients and we become friends,first they ask me for help as the doctor and after i can ask them for advice as friend :) You know that i work as gynecologist so all my patients are ladies only.I am doctor for female.My co-workers sends you big hello and they were joking and asked me if you come for my birthday party and i told them- no,it will be only ladies party,but the next time you will come for sure :)) I am 30 today,are you sure i am not too old for you ? :) Oh my good i feel i become older so fast, today i have find University picture and i am 22 there and i do really feel that i am still the same age ! :) I checked with my zip and this is my address : Full name : Olga Buga
Street address : Uregoya,11.appt 72
Province : Kiev
City : Kiev
Country : Ukraine
Postal code : 08201 If you would like to send something you can do it in the mail and i can send something back for you also,but i am not sure how long does it take.
Last time when my friend send me the post card it took nearly 2 month, she has send it from Europe,Rome.
By the way you can order flowers for my birthday throw this site :
and i like red roses the most of all.It is checked service and work good,our patients use it few times before and they had no chance to come in person.
I want you to know that i do wish to see you here for my birthday, and i am little bit sad that it is not impossible, but the same time i feel positive that we have find each other and i see that we are interested in each other.
Well,i need to go to make preparations now, a lot of preparations :) I send you big kiss, did you catch it ? I know you did :) P.S the beach pics are from last Summer Yours Olga
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