Letter(s) from Gloria Dankwa to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

hi honey,
how are you doing my love?i hope you are doing wonderful,after chatting so much with you yesterday,i felt so much closer to you than ever imagined,i thought we were almost together because it felt so good to chat like that.Honey,i don't know if i am getting over excited about that fact that soon we will be with each other and holding hands and sharing some passionate moments together.

More than anything in this world I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We have both been through a lot of distrust and discomfort from our past, and we have seemed to finally find that trust and comfort in each other. We are always knowing what each other is thinking whether something is wrong, or right.

honey,i went to inquire about the medical examination(vaccination) and you know that when you want to travel to US from Africa,you know you would to do HIV test,Malaria and the yellow fever cost $415 and the police report which is done to ascertain the individuals credibility to travel to the US is also $300 for foreign citizens who are in the country because i was told doing that background check on those people is time consuming and difficult so that was why they charge such an amount OK honey.i know its expensive now considering the fact that it is me you are doing it for,it shouldn't be much a problem now honey.I would have to proceed with these ones very soon so that i will be qualified to travel by the time the conference will take place ok honey,so if you can send this money even within the week i will be happy and proceed with the vaccination OK honey and you know whatever money you can send within this week i will also add the little that i have now to it ok my love

Honey,it seems everything is working out perfectly for us to be together and i feel so happy but i know this will be financially difficult on both of us but as i told you earlier i will try and contribute my part and make this a wonderful thing for us OK honey.The conference is on the Monday the 24th of May on indigenous people's participation on governance and health,and you know i am not one of the participants but because that will be cheaper for us i have added my name to it and i will included in it for me to be with but when i get to New York i will just take another plane and come to your place,with the conference i was asked to just pay
$550 for the processing of the documents ok honey.
but that will can be paid later in the month OK honey,i have talked to the manager in charge and he has accepted that i pay that amount in about two weeks from now so i don't know if it is a good idea my love or if you can get it so that i pay that amount too then i will just go on to the rest OK love let me know what you think on that OK honey and i will do as you want.

Honey,before you, I didn't think much of myself as really anyone important, but you have brought out the best in me! I realize that you only want me to see what you see in me, even if I don't believe that is possible. You have seen more in me than anyone in this world - including myself.I realized its a big step for me and you can never be ready for anything in life when you dont go for it and i am willing to make a family with you and that is a decision i have thought about so carefully and i know it is what i want now in my life ok my love

I want to thank you for always being there for me, and doing everything you can to make my life easier. I love you, Honey!

will be hoping to hear from you soon my love

yours truly

Mrs Gloria