Scam letter(s) from Eve Marty to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello there,
Good morning or Afternoon there?how are you doing today good i guess anyway i'm doing fine here as well...I just want to tell you more about me: I am a single lady,never been married,no kids,I work in a dress shop as a Sales girl and also do missionary assignment for the church that brought me here,I am very outgoing,communicative,easy going,outspoken,I am also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle,hold hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me maybe I'm just laid back,lol...I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to receive.I am alone child as well,parents are late now though,I moved to Nigeria 18 years ago after the death of my father, one of my cousin who live and work in Nigeria took me there for my studies since my grandmother cannot take care of me after my parents Death.We all live together in Wyoming lovell (USA),before My cousin decided that he want me to follow him to West Africa here to get married to his wife that he has been dating on net when we were in the state.Well i followed him down here cos i was young then and have no choice than to follow him down to anywhere he is going,but i live with him and his wife no more cos his wife seems to hate me and treat me badly which i reports to him every time but he is always in support of his wife.Thank God i met a very good friend here in Nigeria when i was still in the university,before i graduated which i live with now.Her name is Flora,and ever since i have been living with her,i've been planning to move back to the state ,but i couldnt make it up so fast cos all my US citizenship documents are with my cousin,but now Flora has tried to raise me another visa and passport,so there is nothing that will let me go back to my cousin,I love watching Movies,Television,listening to Music,Singing,Reading,Writing poems,Swimming,playing Basketball.Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it...ok ok,I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him,I caught him on bed with my best close friend,you know how that is,it's a SHOCK, this led me to break up with him,was I right by that decision???I seek for a complete honest man,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate man,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone with whom I can share life's experiences and grow together in faith and love with. My ideal match is someone who has a zest for life,someone who can have laugh and have fun but,and at the same time,he most be responsible and serious. Someone with whom I share a strong physical and emotional connection. In the long-term, I believe that it is essential that we share similar values and that we have excellent communication with one another.I love to cook all types of food but I have no one to share a meal with-so I cook only when I have to. would u like to have a meal with me.
Its a pretty good here in Lagos, Nigeria anyway but its a little bit sunny and I dont have Choice had to live here like that and i will be coming back to the state anytime soon, just want to find someone nice before i come because im ready to sacrifice myself the right man not the wrong man and make me happy,....Hmmmm I guess enough is being said about me.
p.s: Please send me some pics of you if you got any then i will send mine back EVE
Letter 2
Let me start by introducing myself,My name is eve I'm a lady of 28 yrs,I was born in southland Newzeland.But presently in west African(Nigeria)and planning to move back to the state as soon as possible.I'm 5ft 6inch,slim ,single lady... love to be Reading,Dancing,camping,Swmimming,listen to music...I will like to be married to a man of my choice ,single or divorced man,that is serious about himself and wont cheat on me like my ex did to me,I am wonderful, kind, compassionate, romantic, smart, sensible, intelligent, talented, kind-hearted, thoughtful, congenial, affectionate, appreciative, loyal, caring, loving, passionate,i am looking for someone like you be cos i know that you can not do such a thing like that for me, And i have go through your profile and i like it ,That's why i am email you now and i will be very happy if you can reply to my private email address..(
Letter 3
How are you doing today, Thanks I am so pleased to read your reply,it has warm my heart and I am hoping to get to always hear from you.I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever.Distance between us does not bother me as I know we could meet,I liked your profile and all I read about it was awesome,it will be my pleasure to get to know more about you and I am putting this questions to you.....
What do you do for a living?
What do you seek for in a relationship?
What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?
What sort of relationship you seek for?
What interests you?
i would like to know is your *** size 34c?
You ever been married?
Got kids?
Do you want an englishman as a husband yes?
Do you want children yes
What do you do for fun?
Do you want to live in or england yes?
Do you like public intimacy?
How long have you been single?
What's being single like?
How old are you?
How do you treat your lady?
Why do you need a lady?
where how and in wich country do we get married ?i will like to get married with you?
Can you love this lady?
What is love to you?
Would you hit your lady for any reasons?
I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these questions.
I want to get to know you and meet you.
You are a darling,

Letter 4

Thank you for writing are you Doing today......I really enjoy reading your mail thanks alot....I would like to continue this with you........ You have qualities in a Man that I would treasure and yes I would love to have a meal with you. I want you to Just name the time and the place.
Communication as you know is very important to me. First in getting to know one another this is very valuable. But the important part of communicating is being honest. We can talk and talk and make ourself look and sound good but unless we are completely honest we will be disappointed when the time comes to finally meet each other in person. I have lived now for a awhile and have traveled many places and therefore I feel I have learned to accepted myself for who I am am. I always try to be a good person to myself and others. I perfer people who are nice, kind, respectful and honest. People who view themselves better than others or think they are I do not like. I want to find a Man who respects him self. A man who takes care of himself mentally, spirituallly and physcially. I want a Man who is willing to work hard at our relationship. Someone who will contribute to improving and helping us grow together and as a family. While we are able he needs to and wants to work hard (like I will) to have nice things in life and to work hard so we can be comfortable together in order to enjoy ourselves. We must be the example for our child in raising a family and he must be the man I will love forever. There is so much more I could tell you but I will end here. I only hope you can understand where I am coming from. Again, speaking of age - I am at a point in my life - where I do not want to play games. I have opened myself to you and would like to know more about you and see other pictures of you. I have seen the ones on your profile so please send me a new recent picture of yourself. And finally one last thing with regard to age - there is an age difference between us - so I will just come out and ask you - how do you view and feel about that our age difference? Please tell more about when we can meet and what plans you may have for the future. I hope to hear from you soon. Take Care

Marty John
Letter 5
Hello John,
Since day one we've shared something incredible, something that most people only dream of. I had been searching for you all of my life. You have made me the happiest I have ever been. You are sincere, caring, loving someone, and I wouldn't trade you for the world. I am so thankful and blessed that you loved me as much as I loved you, and that you want me to be your wife.
We have been lovers and I have cherished every moment since the day we met. I love you more and more everyday. Thinking about our future fills me with anticipation and excitement. We make the perfect husband and wife team, and I cannot wait to bring our first child into our world, and hopefully a baby girl one day. We are going to have an amazing life together raising a family. All of our dreams are coming true, baby!
I just love our new life and want to thank God so much for making it possible for us to live in such a wonderful place! Don’t worry about the times that we will be tight on money, I know that we can make it through and get to that place where we’ll have all we ever wanted. Look how much we have already! We have so much to be thankful for! We will just continue to lean on each other, loving and supporting one another with all of the love we have, and we will be just fine.
Letter 6
Hello John
I don't remember when I asked for our relationship to begin, but I remember the feelings you gave me when you sent me an email. I felt as if I am in a place where I would never get hurt and that's exactly what i want from my Man. I have never realized the pains of love until now. Everywhere I look I see your word or a small symbol that reminds me of your first email and I find myself getting angry because it only reminds me of the pain that I cannot be with you.when we meet so when do you want our to meet? I wish that we could meet now and set the plans on the days when it will be me and you. I want to show you how much you have set me on fire with just words and sincerities. You make my heart stop, even now after reading about your past. Ohhh My God,how many men are sincere in there word like you do. I have never had anyone treat me the way you do with so much attention. I have never had anyone make me feel this way. You do that to me! You make me feel special and wanted. As liberal as I can be, I would never do anything to hurt you. You mean more to me than you realize. I just hope for the best. Marty John
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