Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to John (UK)
Letter 1
Hello Peter!
I should admit to you, I have bought my computer one week ago.
And I very badly understand in the computer, and the Internet especially.
This dialogue most interesting on the Internet.
Dialogue with other people, with people with the different ends of the world. Peter you agree?
I think, the mankind should give Nobel Prize, to that who has thought up Internet. It is surprising!
This international dating most popular on the Internet, and I have decided to try it.
To diversify my leisure and consequently that my everyday life became little bit grey.
Probably you ask - why international dating? I with pleasure will answer.
Because I from Russia. My city of Sebeusad.
. I will tell to you about my city in other letter... If you tell about the... Now probably you ask me - why I have chosen you?
Hm, because Russian men not such interesting, not such clever, not such brought up,
Not such gallant, not such fair. As the European men.
Certainly and the European men happen bad. I hope you Peter not that? I the kind and sympathetic girl also am always ready to help those to whom the help is necessary.
Certainly I very much wish to meet the person with the same kind
And fair heart which will appreciate love, to respect and trust the woman.
Huge value in relations between the man and the woman has trust.
The trust demands time and efforts, it is very easy to destroy trust, and it is very difficult to restore. Thanks, that you have written to me. It means, you are interested in me. To me it is very pleasant. Unfortunately, in my city there are no men which are able to love and appreciate female love.
Only the cynics searching for sex for one night. They illegally concern touch to women, especially when will drink vodka.
Such person does awful things. It can strike the woman or the child, or even very seriously to beat.
Even sober men have no respect for women here.
They in the speech use many curses, that to me is not characteristic, and it is not pleasant to listen.
I wish to have near to myself the decent person.
Which can take care of me and protect me from such kind of people which live in my city. Peter you where live? I never was in other countries. Only in Russia. I was in Sochi two times, this warmest place in Russia.
I know English language ideally. Well it is or nearly so ideal.
I learnt English language at school. Also had the best estimation.
I should ask you, I should write you letters in English?
Please answer me, it is important. That we understood each other.
You should write to me without errors that I understood each your word.
If you badly understand my words, forgive me.
I will try to write very much that you understood sense. I have written already much, and I hope, Peter you have not got tired to read? If is not present, I continue. My name is, Tatiana To me 29 years. My birthday on May, 14th.
My growth of 170 centimetres, and my weight of 60 kg.
I work as the seller in the big shopping centre. I sell children's soft toys.
They happen 2-3 centimetres, but some I can sometimes be above you, several times.
They can talk, or sing songs, move and go.
Certainly, if you not the madman you understand, that toys have mechanisms inside and consequently they can do it.
My work Surprisingly interestingly!!!
Happiness - to see when children fall in love with a toy, and they become kinder. It is important!
I am lonely, I live one in one-room apartment. I rent apartment.
I was never married. I do morning exercises, I like to run in the morning.
I have everything, but I have no love. I feel lonely. There is no person with whom, I can be happy.
And I have decided to meet love on the Internet. I would would like that you have answered my questions.
Peter that you search in the woman?
What features and what requirements at you to women?
What do you love in the woman? I will wait for your letter.
I hope, that you will answer soon, and I will receive your answers.
Thanks for interest to me, and I hope to you my letter was pleasant. I very much tried.
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