Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to John (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Peter.
I am very pleased, which has received your letter.
It is very pleasant, that you continue the correspondence to me.
I hope, that you have today good day.
I know not so much about your country, only it, that I read in newspapers, and I observe the TV SET.
You know, what I work as the the psychologist, but me would like very much to know my trade is claimed in your country?
Your country gives a lot of attention to psychological problems of the relations between the people?
Please inform me about it.
I would not be against to know to your country more.
On the TV SET rich people speak, that your country very economic advanced and citizens of your country.
I have many friends and one of them Ekaterina had the correspondence to the person from Turkey.
He lives in staff Mardin his name Kemal. Recently they married and now are very happy together.
Now Ekaterina lives in Turkey.
I correspond with her and she speaks that his her husband the most good person in the world.They together one year.
Another my friend corresponds with the man from England and they have very serious relations during 1 month.
I think, that they will have soon a meeting.
On there example I began to search the special person far from Russia and
I find you,I do not know how will be our relations, but I want to belive in the best and that is why I want to learn you better.
How you concern to a marriage on the Russian girl?
You would like to have the Russian wife?
Please answer my questions. For me it is very important to know your opinion.
I felt very happy when has received the today's letter from you.
I shall search for your answer Peter.
Have a good day.




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