Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Livarenko to Paul (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello my dear friend Paul! It so nice to get a letter from you. It means you paid attention to me and have become interested in me. I do hope we will be able to built long-lasting relations between us. I was happy to get your picture as it was very nice and of course it seems to me that it will be nice if you cans end to me more. Also it was nice you have told to me a bit more about you! I think it's time to tell you more about myself. My name is Vika for short. My full name is Victoria. When I was born my parents didn't know which name to choose for me. They were sure that names influence people's characters and even their destiny. So they gave me this name. My name corresponds my character. I'm ambitious and determined.I want to get success in life and do all my best to get it. But at the same time I'm sensitive, romantic, caring, loving and loyal. I was born on the 2nd of December,1980. I am 29 . I was born in Belokurakino, a small town in the east of Ukraine. My parents divorced when I was 10. My father left for the Far East and lives there. We have never met since then. So I was brought up by my mum who I love so much She is also my best friend. She is an accountant at school. As for me when I was at school I was good at painting so I decided to try myself in teaching children. I graduated from the University in 2003. My mum did her best to give me higher education. Now I'm an Art teacher at school and work in our local. I teach my children drawing and painting. I love my job a lot. My town is small, about 50000 people. So my work is not so prestigious. It isn't well-paid too but I like it. I'm sociable and easily make friends. I'm an outgoing person. I'm a complicated person who has a lot of interests and hobbies. I'm keen on playing tennis, like reading and knitting. I like listening to music and socializing with people. I have attached some photos of me. I hope you will like them. It's time to end up with my letter. I'm waiting for your answer. Your new friend, Vika.
Letter 2
hello my dear Pauli! It is so great to receive your letter again. I was not sure if you will answer me or not. You made me really happy because I understand I'm not alone in this world and there is a person who is interested in me. It was really wonderful you have told me so much about you as I know this will really help us to become much more closer. In my life I have lots of friends and I am really easy-going, sociable, tolerant. I love animals and have a dog as a pet. Her name is Matilda. Once I was home alone when I heard someone crying at my front door. I was sure it was my neighbour's baby. I opened the door and saw this miracle. It was sitting on the doormat, looked miserable and lonely. So we found each other and now we are friends. I can see me and Matilda in the picture. I'm active and sporty. I like swimming, dancing, being close to nature. In my life I have been to the Azov sea twice. The picture of me with the parrot on my shoulder reminds me about the time I spent near the sea. It was unforgettable. Now I'm dreaming to go to the Crimea. As you know I work at school with children. I love children and would you like to start a family so I'm here on the net and hope to meet the only one who will love me, care about me and whom I will love with all my heart and will be able to share everything. I hope that this may be you, don't you think so? You can ask me a question why I'm still not married. I had a bad experience with a guy in my country and I don't want to try this again. We loved each other as it seemed to me. He was very jealous. First I was sure that he just love me so much but later I understood that he loved only himself. One day he hurt me badly, I was even taken to hospital. Of course we partied. I suffered a lot and i didn't know what to do. Now I have a decision: to be happy, to be loved and to love again. And my friend advised me to use net as she has found her love here. So, I am here on the net. I understand that my story seems to be trivial but it is true. I want to find a real man. It doesn't matter what nationality, race, religion he is. The main for me is that the only one I love , I can share all my thoughts and secrets , my real half. As for my mother she understands me and considers that her daughter's happiness is the main. I want to be honest with you. I am sorry that I didn't tell you about this before. Unfortunately I have never studied English and that is why I don't know it , also i don't have my own computer and the access to the Internet and that is why I use the service of the translation agency. I hope that this won't be a problem for you and I want you to know that i am going to learn English as soon as i can afford this. I will end for now but it is very important to get your answer. Yours, Vika. PS I have attached some pictures. Hope that you will like them.
Letter 3
Hello my sweetheart Pauli! You made me really happy with your letter. Now I don't feel as lonely as I was a few weeks ago. I believe in destiny. I'm so sorry about your bad experience. I couldn't even imagine that such things could happen. Thanks for the pictures. You look rather masculine. I understand all your doubts. My surname is Zahodyakina after my father.
What else would you like to know about me? I think people should have a lot in common . in this way they will have an opportunity to become closer to each other. I want you to be closer to me so I'd like to tell you about my life and hobbies. My character has many sides. I' ambitious but at the same time sensitive and romantic. I'm loyal and trust people. I have got a lot of hobbies and interests. As you already know I like playing tennis,dancing. When I was a little girl my mother took me to the dance club where I was taught ball dances. There was also an art studio. I often came round to watch children painting. the teacher noticed my interests and proposed me to try. This way I came to painting. I'm not a great artist but I like drawing and painting. What is more I like teaching children despite my job is not rewarding. I like music, different kinds of it: pop, R&B. I like listening to classical music with pleasure. I also adore musical comedies. I like reading a lot. My favourite book is "Gone with the wind". Scarlet is my ideal. I would like to have her willpower. She loves life a lot and so do I. I like being close to nature, having picnics. We sometimes go to the forest to gather mushrooms. I enjoy listening to the birds chirping, leaves rustling. I like the smell of wet soil. It's so great. As I work with children and communicate a lot in my job, I sometimes tired of bustle. So I like listening to silence. I'm keen on Football. Of course I don't play but I'm the best fan. I support our Ukrainian team "Dinamo" (Kiev). Have you ever heard about it? You have stolen a part of my loneliness. I'm grateful to you. I feel you become closer to me. I have attached a picture of me and my friend. We studied at University together and have been friends since then. I have to end up with my letter because it's too late and I have to hurry. Send you my pictures and my hugs. With love, Vika.
Letter 4

Hello my honey Paul! It is so nice to get you letters and feel that there is a man who understands you, shares your interests and dreams, who is rather supportive and you can rely upon him.Your letters make me happy. I'm waiting for them impatiently and miss you and your letters. I have such a feeling that with your every letter we become closer and understand each other better. I have always dreamt to meet such a romantic, courteous, loyal and sexy man. You are a man of my dream who I'm looking for. I feel it. I'd like to get more and more letters from you but I'm in a great desperate. You know that the economic and political situation in my country isn't stable. I wasn't paid salary for the previous month. I was sure this month I will be paid so I spent my money which I saved on rainy days and now I can't afford myself to write letters to you and even don't know how I will survive this month. I should save some because this month I wasn't paid again and there is no guarantee that I will be paid next month. I'm really shocked and don't know how I will live without you and your letters. I have attached some pictures for you. I hoped to send you more... By the way do you believe that miracle exists? I hope they do... and we will be able to continue our correspondence... With love and kisses, your VIKA.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, Thanks for your letter. Please read the attached document very carefully and give us your answer as soon as possible as your lady is waiting for this. Have a nice day. Sincerely your, "GTC"
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