Scam letter(s) from Natalia Mamaeva to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello, hello, my darling Peter!!!
Oh, I am again here, I am again next to you in this wonderful Internet cafe that became the first place of our dates. I thank the skies that they gave you to me, that they gave me the possibility to get acquainted with the best man in the world.
Baby, today I dared to tell my mother about you! I told her that I had a real chance that I managed to find the best man in the world and even to have correspondence with him.
My fantastic Peter, my mum’s reaction was very positive. She told me that if people have something to talk about, if they don’t become tired of each other, if they have common interests – they are for each other. It sounds incredible but in spite of this distance that separates us we can feel so close to each other.
My Peter, I can’t imagine my life, my being without you….
I don’t know what has happened to me. I have never felt such feelings. I feel that something inside me changed. In my soul appeared new emotions that give me great life energy.
And you, you, unique Peter, who changed me. It’s all up to you…
At my job my colleagues also noticed that I have changed. The chief - cook said to me: “What’s up? You are thinking about something all the time.” I said to her that I have watched an interesting romantic film and that I was thinking of it. But in fact, Peter, I think that our relations are even more distinguished than any film.
I want to tell you a funny story. You know, in Russia we have a sign: if a girl salted too much a dish it means she fell in love. This thing happened to me today at my job! Really, Peter, I salted the soup so much that everybody was laughing at me and repeating: "Natasha! You ahve fallen in love?" It's funny, but there is a bit true in these jokes. I think that I salted the soup so much because I was dreaming about you, Peter...
Ok, I feel too excited now..
It’s time to say to you goodbye, Peter.
I kiss you with great tenderness, bye-bye, honey.Full of thoughts about you, Natasha.
Letter 2
Hello, my darling and amazing prince Peter!!!
I can say this words with a great smile on my face because you only in the world whom I can present with these words. You are a real prince, you, Peter, you are the prince of our own fairy-tale that we have created together.
Every girl, especially in her childhood dreams of great, unforgettable love that will last all her life. And me too of course was full of such pink dreams. But the severe life dictate me another conditions. I was told for many times that it’s impossible to make the dreams true.
My diamond Peter, before you my life was so ordinary, so usual; the day didn’t differ from another… For men I was just a beautiful doll, the job occupied all my time. But with your coming to my life everything changed!
You can tell me, my Peter, that you are just a simple man , that you aren't a prince, but you won't manage to convince me in the fact that you are like another men. You are like a fragrant rose among weeds!
With you, Peter, I learnt how to trust, how to believe, how to love… Yes, my honey, I am not any longer afraid of pronouncing these words: “I love you!”
I love you, Peter! I love you, tenderly and passionately, madly and mildly. Your sweet name is on my mind; all the words you have told me are in my heart.
Of course this confession is rather difficult for me. I don’t know how you will react; I don’t know what you would say to me… But I don’t know why but I hope that everything will be all right. From your nice letters full tender words addressed to me I can guess about your attitude to me.
It’s wonderful, my beloved Peter, it’s wonderful miracle of love. We managed to get acquainted in spite of great distance that separates us from each other.
Darling I know that all this isn’t occasional. Now I understand that I should obligatory meet you in my life and I understood that I have been waiting for you all my life.
I love you, Peter, and with my heart madly beating I wait for your answer.
Your loving Natasha.
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