Letter(s) from Sandra Gregory to Herbert (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello My Dear Herbert,
Good Afternoon and how was your night?How is the weather with you my dream man,well i am so glad about your mail and i think i cant wait to be together with you,you are such a nice and wonderful man that know how to care for a lady,i think i have found the right man(I think i am convinced within)and i mean you seems to be the man but time will tell if you are the man i have long for.I am sure you are enjoying the easter there?

Your words would will make me come out straight to you and i will tell you everything i am going through,but then i just hope this is not the end of our charming and breath-taking love because you have overwhelm my heart and i do nothing more than to think of you are the clock tick around her circle,in your thought i find it delightful to hope for another blissful day with you sunshine.

I told you i came here for modeling and after the show i was given an award for my performance and most men there ask me out for a launch and some for dinner which i refuse,and because it was last i had to go straight to my room feeling very tired and overwhelm by the stress of the day,well because of this i had to sleep even though i was undressed and before i knew it the client i followed here came into the room i lodge in attempting that he must sleep with me or he will kill me,i could not shout for rescue but i try to force him out of me but he tried to threat me with an Acid so he could just dis virgin me.

I had to do all i could to make sure i turn him down and then pick my passport along with My Return ticket back home and that same night i have to run away from the Hotel where we all both lodge to another Hotel where i am now,this same night the Hotel manager wouldn't let me in if i don't pay him some money for the room,but because i dont have the money i had to use my passport as an advance payment to him after explaining to him what brought me here at this hour of the night,and i promise him that anytime i will be leaving here i will pay his money and then have my passport and my Ticket{Which might Expire soon}anytime i want to leave,so i have been here for almost 2 months now and i am owing this Hotel Manager 500 in Euro which stands as a barrier between you and me for now seeing ourselves.

I really don't know why men are callous,and dangerous because i thought i could trust him as my client then his intention was to sleep with me and damage my life this is very big bullshit,but if you think you can help me out my dear,i could ask for the Hotel manager Information where you can send his money to and i have my Passport and then i can fly to you,should you be interested in this please send me your closest Airport and Home address where i can fly to immediately he has his money so we can plan ahead of time.Now you have the choice if you want me to be with you or not.

I Understand how you feel and i would feel the same way if i was in your shoe well i feel ashamed of myself i wish i had not leave the United state but that is destiny well i would not blame you even if you insult me well that is life but who know tomorrow we never can tell about your divorce i am sorry but most women are just lucky while some are not i have been hurt by men but i haven't married yet but i wish i had find the man who is ready to take good care of me and who will always be there for me in the up and down time cause i believe in life we should both help each other to make a great future.

Well i really would like to see us keep in touch and try to work things out i just ask God if he has send you to me as my right man and if you are the man i have been searching for i would beg of you not to think of whom i am and not to take me for a wrong lady i am not going to ever hurt you i do not play games i dislike head games and liars and i wouldn't do any of it i would be glad if you can keep in touch with me and let try and work things out together so we can come together soon.

I Hope i havent got your worked up,i cry anytime i remember this but then i am sure you are here to wipe away my tears....So Sunshine,i cant wait to hear from you soon because in you is where i am putting my trust and i just hope you wont as well betray me and make me regret loving you as my man.

Till i hear from you sweetheart,

Your Love,