Scam letter(s) from Anna Marshakova to Joel (USA)

Letter 1
Joel, I am sorry if I delay a little.. I didn't check my email box everyday but I will check it often now! Hope you don't forget about me still. Where are you from and what is your full name? My real name is Natalya. I hope we'll be friends anyway. I'm new member on dating so I even don't know what things I need to tell you. I am 28, single, never married, no children.
My height is 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) weight is 119 lbs (54 kg). I have hazel eyes and blond hair. I don't smoke. I drink occasionally red wine or champagne. I keep active life, like sport and outdoors. I have some hobbies such as reading and listening to music. I like cookery and knitting also. I love animals and children. As for my personality, I am calm and loyal, enough emotional and sensible. I am a Christian but not a strong believer. I attend church seldom.
I'd like to meet good man with kind soul and great sense of humor. I am family oriented person and my goal is to make happy family. I need support and understanding in my life. Decent, honest and caring are the things I am looking for. I am ready to become the fond and tender wife, good friend and partner. I am serious about my intentions and I am not going to play any games. Anyway I'm open for friendship and for dates also cause I'm single. I moving to the states and it will be approximately after a month. It will be end of April or start of May. That's why the location in my profile is U.S. I contacted you because the one of possible variations is my moving to your location. The employer affords the apartment for my living. I need to choose the location before moving and I like your profile so let's know better each other.
Please tell me a little about your city and your living. I want you to know I am from Russia and I'm in Russia now. Small settlement called Leykovo was place of my living and where I come from.
Are you ready for my coming??? Just kidding!!! Joel, I hope my appearance will be pleasant for you! I've attached four pictures for you. The first was taken at home about six months ago, other picture was taken about few months ago (from friends birthday at a cafe) and the next two pictures was taken in last autumn. Do you like nature? Sometimes I like to walk in a park or in a forest and spend all day for fresh air! Tell me about yourself and what do you think. I'll be glad to answer to your questions. I want to have your recent pics therefore do not hesitate to send it to me! Waiting for your reply. Natalya.
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