Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Belova to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Friend!
I should admit you, I have bought the computer one week ago.
I am not good in computers, and especially on the Internet.
The most interesting thing on the Internet - communications, communications with other people, with people all over the world. Friend you agree with me?
I think, the mankind should give the Nobel Prize to the person,
Who has thought over the Internet. It is remarkable!
The international dating is the most popular on the Internet,
And I have decided to try it versatily to develop my leisure
And consequently that my daily life became little bit grey. Possibly you ask - why the international dating?
I will answer with pleasure: because I from Russia. My village is Ronga.
I will tell to you about mine in other letter if you tell about yours... Now possibly you ask me - why I have chosen you?
Hm... because the Russian men not such interesting, not such clever,
Not such lifted, not such affable, not such fair as the European men.
From the reason some European men can be bad, but I hope you, Friend are not bad. I - a kind and the sympathising girl, and I am always ready to help those who requires the help.
Certainly I wish to meet the person with the same kind and fair heart
Which will appreciate love, will respect and trust the woman.
The trust has a huge value in relations between the person and the woman.
The trust demands time and efforts, it is very easy to destroy trust, and it is very difficult to restore it. Thanks which you have written me. It means, that you are interested in me. It is very pleasant to me. Unfortunately, in my city there are no men whom in a condition to love and appreciate female love.
There are only the cynics searching for a floor within one night.
They illegally touch women, especially when they drink *****.
Such person does awful things. It can strike the woman or the child, or even to fight very seriously.
At even sober men are not present any respect for women here.
They use many damnations in speech which is not characteristic to me, and it is not pleasant to listen.
I wish to have the decent person who can care of me and protect me from such kind of people which live in my city. Friend you live in the USA? I never was in other countries, only in Russia.
I was in Sochi two times. It is the warmest place in Russia. I think, men in other countries differ from the Russian men.
In other countries of the man in a condition to love beautifully.
I know English language very well or nearly so so.
I have studied English language at school and had the best marks.
You should write to me without errors, that I have understood each your word.
If you understand my words awfully, forgive to me.
I will try to write a way which you understand sense.
I already have written very much, and I hope Friend,
Which you did not become tired to read? If you have no, I continue.
My name is Yuliya. To me - 29 years. I was a burn on February, 10th.
My growth makes 168 centimetres, and my weight makes 56 kg.
I work in a beauty salon as the hairdresser I constantly in dialogue with new people.
My work is surprisingly interesting!!!
I have a daughter. I love it very much. I am lonely.
I live in apartment with one room. I rent apartment.
I was never married. I do morning exercises. I like to run in the morning.
I have everything, but I do not have any love. I feel lonely.
There is no person whom I can be happy.
And I have decided to meet love on the Internet. I would like you, have answered my questions.
Friend, what you search in the woman?
You have what features and inquiries to women?
What do you love in women?
I will wait for your letter.
I hope, that you soon will answer, and I will receive your answers.
Thanks for interest for me, and I hope, that my letter was pleasant to you.
I have tried much.
Yours faithfully Yuliya
Letter 2
Hi my dear Peter!!!!! Peter I am glad to see your letter. When I have seen, that you have written I have smiled.
I cannot get used to the computer, and the Internet. But I try. Peter I write letters to you 1-2 hours. And I feel pleasure from it.
Now I do not represent new day without your letter. I did not speak to you earlier, to like me your name. It is amusing.
And though we are divided by huge distance when I read your letters, it seems to me that you near to me.
I like to receive your letters and to read them. As you always in my thoughts, I like to write you letters, it is fascinating for me.
You write yours faithfully to me, and it very much is pleasant to me. I represent you when I read your letters, I represent, as you speak me your words from the letter.
We have much in common for interesting dialogue and conversation.
And I wish to tell to you, about the interests, leisure, an entertainment and how I like to spend free time from work.
Usually at leisure and days off I like to be engaged in equestrian sport. You sometime went for a drive on horses?
You simply do not represent what free person you feel when astride a horse you skip on an empty field.
This feeling of freedom. Very much to like me this feeling. At leisure I like to listen also to music and to read the books, you prefer what music??
I love weakening music, in style the priest, the country, a reggae, it is a little ?a, it is a little techno. I listen to various music, and all depends on mood.
I like to esteem in silent evening of the book as Russian and foreign writers.
My favourites are Turgenev, Pushkin, Dostoevsky. Tolstoy.
From foreign writers I like to read romantic poetry. Such the writer as the Edging, Yards Bradberry.
You read somebody from my favourites??? As I like to go on days off to cinemas when you went last time to a cinema???
Last film which has liked me, is Pirates of Caribbean sea.
You looked this film?? I have no favourites among actors of films. But I very much liked game Johnny Depa, in this film. I remarkably we spend time. I have a remarkable entertainment from walks.
At cinema, cafe or a bar.
I should tell to you, that I do not drink a lot of alcohol, it happens very seldom and usually I have pair of glasses of champagne or white wine.
And also I do not smoke. And you? You smoke? Peter, your friends know about me? What do they speak? I already miss under your letter. It it seems to me, want the majority of all women in the world. And what you want in the future how you see your life 3, 5 and 10 years later???
I wish you to ask one question which very much excites me, I not the jealous person. And I trust you. But I wish to ask you, whether I am valid the unique woman with whom you communicate?! I am very glad, that we continue our correspondence, and I hope, that we will develop our relations further.
I wish to ask you, and I hope, that my question has not offended you. It is interesting to me to learn about it.
I look forward to hearing from you!!! With impatience I will wait your letter!!!!
Yours Yuliya!
Letter 3
Hello My Dear Peter at all I do not know as to tell.
So it is glad when I receive your letters that I can not describe it words.
I have woken up today that my cat Murzik,
Purred and was tightened on my blanket. I told about it?
I have found it in the street and have stroked. More he from me did not leave anywhere.
Always went for me. And I took it home, Peter you love animals?
And what you love? Peter tell to me about the interests.
For example, I love ice-cream, simply I adore it.
I like the sea, the fresh wind and a rain in the street is pleasant.
I often went before on dances, I love, goes to the cinema.
I have a rest, when I dance, when I float. To me it is good.
But that would be desirable to enjoy this world together with whom.
With the beloved, for example. Peter As you think?
Peter you would like to dance with me? I am assured, that you well dance
And as you can learn to dance me even better. The truth???
Peter as you think, in what place you represent our first meeting?
It is interesting to me where you represent the first meeting.
I for example think that would be fine if we with you
Could will meet on the bank of the river or the sea.
Sat at a little table, about us there was a boat on which we have arrived,
And anybody about us was not. Only we with you. And anybody is more. How you think?
I went yesterday to Svetlana and we with it spoke about much.
She asks me now each time about you.
Transfers you the Hello's. To me to send regards for it from you?
I do not wish to leave, I wish to receive one more your letter.
I hope that tomorrow you will write to me.
I will as wait yours for new photos and letters.
Your Yuliya!
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