Scam letter(s) from Alena to Corrado (Italy)

Letter 1
Hi nice to meet you…
I would like to talk to you if you don t mind. I hope distance is not an obstacle.
I got your e-mail address from the dating agency Best Half in my town.
My name is Alena, and I am 27 years old. I live in town Usinsk in Russia. It is very far from you... have you ever heard about this town?
I am dental doctor by profession. What do you do for living?
I shall be waiting for your letter if you are interested to talk. I am looking for serious relationships.
Hope to hear from you soon. My e-mail -
Letter 2
Hi Corrado
I am glad to see your message today! I am sorry that I don't speak Italian at all. I translated your mail with a translator. I would really like to get to know you better. I believe the fact that we live in different countries is not an obstacle, right? It will be interesting for me to learn more about you.
I got your e-mail address from the dating agency in my town. They told me they took your e-mail from this site:
I have already told that i live in Russia in Usinsk. It is situated in the north of Russia. It is very small and cold town.
You know i work as a dentist. Sometimes when i tell people about that they get scared. I hope you won't. I just think this is usual work like teacher or engineer… I help people to get rid of toothache, to have normal comfortable life.
Now i live with my mom. My daddy left us almost 6 years ago.. it is hard for me to speak about that… he was ill for several years before that but when he died it was real shock for us… Nobody believed he would leave…
Ok I think that is all for now. If you get interested you will certainly write back to me soonest and I shall tell you much more about me. from my side I'd like to say that I am definitely interested to know more about you. Tell me something about your life, country. All that you consider necessary. And send me some recent photo. I send two my pictures now.
Good bye and hopefully till soon contact. Have a nice day.
Letter 3
Hello Corrado
I didn't expect to receive your reply so soon. But this is nice.
I am glad that you answered and my message was not lost in your mail box.
I didn't think that it is so easy to speak with someone from other country whom you even didn't see in person :) you know sometimes they say that it is easer to exchange confidences to someone whom you see for the first time than to your close friend… I don't know why. May be because you feel no commitment and can just tell what you feel. What do you think Corrado?
I am also very sorry to hear about your daddy! I can understand your feelings very well.
I know how hard it is to loose your dear person…
I don't think that difference in age is a problem. My daddy was 12 years old than my mom (almost like you and me :))). But they had a very long happy life together. I think it is even better for relations when a man is older than a woman. Then he knows what he wants out of life, he is wise and serious.. what do you think?
I am single. I have never been married and I don't have children. But I dream to create my own family.
Russia seems to differ so much from your country. Here in Usinsk we have harsh climate. In winter temperature falls to 55 degrees Celsius sometimes. And summer is too short.
Last summer I went to the Black sea. To the town called Sochi. It is Russia also but climate is so different from ours!!! I swam every day and became so tanned! What is the climate in your country?
I like traveling much. When you change surroundings and watch something new. When I don't go anywhere on holidays it is like I don't have rest at all. But when I travel somewhere even for a day or two I feel so refreshed.
I have never tried Jet Ski )
Corrado really thank you for e-mail and I hope to hear from you again soon.
I attach my photos for you.
Letter 4

Hmm Corrado I am pleased to see your letter today. I don't know why but I was sure that I open my e-mail and your letter is waiting for me :)
Thank you for your photos. I do like them )
And now I know how Jet Ski looks.
Today is hectic day at work. So many patients. My associate caught cold and today she has not come. So today I am alone to take all patients.
It seems I didn't tell you before that I am writing to you from work. I don't have internet at home. It becomes good habit to come to work and check e-mail firstly ))
You know yesterday I told mom that met you by internet. She was a little bit embarrassed. She told when she was young people could get acquainted only personally. But now computer gives such great opportunities doesn't it!! One of my friends likes to sit in internet all day round. She is accountant and use computer constantly at work. She placed her data in one of russian dating sites. It is only for Russians. And there she met her husband )) it is a true story.
You see I notice people changed much for the latest time. It seems they are always in a hurry, busy with their problems. When you go in the street you always see tired eyes and hurry. Sometimes I think it is sad that it happens because in hurry people risk to loose main things?May be that was the reason why I decided to try and meet man by internet. I thought here I won't see indifference ) Corrado, can you see what I mean ??))
I agree with you that relations must be based on trust and respect towards each other. people should try to listen to and understand each other in difficult situation.
You asked me where I see my life - in Russia or Italia. I think I can leave my country only if my partner lives in other place, and we have serious relations with him and want to be together.
I need to return back to work. I am in good temper thanks to your e-mail ))
On the one photo that I am sending I am with my close friend.
Letter 5
Good day Corrado
I am glad that everything is good by your side. I never thought before that I would wait for your letter with such excitement )) This is a good sign!
I am very sad to hear about your friend. Probable that woman from Russia was not honest? It is shame that Russians are involved in it. Corrado it hurts me that because of such people normal women can not find worthy men. And those who really have serious intentions are taken as cheats.
I am trying to be maximum open with you so that we can learn each other better.
Corrado I tried to enter the web-page that you gave me. but the orange picture appears and I can not go forward.
Thank you for the photos. Alex rules the plane by himself??? Is it so?
Landscapes are wonderful!
I like many hobbies at my spare time.
Yesterday I went to the gym. I go there twice a week. I'm trying to do so :)) When I get lazy my friend doesn't let me be weaken. And when she is lazy this is me who display fortitude.. Actually when you come to the gym you forget about tiredness and bad temper. And you leave all bad temper there. We are going in for aerobics. I love music. We do different dance movies/
Here many people start to go in for sport now. Many sport clubs appear. But the minus is that many of them are too expensive.
Also I like swim. But I can do it only in summer. Not too often unfortunately..
What are you interested in, Corrado?
You say you like to eat something tasty? Most of men like it ) My daddy liked meat dishes made by my mom. She cooks marvelous. I also like to cook. May be that is why I go to the gym regularly :)))
My favourite dish is meat ragout. We cook it on some special occasion.
I try to eat healthy. In summer salads of fresh vegetables. What do you like Corrado?
One of my friends always keeps diets. She is pudgy a little but I think she looks good so and she need not loose weight. But she isn't agree. And she always refuses from tasty things. Sometimes I think how difficult it must be. And you must have such strength of will!
On the whole I think that you just need to feel comfortable. And it doesn't matter if you have a few extra kg. what do you think?
I do not smoke. But I don't mind if a man smokes.
My height is 165 cm.
Good by for now Corrado. I don't want to say good bye but I know that soon I receive new e-mail from you. I am pleased )Take care. I wish you all the best.Alena.
Letter 6
Hello Corrado
I hope my e-mail will find you in good temper. To see yours is pleasure for me, you know.
This is already the part of my life?
I thank you for your new photos. What is the name of your dog? He is very nice. On the photo it is like he is smiling ))) He must be very kind.
Yes it would be great if we were not so far from each other Corrado. If we could just make an appointment and meet for a walk or a cup of tea :) We would be able to chat, to spend time together?
I am surprised that you cousin married a Russian woman. She is a model? It is really romantic story :) I am glad for them.
You know, Corrado, when I dream of my future, I often think that I want my family to be like family of my mom and daddy. I mean their relations and attitude to each other. You see when I remember the time when my daddy was with us, I even can not remember a day when my parents had quarrels or shouted.. May be they did not show it to me as I do not think it can be possible that people have no disagreements at all?
My daddy liked to fish. Do men in Italy do it? I remember he went early-early in the morning when it was still dark. Sometimes I went with him.
And when you sit near the river you shouldn't even speak because you can scare away fish :)
But daddy could sit without moving and wait for bite for hours..
I have many such precious remembrances from childhood.
Corrado I watched the movie in Youtube that you gave me. did you yourself invent that machinery BIP? ))) It must be probably very handy and comfortable!
Yes I would probably wish to join you in sport gym ))
I don't see anything bad if a man has a little extra weight ) It even suits him often.
What music do you like Corrado? I prefer different music depending on my temper. I like songs of Sting. Do you know him? My favourite are Shape of my heart, Desert rose. Also I like Madonna. Mostly not her old songs - You'll see, Frozen. I even don't know whether any Russian singers are known abroad.
I either do not have sisters or brothers. But I dreamt about them. Especially when I was a child.
Corrado write me soon please. Sometimes when I read your letters and write to you it seems like we are talking lively. It is so interesting. We were born and grew in different countries and even speak different languages but we have so much in common :)
I am sending you my photo, it was made in autumn last year.
I shall be waiting for your e-mail. Kiss you.
Letter 7
Hello Corrado
So nice to see your e-mail today. Why you can make me smile so easy? :)
Not everyone can do it. You see before we met I even didn't use e-mail. I have one of my friends living in other town. Her husband is on service and they left for Orenburg. Is far from here. Sometimes we write to each other and exchange photos. But it is so rarely. Now I am checking my post every time I have a chance!
Corrado I am so glad that you had nice rest and also you thought about me sometimes… This is so strange and special to me too. Because I often think what you are doing at the moment, what you think about…
The song that you wrote to me is so beautiful! It is like all about us… When I was reading it I was thinking of you.
Today a small girl had an appointment with me. she came with her mom. She needed to have a tooth pulled out. Oh how much I feel sorry for children.. she was crying so much. She was so afraid. But the most amusing thing was when I pulled her tooth and showed it to her. She thought I even have not started ) You see sometimes it happens that grown up people come to me and have fear not less than children )) and men ask whether it will be painful/ :)
Sometimes when parents come with their children to treat teeth, children recognize me and say they won't go to another doctor but not me. this is the most pleasant!
I have a number of constant patients who come only to me. because they trust my work. For me it is greatest value..
When I was small I dreamt to become actress. My favourite movie was Angelique, marquise of angels. Did you watch it? It was so popular here then. I admired Mich?le Mercier in that film. And I dreamt to be so beautiful as she and act in movies. What is your favourite film?
Corrado I believe it will be fantastic if we can meet in person. Yes I know this time would give much to us.. And probably we can teach each other many things also :) I will teach you to fish ))
I even don't know when I will have my holidays at work this year Corrado.
I have never been so far in my life…
Sometimes it seems to me I know you for ages.
I like to talk to you. It is so alive. Write soon please. I shall wait.
Letter 8
Good day dear Corrado! I was so much missing you at weekends! I was thinking of you. today as soon as my lunch break started I rushed to the computer to see your letters! I feel so relieved and calm now because I know that everything is fine with you…
I think I understand you very well when you say that you believe in God but don't believe in priests. I think I have the same position. I am Christian Orthodox. I was christened when a child and I used to go to church with my granny.
It was such a sunny day yesterday. I noticed that every day it is warm and sunny on Easter. i think that Ester is a family holiday. We baked an Easter cake with mom. This is traditional food on this day. Also when you come to your friends and relatives you need to bring with you easter egg. It is a coloured egg. When you boil it you put some onion peel into the water. Then is becomes red. And you say: Christ is risen! And your friends answer: He is risen indeed! It is like a tradition.
Before Easter all Christian religious people have long Lent. They keep the fast and refrain from all kinds of meat food, fish and milk. It is long and lasts for more than a month. I have never kept the fast. But I remember my granny had it every year.
Corrado I feel so special about us. I don't know why but I have such a calm feeling that there will be everything nice between us. I even can not explain it. I do wish to meet you in person. I also think it is not casual when two people from different part of the world meet each other.
Yes we would watch many many films together, just enjoy spending time together. I know it will be fantastic!
Do you speak seriously about coming to Usinsk? Yes I would try to find out about hotels here.
I work at the public dentistry. This is the state dental clinic.
Today I had a conversation with my director and he told me I would have holidays in May already. It is so soon! I feel spring in my heart.
That song that you wrote to me. it is so romantic and beautiful. I like romantic music and songs. When I am listening to them I am starting to think of myself, bring those words on my life.. and it often seems to me that the song is right about myself )
Corrado thank you for your nice photos. Your city is so beautiful. It would be fantastic to see all this beauty with your own eyes one day!
I miss you and I hope to hear from you soon.
You are in my heart :)
Letter 9
Hi my dear Corrado
Can you imagine I woke up this morning with thoughts about you. Yes, it is true :) Sometimes it happens that you have a very good dream at night but when you awake you do not remember it already. Do you have this? You don't remember what you saw in your dream but know that it was very good and do not want to get up ) And this happened to me today. I even didn't want to get up and closed my eyes.
And I hope that you also had nice dreams and all is good in your life..
Thank you for wonderful photos of Caserta! Wow I have never seen such beauty in my life! You say your mom and daddy got married there? it was so romantic I imagine!
I am glad that problems at your flat were not serious and you could repair it quickly.
Yesterday I went to my friend. Sadly it happens so rarely that we meet because we both work every day and live far from each other. But it doesn't hinder us to be close friends still. I know Katya since school. Often best friends appear in childhood.
Last year we went to Sochi with Katya. It was wonderful! We rented a flat and lived there for 10 days. We went to the beach every day and spent there many hours.
I went for a tour on the air buoy to the sea! Do you also have such amusements on the sea?! It was so fearful firstly but much of fun ) If you wish I will send you some photos from my rest at sea next time.
Corrado of course I shall be glad if we have a chance to meet in person. I would love it. I often think of it and dream of our first meeting. But I even don't know how we can realize it. I have never been abroad. I even don't know what is required for that. Probably it is not easy at all…
I wish to study Italian. May be I could go to some language courses. Just to get skills of informal speech? And may be then you will help me to improve it? What do you think?
I need to say good bye now but I don't want it Corrado. I love to talk to you so much..
I shall wait for your letter with anticipation.
Letter 10
My dear Corrado, I am here again to say hello to you and wish nice day. I am so glad to see your letter. It made up my day! What you are doing on the photos? Are you soiled with cream?? )) You must have had a lot of fun didn't you?
I like the photos on motorbike. They look cute!
Soon my friend will have her birthday. She invited me and some of other friends to cafe. I thought how wonderful it will be to go somewhere together with you one day :)
How was your day my dear Corrado? You see sometimes when I am talking with my friends about you, they ask: How can you understand each other so well? You have different mentality, different pace of life.
But can you imagine I do not feel at all that we are from different countries :) I can tell you anything and you understand me so well. It happens very rarely…
You asked me about my ideal man. Well I value some moral qualities much more than external. But if to speak about physical shape… Well i like when a man takes care of himself. When he is in good shape, careful. I like dark-haired men more than blonds. Hmm I don't know what to add.. Actually I am paying attention to emotional state much more like I said…
Corrado I shall be happy if we can meet and see that beautiful places together. That palace looks incredible! I have never seen such beauty in my life.
You are right Usinsk is a small and calm town. We don't have many places to visit here. It is more industrial town because we have oil plans here. Also the climate isn't attractive for tourists.
Do you know that in the year 2014 Olympic Games will take place in Sochi? :)
Like I promised I am sending you my photos from Sochi today.
We also feel very much economical crisis in Russia. Many people lost their job. It is very sad. And they started to delay monthly wage at my hospital. This is sad that usual people suffer from it most of all.
Yes Katya is my friend on the photo ) We are very close with her since school time.
I will go home now. My working day is almost over.
I want to cook something tasty before mom comes from work.
I wish I could cook something special for you one day :)
Letter 11
Good day dear Corrado
I have my lunch break now. Despite it is Sunday, I have my working day today. My colleague with whom we work knows about us. She suggested going to the shop during the break but I decided to spend this time with you. She told me that virtual romance changed me ) I don't like when she says virtual romance. For me it is something special, much more than that.
Mom also told lately that I have changed. It's as if they are in collusion to say this ) Mom told that I became more cheerful and always smile. May be she is right :)
Thank you for new photos. The place really looks very nice and beautiful.
I shall write your address down to paper to take with me. Here is my address:
Parkovaya street 4a-74.
Are you really going to come to Usinsk? It would be wonderful. I am sure you will like it here. Also it is getting warmer day by day. I will tell my mom. I know she will also be happy :)!
I shall try to find out about hotels here.
Corrado I often dream of family life when we shall live with my husband. Family is like quiet home for me when woman and man take care of each other. Man is the head of the family. But wife brings warmth, coziness and comfort… I dream about quiet evenings, nice family weekends. I feel lack of it all now..
I am pleased that you like my photos :)
Today I got permission to leave work earlier. I am going to walk along the shops and pick out a present for my friend. I want to find something unusual for her.
Dear Corrado I hope you have nice weekends.
You are special to my heart.
Letter 12
Good day my dear Corrado
Here is me again. My dear, I feel such roughness now.. I just saw how a car knocked down a woman in the street. Yes it was not far from the hospital. I was going by trolleybus and suddenly a car overtook us and brought down the woman right on the footpath! It was terrible. Corrado I till now can not imagine how it happened. The woman rushed along and then she fell. It was right in my eyes.. Fortunately she survived?I can not imagine what would be if she would die. And the driver in that car appeared to be *****. He was about to fall when he left his car.
Dear Corrado it is so terrible. People can not be defended from such crazy people.
They toughen laws of traffic violation in government but all seems to be senseless.. And nothing can help?...
I just can imagine Corrado how it is hard for any person to loose his nearest and dearest. When you love someone you can give your life for your dear person..
Ok I shall try to forget it sooner?Thank you for your nice photos. Your house is very beautiful and cozy :) Everything is done with good taste. You must feel very easy and comfortable at home after a working day :) I am laughing now when I am trying to imagine your mom who suspected that something was wrong ))
Yes it would be fantastic to watch some interesting movie together with you on your big TV one day!
Corrado I often think what you can do at the very moment. May be you have dinner or talk to your friends.. I would love to be close?
I am going to my friend's party today.
My hot kiss for you. Alena.
Letter 13
Good evening my dear Corrado
I just thought how wonderful that I have you in my life. And your letters Corrado are not just letters for a long time already. It seems I was sleeping before and I awoke in a fairy tale :)
You told me that you were thinking much before writing to me this time. Can you please tell me what did you think about? Do you have any doubts within yourself? Please share with me your thoughts. It is important to me.
Corrado I had a conversation with the head doctor at work. He told me that I would have my holidays at the end of May this year. This is so soon already…
My friend's party was nice. We went to the caf?. And it was really cool because I finally met my friends whom I missed but we didn't see each other due to our work and other affairs. In caf? there were musicians who played alive music. Do you like it Corrado? They sang songs by guitar.
And then after all they switched on karaoke. And everyone who wished could choose his favourite song and sing it :))) It was much fun when some man ( not from our company of course) started to sing. He was rather *****. And it was far from art but rather laughingstock )))
Corrado I hope you also had a nice day.
You have such a beautiful house! Corrado did you put the dalle by yourself? You did it very neatly. And you have very beautiful taste! It is very nice. Thank you very much for the photos.
I am sending you some photos from birthday party today.
Corrado please write me soon. I miss you. I would wish to be close to you now..
I hope you have nice evening tonight…
Your Alena.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Corrado
This is my favourite time during a day - to sit in calmness here and write to you. During the day I am just dreaming about these happy minutes. I have you somewhere very deep in my heart and for me it is sacred… yes we had our month anniversary :) I was also thinking about it lately and thought how nice it was to meet you in my life…
Thank you so much for nice photos from Cuba. I heard that they have wonderful beaches in Cuba? Also heard that life of people is not easy and till now there are a lot of problems.
Corrado thank you for your nice photos about my photos ) This is so pleasant for me to hear your compliments…
I am sorry that sometimes translator does mistakes and we can not understand each other properly. But I am sure that when we are finally together, we shall understand each other much better. Because it is easer to speak when you look in the eyes of a person. What do you think?
As for me I do not have a strong voice. And I do not sing karaoke. Also I am a little bit shy for that…
Yesterday in the evening I watched the film on TV. It was the old Russia movie that was called 'Moscow doesn't believe in tears'. Have you ever heard about this film? Many years ago this film got Oscar. It was the first Russian movie that got Oscar. May be you could hear about it? I have seen this film several times. Perhaps every Russian person watched it for several times. This film is about woman's happiness. The main idea was that the happiness for a woman is not in her career, not in work. The woman's happiness is in her close man, in person whom it is so difficult to meet and so easy to loose.
And I was falling asleep this night thinking about you. I thought that may be you thought about me too…
The song that you wrote is very beautiful! May be translator distorts the words a little but it is very beautiful!
Corrado I would love to meet you in person so much. Yes I think it would be fantastic if we have a chance to meet in May.. But how we can organize it? Probably this is not easy.. I have haver travelled abroad in my life.
I almost forgot to say hello from my mom. You know she also thinks of you and wishes happiness.
I embrace you passionately.
Your Alena.
Letter 15
Corrado, my dear here is me again. What would I wish now is that the distance from Usinsk to YOU was small. And we could just make some steps towards each other.
First of all I want to say that I am so sorry to hear about your dog! Yes I know that he was probably like a member of family for you.. I know what it means - to have a pet.. We used to have a cat. She was old already and she died. It was so sad to all our family… We all suffered so much. And since that time I didn't take pets any more…
I am so glad to see your letter. Now I am sitting here near the window. And it is open because it is warm today. And I see children from kinder garden who have a walk now :) sometimes I like to sit here and watch them. They are so small and nice.
Corrado I am so pleased that you had a dream of you and me together. You are romantic )
How are you today? Today I got up very early in the morning. And I decided to walk to work but not go by trolley bus. It was nice walk. In the morning it is cold but the air is so fresh. It was even a little dark then. Nature was so beautiful, it was like everything awoke from winter dream.
Sometimes I like to stay alone and think about something pleasant. I like to dream and imagine something.. it is all about us Corrado. You would say I am romantic? :) May be it is so.
You speak with such love about Kuba. Probably it is really worth seeing…
I have seen the sea only once in my life. It was the Black sea.
Corrado of course I would dream to travel to you. I would wish to see your life, everything what surrounds you. but I am not sure it can be possible for me. I think that traveling to other country is a very expensive thing. What do you think of traveling to Usinsk? Is that possible for you Corrado?
Yes the main character of the movie I told you about has dark hair. I like the film. My mom cries every time when she watches it )
I shall keep your telephone number. Here is my number: +7987-714-81-16. I would love to hear your voice…
I shall be waiting for your letter.
I kiss you very passionately! Take care my dear. Your Alena.
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