Scam letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Louis (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Hon,
Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me beautiful.
You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me.You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a man like you. Please forgive me for not giving you enough time to chat with me, but I promise I will make up for it once we are together.All that I can offer you is a family. I can offer you a family that will stick together through the good and the bad. I can offer you a family that will support each other every day. Honey, that's all I can give...I hope that’s what you want. I really wish that you were near me. I wish that I could just call your name when I needed you and that you would be there.
However, knowing that you love me so much is enough for now, and if I can be your wife and a mother to your children, then I would wait forever to be with you.
Letter 2
thank you so much for the lovely mail you sent me **** i want you to know that am not the kind of girl that come online to scam all my life i have been searching for the rigth man to love me for whom i am and i want you to know that all the pics i sent to you was taken by my frd Cathy she stay with me some times due to what happen to my mum she has been staying with me and am so sorry to hear about your frd who they scram on money well **** do you know that it takes a long time to find the right one and when you find the right one plz don't lose her all i wanted from you is your true love and honest and a mother to your unborn **** i want you and need you in my life plz don't break my heart
Letter 3
When I first talked to you I felt like I had known you forever, telling you my problems and what I didn't want ever. You listened to meI bet you thought I'd never end, who would have thoughtwe would be the best of friends. Over a period of time,I got to know the real you. A guy so charming and gentle,with a heart so true. I kept my head up high, and then you came my way. I have been hurt so many times. My heart filled with so much pain. but now that pain has gone away. For I have found a place I want to be.
This place I see is with thee. For in your arms I have felt and seen, a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe. A safe heaven in your arms just for me. Now I give my heart to thee.
For my heart believes in you.
Letter 4

my love good evening how was your days going on today to be honesty i missed you so much you know i told you that am sick a liltle but am fine now i think we can chat latter jkust tell me when you can be online for em in my time here ok i love you so much bye for now
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