Scam letter(s) from Kimmy Japanusa to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

how are you doing thanks for sending me a mail , i really do appreciate it . i saw your profile and i liked it you look really good and guess it is the way u write that makes you look sweet ,.but dear it is a pity i have found my self in these type of situation and makes me feel real bad , as i write to you i am in a hospital in nigeria and when i tell the story or think about it . i feel like also commiting sucide cos it looks a s if the word has come to an end and my whole life is washed away. my dad and all the family relocated to africa nigeria because of the kind of business he is into and i would have stayed back but because of my curious and dude boyfriend who had no care on me i lleft with the family and as we got to the airport on our way to the hotel we were to lodge an accident occured which claimed the life of my parents and brother . dear i am now in the hospital seeking help from you . i owe the hospital $750 and need you to help me out in these teribble situation i am into now. dad sold out the house cos we were all leaving and now when i get back i don't know were to even stay
please helpme out and i would really show you that appreciation
Letter 2

hi thanks for ur reply i have sent three of ma pics i just hope u will help me out this is how u can send the money to the doctor by western union money transfer receivers mname; alex mayor
country; nigeria
state; lagos
text question; what is my favourite colour
answer ; yellow
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