Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Borosiva to Saran (India)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Saran !!!! I very much also am very happy to receive your letter. Every day I become happier, from that that I have you.
That I have a man on which I I can to rely. And to which I can will entrust. And it is very important for me. Because I wrote to you earlier, that the trust would be very important that in relations.
Even if these relations simply friendly. And I trust you. Also I would want that you as trusted me.

Saran, As I already wrote to you, I search only for serious relations. You know, I do not remember I spoke to you or not. But I have removed the profile from that site of acquaintances. Because I think, that it is not correct if I communicated with other men. As I would like to learn, whether you communicate with other women? If you communicate with other women please and tell I all I will understand.
As the bitter truth, than sweet lie "speak at us" better. To me important it is the nobility. Because I think, that we need to be fair with each other. I with you am completely fair. I have nothing to hide before you. I send you one more my photo. Also I hope, that it as is pleasant to you. I with impatience will wait for your answer, my dear Saran. I finish the letter. Yours faithfully Elena

Letter 2

Hello my dear Saran!!!how are you darlig? i hope you have good mood.
I have very good day and very good mood.

Today, when I have woken up, I have thought of you. Then I was on work. Also you know, all the day long I thought of you. And it seemed to me that strange. Because I never saw you in a real life. But I already think of you. With me such never was. As I already spoke to you, I never got acquainted through the Internet. And it is pleasant to me that I communicate with you. But I did not think, that I will be so is strongly keen on you. And it surprises me. You completely understand me. It is pleasant to me that you seriously concern me. I hope, that I as like you. And consequently I will ask you a question, I like you? Tell to me please as you concern me? My dear Saran, I with impatience will wait for your answer. Yours faithfully Elena



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