Letter(s) from Ekaterina Turusinova to Peter (Holland)

Letter 1

I have written today you already three letters, I hope that you have received them.
Probably I very much set too many questions, if you not against, I would like to learn about you on better.
It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. And to you, I hope, it was pleasant to learn about me more.
Under your letter I see, that people everywhere identical, and there is no distinction of what country there will be my future person.
The god who created this world, it did not create geographic border so I do not see any distinction.
I know that when at me will appear my unique loved persons then I shall move to him in any place in this world.
I sure, that good peoples may live in any place, is especial when they like together.
I shall try to write something about me which might be interesting to you, and only to a thing which I want to inform you.
And if you will want to ask me something, be not afraid to ask. I always have only two choices, when whom - that asking me something:Answer fairly or to not answer.
I never shall be to you Lie; I shall answer you always your questions sincerely. I shall finish on it this letter and I hope to see your letters today or tomorrow.
I shall wait from you for the answer. Yours Ketty.