Scam letter(s) from Anna Marshakova to Noslen (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Noslen! My lovely and pretty friend! Yesterday I talked with my parents about you and they're glad that I know someone from place where I will live and work soon! They say "Hi" to you!!! Today I was in many places for getting additional documents for entering the United States. Do you know that your country is very demanding? I brought the education certificates, biography, medical tests and individual tests in job agency because the employers need in all these papers. I guess you don't imagine how many operations I've done. Every day I need to do things for coming because the time is come and I will arrive after few weeks. I don't know the direct place of my job still but I know the city and my future salary. I want you to know the agency will book the ticket from Moscow to New York and then the agency in New York transmit me to my employer in Hollywood Florida. I will learn all details in New York City when an aircraft deliver me there. I will earn about 120 thousands of dollars per year with perspective. It is a lot more than Russian salary. I will have money advance about 6 thousand of dollars after my coming to your city and writing my contract with employer! I guess it's fantastic conditions!!! What do you think? The conditions of contract are very simple. I have the contract with agency here in Russia, they do all paperwork including visa for job and I must to pass the tests and be healthy. They pay also for my ticket to New York city and then the american office will give me all papers for my employer and bring me there. All this called AMA personnel program. I've asked several time why I don't need to pay for it and agency manager told me that employer pay for all these things like paperwork, flights and agencies cost. What if an employee couldn't work and they said me that everyone like me is assured in underwriter and the employer won't lose money anyway. Also I interested why do they all these things for russians and they told me that russian doctors are very professional and it's cheap manpower. So I am a program member! Today's pitures very interesting for you I hope. It was taken last summer. One picture from my friend's birthday. Others Black Sea and summer walk. Ok, I need to go and I'm a little tired today, I will wait for your email. Please tell me all what you think, ok?
Your lady-friend Natalya.
Letter 2
About one hour ago I received the main documents granted me to leave Russia and entering United States. I'm so happy today and decided to send you a short note! I don't know how to explain my feelings right now but I am truly excited.. After day or two I will have a meet with agent. I will know the exact date of flight and all the details. I will inform you soon. I've attached a scanned copy of visa. How am I look? A little serious but I like my view.
What do you think about my first foreign document? Hope you like it too!
Thinking of you, with love, Natalya..
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