Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Stepanova to David (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

Greetings my love Dave!!!! So it is pleasant to Me to see your words of love!!!!!!! I am pleased directly as the child, I sit in the Internet of cafe and I smile! From people it seems it is ridiculous, but I am glad, glad that you love me, that you write me such dear words!!!!
In fact I too love you!!!!!!!
Mine Dave, to me spoke in travelling agency that on all all to be necessary for me 30000 roubles, it approximately 769 euro, I ask you to send me 700 euro, 70 euro I shall borrow the rest from mum.
My love, I think that in 10-12 days after I shall begin to cry money in travelling agency I shall be at you!!!!!! I love you!!!!! I wish to appear now already at you!!!
In travelling agency to me spoke the list of documents and information which are necessary for a trip, this list is necessary to you? I can send you the list of documents..
Dave, my most dear person on all white light, washing the strongest love in my life!!!! I spoke with mum much and now it is almost quiet...
My dear, nevertheless as your business, speak me please, it is interesting to me to know all and still I experience, whether all is good at you?
I LOVE YOU!!!!! Write to me soon, I wish to be all time with you, and to learn you still and even better!
With love, only yours Evgeniya!!!

P.S. My love if I shall be in time I in the evening I shall come to the Internet of cafe, to look your letter. Answer me soon. I love you!



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