Scam Letter(s) from Lily Yu to Bjarne (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Honey, I would like to seek your help, I do not know what to say, but I really have no way to think about to need your help, i get a call my mother got ill and required hospitalization, but my body just had no money, I can not help her treatment, treatment of late I am worried that she would be dangerous, I would like to borrow money from you, I hope you do not think I'm presumptuous,
If you lend me 1000 dollars(any money is ok ), I will return in time to meet you, please? Please, my dear ,

I do not know in what ways can the international transfer maybe this:
My paypal account is This is my shop workers account, I borrowed an employee's account with the

If you can not help me, and I can understand, I can think of other ways, like you, kiss you.



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