Scam letter(s) from Daria Bogomolova to Richard (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear and beloved Richard!
How your affairs? I wait not up to waited that moment when we can meet with you, embrace each other strong strong, to glance each other in eyes and to tell: " Hi beloved, you are that I searched for all life, you are that I waited for all life. " I grieve without you, your letters, without your love. Expectation of love is pleasant and difficult for my heart. On the one hand it is pleasant for me to think, that I at last have found the love, on the other hand it is very difficult to wait for our meeting, torment itself various ideas, trying to present, that you are doing, that you now feel. I hope on our fast meeting. I LOVE YOU!!! I AM READY TO TELL IT to ALL WORLD:
I LOVE YOU!!! I with impatience wait for the answer. And now I should go my love.
with love, your Darya
P.S. Give me please number of mobile phone.
I shall send you SMS from phone and you can call me back.
Letter 2
Hello my Richard!!
I hope that you have nice weekend! I wish to tell once again to you that is necessary for me for travel to Australia approximately 2000 USD. The sum enters Into this all documents and the air ticket there and back.
I called in agency of travel to learn the information about which you me asked. The manager of agency has told that you cannot pay for my documents as agency money only at that person with whom the contract takes concluded, differently at agency will be a problem with tax police. Also they do not accept payment a credit card because there was a case earlier when for their services have paid credit a card and the holder a card did not know about it and then the agency returned money and process of manufacturing of documents has begun also agency suffered the loss, now they accept only cash from that person with whom the contract is concluded. I hope that you have correctly understood me.
I too have no bank account because never it used.
In our city the premiere of new film today begins. It is a comedy.
At work today the director gave us tickets at cinema! I have 2 tickets at cinema.
I can take with myself the girlfriend. I so wanted that At cinema with me there might be you! To me it is very sad, that you are now far also I can not To invite you at cinema with me. I hope, that is fast when I shall arrive to you, That we shall go with you at cinema! You want to go with me at cinema and to observe film, my Richard?
I would be very glad to this! I love you and I would like to speak you it Each minute. Your heart and mine soon will a Together and we shall feel a rhythm of heart!
Well, I shall finish this letter. I wish you good day.
Only yours forever, Darya
Letter 3
Hello mine loveliest the person Richard!!
I hope, that you it Is good. I am pleased to study, it Can help me. I am pleased, because will transfer some time, and I can Embrace you. I very much would like to speak with you and to see yours The person, I very much have many things in a head about which I want To you to inform. I hope, that it will be interesting to you to listen To me. I have many questions about which I want to study from You. I think, that you also have many things which you would like To speak me. I am pleased, that it is fast, we shall have enough time to have a Society the friend the friend. I am very pleased, that you can to help me with payment of documents, Reception of the visa and the passport for travel abroad. I today went down in Documents of Agency for arrival you, my love also has ordered.
To me have told, that my documents will be ready in 7-10 days.
My visa will be valid 3 months. What is the time I shall be at you?
I consulted in Agency as better
To receive a remittance to Russia, to me have told that to the most good and safe The way will transfer a remittance through the Western Union.
If you agree on me the help You can do it through the Western Union. If you will help me with your remittance You can send it to me under this information.
Name: Darya
Surname: Bogomolova
Country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
Adress: Lenin str. 41-44, index 428000 When you will send your help to you, you will give 10 codes of number which can inform.
I want to inform, that without it 10 numbers will code, I can not receive your translation.
Also I should know the full information concerning you: your full name and a surname, yours Full home address. A favorite, write to me, and inform me please ideas.
I hope, that you also have great pleasure and expectation from all they Things. I love you. Your Konfeta Darya
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