Scam Letter(s) from Rita Malaciat to Keith (USA)

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Letter 1

Thanks for the mail as it made me feel so special,wanted and loved by u and sorry for my late reply as i had little problems thinking it was something i can handle but just found out that i cant myself within this short period of time..ok..just got back from the field and realized that i purchased more than expected.My flight is billed for Sat 6 Mar 10 23:50,I should be in Charlotte (Douglas, North Carolina, USA)by Sun 6 Mar 10 22:05..ok.Keith my Soul mate after paying for my ticket the sum of USD 1,628.40 ,i am only left with $700.00 and my Hotel bill is $1,000.00..I will appreciate it if you can help me pay the $300.00 to the Hotel manager because I wont be allowed to leave this Hotel if I do not pay..This is the details on how to send the balance

Name: Rita Malaciat

Address:Shamil hotel,101 terhan street.



Let me have the following details when you are done with the transfer via western union money transfer.
Senders full name and address:
Amount sent:
Text question:
Answer to the text question:

Hun i hate to beg but i dont have a choice and anywhere else to go to for help...will pay u back as i asked my customers to make payments to me as soon as i arrive the States..ok.I will let u know the clothes i will be putting on so u dont have to stress urself looking out for me at the airport.ok..cant wait to be in ur arms finally after all this suspense.
Ur Soulmate,



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