Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Justin (England)
Letter 1
Hi Justin! Thank you for answering my first small message to you, I was waiting for your answer. I am glad to start our communication! You know I am very much excited to write you today. I hope that we can share a great deal of feelings, values and qualities. I know that this will enable us to get to know each other much better and bring us closer together... Can you please send me your pictures? I will tell you something about myself, so that you would know me better. Not much but what can fit in one letter :) So, I was born and still live in the village called Jubilejny, it is in the East of Ukraine near Lugansk. All my life I was fond of dances, music and it affected the choice of my profession, I became choreographer. I like to dance, I like to feel the music and to feel so free and wild when I dance! Several years ago I worked in small dances school, but it was closed because owner decided to sell to some reach people who wanted to open restaurant on it’s place. I lost my work...several months I could not find anything, I was at home in hard depression and was feeling really bad. Once my girl friend proposed me to go to the skating rink to skate, it was my first time and not the last one!
There I saw advertisement it was needed ticket collector, it was not well paid and good job, but anyway it was better than nothing! I started to work as ticket collector, when I had free time I was skating, I liked it so much, and I learned it very good! After 2 years of work as ticket collector, I finally found work as choreographer.
Now I work in the fitness center and teach people to dance. But skating became my favourite hobby and when I get possibility and free time I go to skate. I like life but I lack someone to share it with. I am ready to create a family and was waiting for that special man in my life... But finally I gave up waiting and decided to search for him by myself. I didn't have success with men in my country as sometimes I think we have different view on marriage. I believe that marriage is most sacred and beautiful. There are too many men who regard marriage as a burden and obligation, they really have no desire to go home to their wives and most of them think that marriage is obstacle to their freedom. I have the opposite belief, I believe in love and marriage, I believe in wanting to come home to my husband and living life together. There is much to be gained from this, but you have to believe in it... I hope I did not scare you off and you are not tired to read me. I will be very glad to hear from you again and to know you better. Tell me about your dreams, do you realize them? Take care!
Letter 2
Hello Justin! I opened my mail box today and found letter from you, thank you for answering me, believe me it is very important for me. I really hope that you are as serious as I am and we are looking for the same in this communication. Justin,I have so many thoughts in my head right now, so I even don’t know from which one to start. I don’t want to bore you with many details, so I will tell you now a bit more about my life, and if you have any questions, please ask me. It will ease our communication and I think it will be interesting. How do you think? I have usual family, me, my mother, my father and my brother. Also, I have a lot of relatives, but they all live in another town, we communicate I think enough often. My mother is seamstress, and she still sews and has some clients. She sews clothes for me, I think it is much better when she can sew for me and I will not need to buy anything. Also, it is cheaper and such clothes are special, they are made with love and care by mother. My father works in police, he is investigation officer and now works in police, but next year he is going to retire on a pension. My brother lives in Crimea in Yalta, he works on boats, he is mechanician. Unfortunately I see him only in summer when we go to the vacations on the Black sea. I love very much my family and I appreciate everything my parents have done for me. I know that they are the most important people in my life and the greatest example for me. Maybe you are curious to know how I am going to leave my family if I love them so much? Honestly, I asked my self this question a lot of times. I know how hard it will be, I know that I need to have great courage for this, I need to be strong. I want to have my own family, I want to be happy and if my destiny is waiting for me in another country, I will leave my home and will start my life from new page with him, my special and only one...I love children very much, and of course i want to have my own children,they are like sunshine in our life! So, I hope we stay in touch and get to know each other better and better! Tell me please, what will be when you find your woman? As I understand you will need to meet with her, so how are you going to do it? Do you know that it takes a lot of time and money to bring your woman to you in your country? are you ready to spend a lot of forces, time and emotions to become finally happy? Take care! Neli
Letter 3
Hello I am sorry, but why you think that i need something from you?Why you talk about some cash?Justin, i am sorry but i think you have paranoia, i did not ask you for anything, but you already think that i think you would send cash. Who told you this?where you saw it in my letter?Justin, i only needed to know your intentions and if you realize that to marry woman from another country takes a lot of time, forces and money. I did not mean at all you send cash. And i don't understand what for to send cash and where to send it?? Neli
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