Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Thomas (Ireland)
Letter 1
Hi Guy!!!
I saw your profile on a dating site under the name lavaplace.
There it has been written that you search for the woman for friendship and serious relations.
It is valid so?
I too search for myself for the friend!
Here it is not a lot of about me: My name is Margarita to me of 26 years and I search for the man approximately 26-60 I consider that it is the most suitable age for me.
If I have interested you that I will be very glad to answer your letters.
Thus if we are in touch with you that further our relations will be more than simply friendship!!!
I will look forward to hearing from you. Margarita
Letter 2
Hellooooo!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to see your answer! I waited your letter very much!
My name is Svetlana.
I never had correspondence before, but very much wish to get acquainted with you!
I write to you from the city of St. Petersburg. It is one of the most known and beautiful cities of Russia. I am assured, that you heard about this city?
To me 28 years. I romantic woman, which sincerely trust, that all the best still ahead! )))
I am single now and would like to find the good friend.
It seems to me, that you are surprised?)))))))) I always dreamed to visit your country and next month plan to travel for rest. I very much like to travel, but never was in your country. Therefore I search for the good friend to waste time together.
Well, it is a little about me.
I was never married and I have no children.
I am the high blonde with light blue eyes. You like blondes?)))
I have put for you some photo and I hope that they like to you!
Almost all my life passes in St. Petersburg and enjoy it. It is very beautiful city and much foreign tourists visit it .
I shall be very glad, If we shall be friends! :) I plan to receive month of rest from work, and I would like to visit your country as the tourist. I never travelled so far, and it will be very interesting to me! I would like to get acquainted with good man for serious.))) I always dreamed to live in other country, but long time did not think of it. But in due course I have understood, that I really want it!
First I wish to travel for rest one and is possible in the future to move to live abroad and to build the new future.
I speak on English well, but my grammar leaves much to be desired. I hope that you understand all that I write?))))))
I studied English at school and constantly improve the skills.
You could be convinced, that I speak really well, but unfortunately I have lost my phone and I can not call yet.
I shall be very glad, if you will write more about yourself in the following letter!
You are very interesting to me and I would like to learn you better!
Certainly I shall wait your photos too! Have good day! Margarita P.S
I use the Internet recently, and I do not have special programs(such as msn messeanger), and to this I cannot be on the Internet very for a long time..
I cannot frequently write my dear I want to communicate with you through yahoo messenger but I really don't know how to use it because I used the internet recently and for me more comfortable communicate through Email,
Also I happen is occupied by the work, sometimes simply there is no time for me to check up your letter, I am really not so familiar with the Internet and I do not know all features of the Internet
Letter 3
Hello my friend!
How there is your day? Margarita it was a pseudonym my present name Svetlana.
I am very glad to read your new letter!
Today excellent day and I am filled by energy!
Correspondence with you is very interesting to me and I with pleasure write the new letter for you!
I wish to tell to you more about me and my life!
I very cheerful person and I am constantly happy to all that occurs in my life! I sincerely trust, that our life not game and only on us depends what will be! )))) I already spoke, that I am single and is opened for all new!
You already saw my photo and can present a little as I look.))))
My growth 172 cm and my weight - 54 kg.
I was born in the city Velikie Luki on April, 16th 1981.
All my childhood has passed in this city. Now I live in St. Petersburg. I am the one child of my parents, therefore they very much love me.))))
My parents live in Velikie Luki now. They already very old, but their life always was the sample for imitation. I very much love them and I try to visit more often. My parents have study me to all good, that I am able in a life! I am very grateful that they have presented me this life!!!!!!
I have moved to St. Petersburg, when have left school. I have received education of the confectioner and now I work in grocery branch.
I live in St. Petersburg more than 7 years. At me a small apartment in which I live. Now I work in confectionery factory as the master. I love this work very much! Certainly the most part of my time it is devoted to work, but I use a free time as much as possible fun and useful.
Some times in a week I go in for sports to have a good figure and health. Usually I float and fitness. It already became a good habit and brings great pleasure for me! At me many good friends and we often waste time together. I do not like to sit at home one! In my city many good place for walk, rest and entertainment. I and my friends often go to cinema, theatre, cafe, clubs or simply we enjoy walks on open air.
I love cinema very much! Especially I love comedies and animation! To me was very much remembered film " Yes Man " with Jim Keri!!! I looked it some times!)) You looked this film? Corporation of Monsters or Monsters VS Aliens? It is funy animation similar to the Glacial age or Madagascar!
It ` s very much funy!
Now excellent weather and in the evening I am constant outside of the house. I like to go on rollers very much! Often in weekend we go with friends for picnic! I love the nature very much! My the most favourite animal it is a dog, but I cannot in any way dare to get to it!)))) Do you like dogs?
At me very cosy apartment and I very much like to prepare. I can prepare almost for any dishes main, that someone has eaten it.)))) Therefore my friends often come to me on a visit!
As I have already told, the main thing for me a healthy way of life, therefore I do not smoke a cigarette. I heard that many foreigners think, that Russian drink much vodka! Certainly it not so though, but is a share of the truth. I do not drink vodka and I prefer little bit good wine. But only when there is a company and a toast.)))
I would like to learn more about you! It is really interesting to me! I would like to investigate you better, before I travel to your country. I wish to have month of rest and to see all the most interesting! Now I do not have exact plans, but when I learn all, you will be the first, whom I shall inform.)))))
To me it is very pleasant, that my photos have liked you!)))
Certainly I wait your new photos too! Take Care Yours the friend Svetlana
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