Scam letter(s) from Violetta Shestack to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Dear,my new friend!
I like your profile and want to communicate with you,if you are also ok, you will do a right choice, and you will understand that I’m special woman, serious, mature, and I’m searching for true feelings in my life, i wish to have a family who will be unique in our desires and ideas.I am nice woman who know how not only to take love, who know how to give love)))My name is Violeta, or you can call me simply Viola, i am from Ukraine, Kharkiv.I’m45 years old. I am divorced and have no children! I am looking for my special partner, just there is empty space in my heart which wants somebody special and caring, and also there are some scars. But Past will always remain Past and we should look in Future, am i right???
Can you describe yourself in a few sentences in such a way i understand your inner world, ok???
Your Violeta.
Letter 2
Dear,Bill!!! Thank you for your answer! I’m glad you answered me!And do your sons live with you???This is very nice that your family is important to you my dear!!!So you was an alcoholic and now you get up drinking, yes??? No dear i think you are very strong man this is very important that you get up, you should be very strong and nice, i am proud of you!!!Why you take care about people more than about you??? I see that you you nice and honest, I hope, man, I like your letter, I really see that you are interested in me. I want to be honest with you I met some man in Internet, but they leave me with broken heart, and this is difficult, that's why I want to be very careful in future. I visit one man from USA, we wanted create a family, but when I lived with him for some time, I see how rude and strict he was with me, not so nice as in letters and this made me pain, when I want to leave him, he tried even to beat me, oh there was difficult relationship, I am sorry I tell you this everything, just I want you know why I am a little careful in Internet, i even don't want to communicate again here, but now I'm again here, and hope to find very good man!!! I’m very nice and mature and open, and very easy going woman and I want in every letter you see that I am ineresting and for you it will be never boring with me! I’m imaginative woman. I’m beautiful, I think I have a natural beauty and I always try to put me in form, going to gym and swimming! I am very easy going and never stand on ceremonies! I have a Big Heart! I have a niece Luiza with whom I like to spend time and I am her favourite aunt, we are the best friends, but I have no my own childre, have no opportunity in life to have children, but always wanted! I work in the Salon of Beauty , so like to be a beautiful)))I have some interests! I like have a nice time with friends, I like to play bowling and to skating, do you like? I like sometime to go to cafes to drink tea and have some talks with my friends! I don’t like to be have lovely days and nights, but for the last year I have only such nights:-((( Dear, next time I tell you some more about me!!! And I wait you will tell me more about yourself, and your interests!!!
Send me your photos!
Kiss you! Viola!
Letter 3
Thanks dear, that you get a chance to answer me it is nice to receive all your letters! They help me to forget some difficulties that I have, to laugh when I have tears on my eyes, to smile when I’m upset!
Because I know that there is a man who thinks about me, who is interested in me! Thanks for your nice email, and can you please send me some pictures next time ok?Don't worry you didn't said anything bad, i like our communication!!!Oh i see you are divorced 7 years and why did you divorce???Even though we have only known of each other for such a short period of time, we have nice communication and can be fully open with each other! I want to find my second part and to be happy I believe you will be my man, my beloved, my sweet. I’m open for a serious, and only serious relationship with you. I had some scars in my soul, but I don’t like to look in past, I am optimistic, of cause I don’t want another mistakes((( but nobody can forecast future and know whether it will be a mistake or not, sometimes mistakes in science gave us even new discoveries which we can use for further development))) Please be sincere as I will be with you, this is the main in relationship!!! And I think if we found each other it means that we should use this chance and create relationship which will have development! And I want we become close and close every day and I want to be a good wife and wonderful lover, i like spiritual connection between people also for me my future man is so important I want to be nice always for him and take care about him, I am loving and very open woman which me you can talk about everything you want, I am good listener!!! Please tell me more about your every day life, what are you doing usually??? What you like to do when you have free time? What you want to see in your wife??? What is the most important for you in relationship? Kiss you, Viola!
Letter 4

Hi, my sweet, Bill,Oh dear i hope i can also bring smile on your face, this is important to me!!!Bill, dear,i am glad that though you hate to tipe you like writing me, my dear)))and do you drink often dear?how did your week start???Bill, dear, oh, today is Monday, again difficult day, you see for me it is double day, I don’t like it because there are a lot of work, but I like it because I can’t write you after long weekends, without your letters!!! And Friday is the same, it is easy day because there are not to much work, but it is not good for me because I will not be able to write you for the whole weekends ((( Oh, my sweet you see I like from weekends till Monday from Monday till weekends and it is very difficult for me to be without you!!! I am always thinking about you and us together, imagine how wonderful it will be to be in your arms and on your knees!!! How we will kiss and laugh, how we can smile to each other, how I will cook for you and how you will help me))) I imagine our walks in parks and I imagine us travelling somewhere, I think we will be so wonderful together, what do you think? I think even if there will be some downs and bad situation between us, we will overcome them, because such a life and everybody has ups and downs but the main that we will be together, and this is much more easy to overcome everything if we are together, than if we are separately! How was your weekends my dear? I cooked for my niece Louisa she spend a lot of time with me on the weekends, she likes me a lot because I can allow her much more things than my sister, so that’s why she likes to stay on the weekends with me))) Soon is Easter do you prepare for it??? Do you have special traditions? Kiss you, Viola.
Letter 5
Hi, my lovely, hi my sweet man, my sun and hope, Bill,and dear what is such a tournament???you play in it to win money or what i am sorry i maybe missunderstood???dear i am not able to write on weekends, i am sorry you will not be able to catch meon line!!!!thanks for such romantic words!!!Oh dear how is your time with your son????how are you today??? You see I am not good I am thinking all the time about the tragedy that was happen in Moscow, did you here about it? Terrorism actions in underground (subway)???38 people are dead and more than 100 are injured, there was two explosion in the underground, I think this is terrible, why should people who are not guilty in anything suffered??? Oh yesterday was really very difficult and bad day, because in Kharkiv, there was big automobile tragedy with some people dead and I know in the world every day there are some tragedies with bad end, and I know if always think about this people can go crazy, but it is really so terrible to know all this(((Oh honey I wish so much to be in your arms to receive your kiss and to fell that everything is ok and all world are wonderful and there is no tragedies and no bad events, because all world is you, having you the world seem to be bright and wonderful!!! Having you the life is much more easier, and thinking about you all bad are forgotten and there are only nice feelings in the heart!!! You are very important in my life and I want this feelings develop and now stop to raise more and more!!! Kiss you, your woman Viola.
Letter 6
Hi, my sweetie,Bill,yes you see we are all don't understand and even hate people who **** innocent, but they don't care about us(((((so your father came from India yes????i wish you good games, dear!!!!i am glad that you as well think of me a lot!!!!how are your today how is your day going???i also hope that you will have fantastic day!!!! My starts good, I am thinking about you all the time my dear!!! and I hope you too, because when we think about each other we become close more and more and I think we should try to realize this thoughts, firstly in letters and than in life!!! For the first time in my life I felt like a real person, knew my life was about to change, to become normal with no more pain, and then the worst agony that I could ever imagine replaced by love and nice mood always!!! Because I have you and I am ready to cry to every body that now I have you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realize today my sweet that I am really happy in my life, because earlier I thought that I was unhappy, but now I know that having feelings in hear, having sympathy which growing into love this is really nice and wonderful and make life more warm)))Today is sunny day and I wish we will be together to go somewhere, but in this sunny day I should work hard at my job and can see this sun only in the window and in my box as well, because here is your letter))))))))Kiss you, your Viola.
Letter 7
Hi, my sweet, oh dear and how you like the road in train, i think it is nice but is it not difficult to be a machinist???17 years is a lot!!!i speak only English Ukrainian and Rusian, and a little German!i go by bus to work!not bike)))we don't use them in big gities in Ukraine!how is your son, did you spend time nice???i see you are nice father yes???Bill, dear,today is Maundy Thursday, do you know such day before Easter??? So today we should get up before the sun rise and wish ourselves and in this case all our sins are vanished!!! Oh you know we have a lot of Easter traditions! I wish if you were here we celebrate the Easter together! It can be very nice! What do you think??? You know dear sometimes I think like a child, maybe because I don’t have true feelings for a long time((( I don’t know((( You know I thanks the God and fate for the moment we meet, because He did the most wonderful thing in the world He shoot the arrow of Cupid in our hearts and we are in love forever! Your love gives me the power to live, to survive every day, your love is as sorceress who makes wonders with us, yes, yes, in want to be a hero of fairy-tale, but only with you, I want to be Cinderella and you to be my Prince, and I want you took my dancing slipper and know that I’m your forever, I will be always with you, my Prince. Of cause you can laugh at this, because life is not a fairy-tale, life is full of problems that are more important than to have love, but you know thanks to the love we have fairy-tales, because when we have feelings everything is as if in the faity-tale, we became another people, our problems became simple and our life seems to be better, even if in fact everything is so as it were. What do you think I am too naive??? So what do you plan for Easter? I will spend with my family, and you? And on Monday we have holiday here so we will not work after the Easter, dear and I will be able to write on Tuesday, but tomorrow I will answer you as well.I kiss you, your Viola.
Letter 8
Hi, my sweetheart,Bill,i am sorry for your problems at wok my dear((((so i hope you are ok??? you see today is another day without you, without your touch, without your smile, without your eyes, without your hands………..i can continue this my dear, but you know this day with your letter, with your presence in my heart, with your presence in my life, with your thoughts about me, and with my thoughts about you, today is wonderful day but of course not such wonderful as it can be with you!!! Bill, my favorite color is red!!!i like ukrainian dishes i like borsch, i like to bake!!!Oh today is Good Friday do you know we have in Ukraine, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and than on Sunday we have Easter!!!!!!!!!!! and on Monday holiday, we always have holiday on Easter, I am happy to rest more of course but I don’t know now for sure if I will be able to write you on Monday from internet cafe, I don’t know even if they will be open or not, but I want you know that I am always thinking about you and will do my best to write you, ok? On Easter I will be with my family, it is family holiday and I like it very much, i will bake Paski, such wonderful cakes with cream and raisings, do you wish to try??? and we will paint eggs with Luisa I wish you also will be with us and we can paint eggs together, I like to spend time with my family, but I wish you be in my family as well!!!I kiss you, your Viola
Letter 9
Hi, my sweet,Bill,thanks for your nice letters and cards i am very happy to receive them!!!Oh dear i like you talk about how you like my letters!!!Dear i know thta you will never make me sad don't worry about this!!!I know that you are smart!I try to be as well!!!So do you want to send me something as a present or you want to send me yourself))))))))Thanks!!!i will be the most happy to receive you in box!!!Do you want to share storm and lighting??? Bill, sweet, how are you today? Did you miss me in the Easter period??? I congratulate you with Easter and wish only nice mood and happiness in your life, I wish you love and the main health and all your wishes come true! I hope one from your wishes will be me)))))))))
How was your weekend? Was it too long without me? You see I had a holiday on Monday, and here almost everybody has holidays, and there do you have holiday after Easter? Sweet, how did you spend Easter???
Did you eat eggs, a lot???))) Honey I spend with my family, we painted eggs and baked paski, it was very nice to do everything together, to cook and to talk a lot about different events in our life, to remember something nice from the past you see I like family all together a lot!!! Almost everything was so nice, but there was no you with me and my family, and I wish so much you will be near me, I wish to open the door and to see you smiling))) I think it will be nice to spend such family holidays together what do you think??? Dear, you know I have no words, when I talk about you, it is like you were made specially for me!...I could write a whole book just describing how wonderful you are! But you see sometimes it is much more easier to show feelings with actions and hugs and kisses but not words, but I have now only words to tell you!!!...there would not be pages enough to fill with all the words, all the feelings which are inside of me!!!Kiss
you, Viola.
Letter 10
Hi, my dear, Bill, i am glad you feel better when you read my letters his make me happy you know)))))i am very glad you are very patient man)))))))yes dear i told my mom and sister about you not a lot now but i told and they wish me only happiness!!!dear i delete my profile why i need it if i have you??? sweet my birhday is on the 11th of August, not so close(((i am very glad you like my legs, sweet!oh i am glad that you talk to your sister this is nice to here she wish us good luck!!!how are you today? You see I almost all the time started from this phrase but this is not because this is usual phrase which people ask, this is because I am interesting in that how are you, how are your mood, your health, I hope my letters and my thoughts brighten you life a lot, I will do my best that soon my presence bright your life even more!!! Sweet I want each our day together our feelings become grower and I want each our day together this day will be brighter and brighter and sweeter and sweeter, but this is sometimes can be not so easy even for people who are madly in love, so that’s why we should just be as we are and love each other as such a we are!!! I don’t think that people should think what is the sense of love, I think that people should people just should love and for everybody love can be different and the main it to be true!!! Sweet I just want you be open with me and tell me everything you have on mind this will allow us to know each other better I think! I kiss you, your Viola.
Letter 11
Hi, my sweet, Bill, sweet paski is cakes with cream and raising, traditional Ukrainian dish but only on Easter!!! I like all typed of music, but not hard rock, and rap(((((((i will wait your pictures with pleasure!!!!!!!!sweet i tried to understand and what is the problem with your health now???Bill, dear,how are everything??? You? Your health, today? Weather? here is nasty weather, no sun and wind, and +7-+8, oh very cold, maybe you will come to warm me up??? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I am so bad and lonely here(((missing you………..thinking about you and me near fire in the small house, drinking wine, kissing, laughing, cooking together! being happy, how do you think can we be happy in each others arms??? I think yes!!! I wish you will be here with me, I want to close my eyes and when I will open it I want to see you in front of me looking at me with your deep eyes and lovely, radiant smile!!! When this moment will be? Today I work, the day is little bit tired but I should work, we can’t live without work, do you agree? In the evening will read Paolo Coelio, do you like him?Kiss you, Viola.
Letter 12
Hi, my lovely, Bill,this is your charming girlfriend writing to you)))))))))))do you want to read your girlfriend’s letter??? oh I know you want))))))) as me your girlfriend want to read your letter and to see how are you doing)))i also have strong faith in God, sweet and i know we will be together one day!!!i also wish i be with you to feel warm!!!do you know what is paski???yes i made them on Easter!!!I see there the weather is wonderful!!! you see my sweet the weather spoil too much, it is cold and raining, and you are so far so my mood is bad((( on weekends the weather will be the same I think, and I will even not be able to write you on weekends, so my mood is bad(((((what are you doing right now??? I eat banana and writing to you, do you like bananas??? we can eat them together when we will be with you, do you like icecream with banana??? or strawberry, you see I hear on the news that there is a new type of strawberry, white one, they make it from pineapples and strawberry, it is like strawberry with the taste and smell of pine apple, interesting yes??? sweet maybe you think why she tall me such ****** things, but you see they are no ******, you know I think that every relationship start from small things from small nice things which people tell each other, give each other and so on, I just want to tell you that I want to give you a lot and to take only a little from you, your smile, your eyes your attention!!! i want to know how to please you, and this is all consist of small things!!! On the weekends I will go to my sister’s house to stay with Louisa, she also wanted me to go with her on concert to see her favorite children’s band, oh I don’t want to much, because the music is not very good, but as child ask I should go!!!)))Kiss you Viola.
Letter 13
Hi, my dear, my lovely and incredibly wonderful man, hi,Bill!Yes i want to be your girlfriend and you?I work in Salon of beauty not boutique, dear!!!So do you want we built couple here???what do you mean you have some taxes to pay in Russian or what???I have your email, dear don't worry!!!Sweet sorry for some delay, please, I missed you so much for these days I was not able top write you because I don’t have internet access((((((((and I had a strong headache, and yesterday I didn’t go to work because of this!!!The doctor said something with my pressure, so should be more attentive to myself, my sweet, you know I can be nervous a lot, because of work and life, and being lonely, I don’t want to be lonely I want to have man on whom I can rely, I want to have his arms and shoulders, his eyes and smile. And how were your weekends??? I stayed at home almost all the time, cook a little and went to concert on Saturday with Luoisa, it was not nice, but Luoisa was happy)))You know today I get up with the smile on the face, because I saw a dream in which was you and our house, we sited in the kitchen and have breakfast, we ate meat and sweet sauce and drink a little of wine and laughing, you took your hand on my cheek and smile to me, you look at my eyes as if you look inside of me and when I open my eyes I still heard your laugh and see your face, my heart was warm and the room was so bright with sun, with you in it. I was so near you and our future life, I want you so much to be right here with me and to hear your voice, to see your smile, just to be with you. I want you know that communication with you and you are very important to me, you are my man, my fate I think, I’m so glad I found you, my dear, kiss you, Viola.
Letter 14
Hi, my sweet,Bill,sweet as for my last name it is Shestack, and it will be nice to be Viola Bale))) very sweet)))))))yes of course i am smiling)))))))))I am also happy communicating with you my sweet!!! oh you know for this night I missed you so much, I saw a dream in the morning, but I don’t remember it, I remember only it was very nice, because I get up in good mood)))I like roses of course, i like red roses!!!The name of my Salon is Reforms!!!! Today is nice working day, but when the weather become better, I don’t want to work))) oh I know I should, and I will but just I want to have you by my side to go somewhere together to eat some ice-cream to laugh, to kiss and to hug))), sweet sometimes I imagine how we go with you to the nature, there are nice flowers around of us, there are butterflies, and nice trees around us, with apples, with cherries, the light on the sun play on the ground and on our faces, we lie in the grass and I have flowers in my hair, we talk a lot and hear the songs of the birds, we try to sing with them)))oh sweet this is very nice))). Oh dear my boss said me today that from the next week she will cut me some hours, I was shocked, but people say at my work, that she wants to hire one of her relatives, and that’s why she tries now to cut all hours, oh I feel so bad, I wanted to ask her to give me more hours, because the salary is not enough for me and I am agree to work from 8a.m till 9p.m in order to earn more, but she wants to cut, oh what than I will do, tries to find one more work in last Autumn, but this is so difficult now((( But you know I hear that in hospital doctors give enough money for people who give the blood, so I already think maybe I should try to go to give my blood, don’t you know how is in your hospitals??? Do they pay a lot of money for blood??? I already don’t know what to do in order to have enough for living, the only thing I will never o this is to sell kidney, because one my colleague already ask me don’t I know how much it cost, I try to persuade her, that she will not be able to live normal without, because this is so difficult even for people who had always problems with it, and she wants to sell it when she is healthy, oh life is terrible sometimes(((when people are helpless, you know this is very difficult to live along not to have man who can advise or support somehow((( I kiss you, your Viola.
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