Scam Letter(s) from Mariam Conte to John (UK)

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Letter 1

Dear John,

it's a surprise, your immediate reply, i realy appreciate it and will expect your photos when next you write. I have attached my photo and will scan more and attached if there is need for it.
I will visite your country this month, but i need to know some one there so that i will not be a completely stranger when i arrive, i will inform you details as we corresponds. I am not searching for a husband , but we can know more about ourselves and talk about anything if we both have the same interest.

Letter 2

Dear Capt John,
thanks for your photos, i realy appreiate it, what bothers me is why the hated on your british girls, you dont have to write all that, and who is that coloured woman who will be glad to know that her would be lover of husband is found of taking girls out to club, gething them drunk and sleeping with them, you see as a christain i see your letter as coming from a not responsible man, am sorry but you need a change of life style. You living in Kenya may mean that we may not have the oppotunity to meet each other, i am from Guinea, lives in senegal, and want to travel to europe for business, so it is going to be difficult because i do not like kenya, who will prefare kenya to London?.
Have a nice day.

Letter 3

Have a change of life, God never called any of his creatures coloured, my coming to London is a business trip and can not be associated with party making, what is the bg deal about the Queen?, have you asked yourself if i will be glad to meet her?. Those who has been sitting at the head table, is any one of them better than those you called coloured?



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