Scam Letter(s) from Baba Haruna to Juergen (Germany)

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Letter 1

Am haruna surname is haruna.i am about 5.9 feet tall , i am 33yrs of age and to me love does not care about age becomes age is just a counting number, and i like to go out with my man and i also like to stay with my man and I am a very positive, enthusiastic, tender and loving woman..I am . I am a smart, honest, responsible, hard-working, down-to-earth a sensitive and very trustworthy man. I do not smoke and i don't drink, am a sincere, affectionate, happy and faithful generous, optimistic and caring woman,am a healthy, sensual and friendly,very romantic.hoping to meet a man who is thoughtful, cheerful, communicative, faithful, understanding and is ready for a serious relationship AND ALSO FRIENDS AS WELL to give me advice with and loving tender heart. I am Unique, different, and outgoing. I have a true love of life and inner peace. I am totally grounded in reality and believe in true friendship. I am a great conversationalist and listener as well. I especially love old school music yet in the right mood can listen to all types. I enjoy going to the movies, fitness, sports, bowling, golf, concerts, plays, comedy shows, trying new restaurants, cookouts, walks along the beach, traveling to the ocean as well as the mountains. I also understand making time for someone special when it comes to work and pleasure. I do not like drama, arguing, sarcasm, games, or deceit! I believe in spending time volunteering with youth (college bound) and giving back (just a passion. just a woman who is sincere to herself and as well to me .. not really 100% but just herself ..the secret gateway to my hearts passwords is (KISS AND HUGS)if you have key to open you're always welcome i am very serious when am in a relationship . i like surprise and i always want my man to trust and believe me b'cos that is who i also do when i have a woman.if you care to get to know me more and better then this is my secret mail meant for special ones so my personal e-mail address is have a nice day and Good LUCK..



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