Scam letter(s) from Elena to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello John !!!!
It is nice that you wrote to me, I am just pleased that I am writing you ...
Since I have no experience of communication through the Internet, I'll tell you first about a possible possibly more that I have inside. This will be the most important than you describe his appearance. For me it is not usually look for a man on the internet, as well as the Internet is only a tool for communication and information transfer. I hope that I will find a favorite here, and many friends. Perhaps you will become my friend. What do you think about this?
I hope that you have the time to send me a letter so we can better understand each other. I will be very interesting to get acquainted with you more ...
I think now I must tell you a little about yourself.
My name is Elena. My age 26 years. Unfortunately I live far away from you.
I live in Russia, the city of Irkutsk. I love meeting new people and for me very interesting to have relationship with a man from another country.
I work in the school as a teacher. What work are you doing?
You love your job?
I have never been married, I have no children. In my life was a man and our relationship lasted for almost 2 years. He not serious to me and our relationship is over.
So I began to search for friends in the internet, and possibly meet the love.
I'll be honest with you.
My friends say that I am reliable and honest. I am creative and energetic, as well thoughtful, considerate and sensitive.
I would be interested to know more about you, your life and worldview. What hobbies do you like?
Your hobby? What do you like doing in your spare time? What qualities do you like in women?
If you have questions for me, I'll be glad to answer. I think that is enough for the first letter.
I hope you answer me and we will have time to write interesting letters to each other.
We will watch what will be ...
With best wishes, Elena PS: I am sending you my photos! And of course I would like to see more pictures of you!
Letter 2
Hello my friend, John ! I am glad to receive your answer.
This means that I am interesting for you?
I hope I can call you my friend? I have many friends and I love to communicate with my friends.
And now I have a new friend - IS YOU John ! And you have many friends? How do you spend time with friends?
It would be interesting to know more about it. Thank you for having written a few details about his life.
Your words have given me the image you!
Our communion in the letters helps to explore each other better. I am pleased to get a photo for you. I will make you a compliment, you have a wonderful appearance.
I hope my appearance do you like? In the next letter I will send you more photos of me. You know, a lot of people are trying to get to know each other, asking many questions, but it seems me too formally. I'm not saying that I will not answer your questions you'll ask, I just want to find a creative way to correspond with each other. Therefore, my letter will contain all the answers, and I wish you could see the meaning of what I write. I have already talked a lot about myself, although they were good things about me. I promised to write about their shortcomings. I believe every person is good and bad by nature. There is no perfect people! What do you think about this?
I will try to tell you more about his character. Are you interested?
Ok, I'll start ... Very smiling and active, friendly and always cheerful - with one hand, and several closed and even to some extent, the lonely - with the other. My friends appreciate me and say many good words, but they may not know all things about me. I'll tell you this secret.
I feel lonely woman, while all around me a lot of good friends. I think life is very short, to be lonely! Basically I am satisfied with their lives, but not enough for me ... Recently, I often think about his future.
You are such thoughts? I'd like to meet a single man, to love and be loved as well.
Feeling of loneliness suppresses me - this is one of my negative qualities.
I want to change themselves to become better. Maybe you can help me with this?
(Smile) In itself I do not like excessive touchiness, but the offense quickly passes.
I try to look at life positively. In Russia there is an expression: What does not happen, all the better! When we wrote to each other, perhaps it will lead us to the better? What do you think?
With your permission I will continue the story about himself.
I am an ambitious woman, but time has made me a loyal and thinking about his own family. My ambitious mind means that I am ready to enjoy life and try to achieve a happy life. I am a big optimist, but at the same time, I - very romantic girl. In relations I appreciate most of all honesty and lack of motive of jealousy. If a man loves, he is jealous, I know this, but it can hurt feelings of a partner.
I think, to show love is better than show jealousy. I want to know what you think about it. I always appreciate such qualities in men as honesty and loyalty. For me, it is necessary that all around was cleanliness.
I spend a lot of time to maintain cleanliness in the home. Also I like to cook - my hobby.
I do not aspire to create a career in the future. Family - my priority in life!
I want to have a strong and friendly family, care for their children and watch as they grow.
Nothing else gives so much happiness to human life!
What do you think about this? Tell me what you want in life?
What kind of woman you like to meet?
What qualities in a girl you care? Sorry, I beg to discuss such frank thing with me. I just want to know much more about you.
Well, I write to you briefly about the prospect of my life, if you will be interested we could discuss these topics in detail in the following letters. I look forward to your reply.
Your sincere friend, Elena ... Your friend in Russia ....
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