Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Belyanina to Linley (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my Linley.
I even do not know what to tell first. I simply hope that you will be happy!
The most important, finest news - I did it! I got the visa! I am very happy!!!!
I as well have found out that I will get vacation May, 14, 2010.
I have been to the company that reserves airway tickets. I asked them how I can reach Jackson (JAN) and how much it costs. They have offered to me the roundtrip ticket that costs $1429 USD. I asked them to find cheapest ticket, because this price is expensive for me. They have answered that they have a cheaper roundtrip ticket and the beginning of the flight May, 18, 2010.
It costs $1142 USD. It was the best variant for me. I asked them to reserve a ticket.
But they refused, because they can't reserve the ticket without advance payment.
I must pay full cost. I have asked if I can pay a part of money now, and the other part later. They have told that it is possible, but I will be limited by term.
And if I will not pay the full cost of the ticket within of this term, I will lose already nested money. I have agreed because it is the only chance for me, because I must give to anti-emigration committee a data about my payment. By this moment I had only the concrete sum of money which I had after all my expenses.
I paid $ 750 USD. But it was not enough for them. In a panic, all what Natalia and I could do - we pawned our earrings and gold rings and I got $ 98 USD.
That is all I could do. The number of the flight on which I will get the ticket is 417 Aeroflot-Russian Airlines.
The time of departure from Moscow is 5:45 am. The time of arrival in Jackson is 4:57 pm.
I will change a plan in Amsterdam, number of the flight 6072 KLM.
Then I will change a plan in Detroit, number of the flight 5523 KLM.
After this I will fly to Jackson, to you.
I know that probably I simply must tell that I can't come to you because I haven't the remaining sum. I know that I promised to do all by self, and I was sure that I can. I did not want to ask you. But after I did everything I did, I cannot simply tell that I will not come to you. I have passed through so many difficulties, and I have overcome the most difficult. But all the same I have disgusting feeling that I could not fulfill the promise. I am always ready to do all what is possible,- to fulfill my promises, but at the same time I understand that any person could get in such a situation.
To get the visa I have spent much more money than I expected. But people were ready to help me only if I will pay them. I paid more than 500 dollars to get all documents, I paid in municipal committee, in the ministry. Even officers in army garrison have compelled me to pay for their help. I did not expect all this, but up to the last moment I was sure that I still can make everything. I expected that I can get a vacation payment. We get a vacation payment after ending of a vacation.
I asked to give me this money now because I need this money urgently. But, at the last moment I have got the answer that I can get this money urgently only in case of serious illness or for example in case of death of the relative.
I feel so guilty. I was sure that nothing can prevent our meeting.
But I must pay remaining sum. It is $ 294 USD. And I must pay money before May, 11, evening. Otherwise I will lose my nested money and our jewelry will be sold out simply in vain. I know that I should not ask you, and I am very ashamed to do it. I remember you said that you are not rich man. I know that for you it very difficultly and I understand that for you it incredibly big money. I know it and for me twice difficult to address to you. But also comprehension of my position convinces me, that any person could get in similar situation. I want to meet you and I say sincerely that I need your help. I understand that I put you in inconvenient position. But I am simple person, I am the simple woman. I am not the wizard.
Any person could get in a similar situation. And maybe I really simply had to tell you that I can't meet with you because I could not provide my travel completely. But I cannot simply refuse our meeting because then all my diligence, forces, nerves, means will be spent in vain. I understand that for you it is too big sum to lend me. You are not obliged to help me. And 500 dollars which I have spent to get the visa, and 848 $ that I have given for the ticket are huge money for me. But I want you to know that I have given everything not for the sake of myself, but for the sake of us, for the sake of you and me. And I was happy all this time. If you want to meet me, to help me to make our meeting, please, send money to the help before May, 11, evening.
I want you to be confident in my sincerity, - that is why I send you the Scanner of my visa. I want you to see the result of my efforts.
I address to you only because I need it right now, because the anti- emigration committee waits for me with all documents and I am obliged to come to committee according to appointed term.
I do not know if you can to help me. But I have no other exit. I need you.
If you can help me I will tell you what I have found out. Natalia said that you can help me with the help of remittance system. So I have addressed to the nearest bank the agent ''Western Union''. I have been told that they use the system ''Western Union''. They have told that it is very convenient office for me; and this system works always and reliably. I give you necessary elements for sending money with the help of ''Western Union'':
The name of bank: PROMSVJAZBANK
CITY - Shahty
STREET - Pobedy Revolyutsii, 128b
ZIP - 346500
But all my documents are in anti-emigration committee now.
Without ID I cannot receive your help. Therefore I ask you, please, send money for my friend Natalia. Her full name - Natalia Bogachewa.
I will go in bank together with her. Send money for her name because my ID and visa are in anti-emigration committee now.
In bank I have been told, that to get the money, I must tell to employee of bank your full name, your full address, exact sent sum and the confidential number - Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). You will get this number in your bank if you will send your help. Only with presence of all this information I can get your help.
I do not know what answer I will get from you. I very much am afraid that you will not help me. But I want to tell, that I really need you, and I simply can't endure the thought that I did almost everything, but I will not meet you. I understand that it is big money. I have given all my forces, but together we are stronger. I really ask you to help me. I will give you back all your money at the earliest opportunity.
I have written you honestly and sincerely. Are you with me?
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Hi my Linley! When I waited your letter, I was so tense. I am very grateful to you! I really was afraid to ask the help because people in Russia do not like to help each other. Natalia always helps me as well as I help her. We never ask something in exchange to the help. Now in my life there are two people who I can rely completely on. Now in my life there are you and I feel itself as behind a stone wall. I am afraid of nothing. Now I know that we will be together and I can thank you not by words but my feelings. I can prove to you that you are worthy of most best in this life and if I can give you the best, I will make it. And deal is not that you have decided to help me. The reason of my happiness and pleasure that you understand me. But deal not in it. I ask you the help, that is really!
You say about cheaper ticket! Essence is that to leave Russia on conditions of the visa I should give to the Russian Emigration Service the documents and confirmations that I have paid my travel by myself and I do not use the help of the foreign man. I am obliged to pay cash to receive the form of confirmation, that I possess money resources. And my time is limited. Therefore I can use only a price that the company gives to me because they know that I am obliged to pay cash. Probably in the Moscow campaigns the choice of prices is more, but here I can choose only what is suggested to me because I am obliged to pay cash. Please, understand, I have right to use only price suggested to me here because I should pay the ticket here and give confirmation to Russian Emigration Committee. Or I should go for example to Moscow and buy the ticket there, also for cash money. I could buy cheaper ticket, but I will pay even more money and time if I will go to Moscow for the cheaper ticket. I have received my ID, now you can send your help for my name. For ANASTASIYA BELYANINA Your words have convinced me that now I meet you and I will be happy as never before. You have offered your help and it is very big money. You a true man and I am very grateful to you. I ask you only what I really need. But I want necessary for me. Your words gave calmness to my heart. My dear, I want you to know, that I would be grateful to you in any case. I am grateful to you already now.
Any your help - the big support for me. I will be grateful to you for any help. I did not want to cause you inconvenience. Please forgive me once again. The word of honor if I could do without your help, I would not began to ask you about the help. You a last person to whom I has addressed for the help, but not the first. I think I nevertheless should explain why I have addressed to you. I want you to understand that I really did all what I could.
I expected that I can convince my boss to give me vacation payment now.
If I could receive this money now, I would pay my travel completely. But I was refused. Also I have been compelled to buy new windows in my apartment.
I have prepared this money for the ticket. But I cannot leave my apartment with broken windows. That's why I have bought a glass and have employed the repairman to fix it. I could not make it by myself. And of course I have been compelled to pay for his work. In Russia nobody will make it free-of-charge. I did not want to tell to you about all this. But I want you to understand that I did not want to ask you. I really tried to make everything what in my forces. But I did not expect all these unforeseen circumstances. But now I have you, you my hope and a support and I think that if I ask you the help, it not a sin. I really want to be with you. I understand that I should make all itself. But I could not and I leave my destiny in your hands. I need you and I wait your answer, your love and your help. Once again forgive me. I so want to thank you. I'm so happy that I will see you. Simply know, that I am sincerely grateful to you and I will prove to you it when I will arrive to you. And of course I will give you back all your money as soon as I will get my vacation money!
But now I have given all what I could, and all what I have now are my Feelings, the sincerity of which I think I has proved; and Hope that you will not throw me now when the most difficult is behind. I so want to thank you. I'm so happy that I will see you. Now I am sure in it on 1000 %. And it so calms me. Together we are much stronger, and to go thru obstacles together is much easier. I really haven't anybody more except of you and Natalia.
I hope for you. Your yesterday, your today, your for ever - Anastasiya!
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