Scam letter(s) from Daria Bogomolova to Christian (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello Christian!
I am glad to receive your letter.
I looked your profile and it was pleasant to me, I will be glad you to learn.
Sorry that I did not write to you some days, I left on weekend in the next city to my relatives and I had no access to the Internet.
My real name Darya, but I have pseudonym Kseniya. I give not at once to men my present information because it is a lot of men on the Internet which search for entertainments and ***.
I wish to tell a little about myself, I hope that will be interesting to you.
I work the teacher of music.
I have height 169 centimetres and weight 48 kg.
I have finished the university. I studied there 5 years.
I never was married, and I have no any children.
I had experience Contact about itself in Russia, the person, but they were not, is adjusted Seriously.
And we happen with part, and they much frequently drink alcohol and in good delivery, but it loves me not much.
I think that you has no any such habit.
I want to not speak that me any smoking and was not present liquors of a stub.
But sometimes I like to absorb the good company - is not a lot of vine shoot though it may be very rare.
I want to speak that I wit well to play a piano.
I have finished school of dance in which I have learnt 6 years.
I want to speak, that I live with my mum.
I have the grandmother, grandparent have regrettably died, 2 years back.
I want, that you spoke, which I love Various music, but basically classical.
I want to have serious attitudes with you to find with you Your love also creates successful family.
I shall like, If you it will want in the same way.
I want to study about you more, about your family.
I think, that you are capable me soon to answer, will be soon write Darya p.s. Write to me on this e-mail, it is my personal e-mail, and that worker and someone can see, that I write to working hours to you the letter.
Letter 2
Hi my sweet Christian!!!
Dear I was happy to receive from you the letter and photo today.
How you, how weather at you? At me all is good.
I feel wonderfully especially after perusal of your letter.
With each letter my feeling to you becomes more similar to feeling of love.
I feel that I can trust you. You the fair person.
And it very much pleases me.
Dear for me the most important is family traditions.
For me there is nothing more important the family center.
This the most expensive in life needs to be protected family from disintegration.
The family is a cell of a society. And she needs to be honoured.
You agree with me dear?
Today we with mum seriously talked about us to you.
I have told to her that I begin something to feel to you.
Mum on the one hand is glad for me but nevertheless worries.
She does not want that I have again wounded the heart.
But she trusts my taste.
I so frequently dream of that as I sit in the evening of a house near to me the husband and children.
And we stir about something interesting.
And mother so it is good!! If these dreams became a reality I would be happy.
Each woman dreams of it.
This the most expensive that may be at the woman it is family.
Lovely I wait your answer with the big impatience.
I send you the first air kiss and promising that it not last.
Yours faithfully Darya
Letter 3
My sweet Christian!!
Thanks for other your photos. The spring has come to my city, in my city of +12 degrees on Celsius and snow thaws. You are right, when we will meet I will feed you tasty foods, I you will give me the Swiss chocolate.
It is very pleasant for me to hear from you words of revelation. It probably the most important for me that you fairly all have told. I understand that appointment on the Internet will not replace any meeting in a reality. It is the truth and I understand it. Therefore I want to explain to you one thing. I already spoke about that that I search for the person for serious relations. These serious relations mean themselves not simply meetings one or two once a year, and something more serious. It because I build plans on joint lives and very much I want to create family to love and this main thing for me.
I do not want to love on distance. If you are not ready to this or do not want it it of me will upset, but nevertheless I reckon on that that we learn each other better and you will be convinced of my gravity. Still I want to tell about that that I agree with that that on the Internet many deceit and lie and girls ask money to arrive and then never arrive to men. It takes place but if to estimate my situation that I shall tell to you absolutely fairly about that that if I have found such person for myself to which I could arrive and live together with him that at me there is that monetary problem. It so because in Russia is not appreciated work of the person so that him paid adequately. Therefore I too had such problem with money. But I can assure you of that that at me serious intentions and I never deceived nobody and I do not want it to do. The deceit contradicts my vital principles and consequently I never shall make such vile act.
Now I want to tell to you about the last relations. At me one was man in a life. And he appeared the vermin. We have left after our first night because he pursued the purpose only to take advantage of me and my body. I trusted him and next day he was already with other girl and at all did not want me to see. After that I too any more did not trust anybody, but now I have a little cooled down and I try all the same to find the happiness. your Darya
Letter 4

Hello my dear and beloved Christian!
I hope that you have well spent weekend and Easter.
How your affairs? I wait not up to waited that moment when we can meet with you, embrace each other strong strong, to glance each other in eyes and to tell: " Hi beloved, you are that I searched for all life, you are that I waited for all life. " I grieve without you, your letters, without your love. Expectation of love is pleasant and difficult for my heart. On the one hand it is pleasant for me to think, that I at last have found the love, on the other hand it is very difficult to wait for our meeting, torment itself various ideas, trying to present, that you are doing, that you now feel. I hope on our fast meeting. I LOVE YOU!!! I AM READY TO TELL IT to ALL WORLD:
I LOVE YOU!!! I with impatience wait for the answer. And now I should go my love.
with love, your Darya P.S. Give me please number of mobile phone.
I shall send you SMS from phone and you can call me back.
Letter 5
Hi my dear and beloved Christian!!
I am very happy to hear from you. Sorry that I have told to you about my feelings, I am simple for a long time did not test such to the man.
Thanks for your phone number, I wish to speak with you. My mobile phone +79600986041, call me. When you will call to me, remember, that between us there is a difference in time. If I do not take phone, Then call to me more and more time, I sometimes cannot simply speak on the phone (when my boss nearby). I speak in German also. I had a dream last night that you and I were together. In my dream we were In a cabin in the woods. The fireplace was the only light in the room, and we were sitting on a large fur rug on the floor in front of it. My heart has been totally captured by you! We sat for a while just looking into each other's eyes. We then leant toward each other and shared a long, passionate kiss. It seemed as if time were standing still for us. Our bodies came together and we made love for the first time. Afterwards, we laid there holding each other and professing our love. When I woke I was very happy, you next to me and my heart in my dreams. I want to have you near. Still, it was a wonderful dream that will someday come true, I hope. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR,Christian!
Letter 6
Hello my love Christian!!
I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and this has come happy The moment and I can learn that you think of my previous letter. I have told about us with you to the girlfriends and aunt, they are very glad that I have found Happiness, Me seems that we already on so much are close with each other, we as if The husband and wife only, unfortunately, divided in huge distance. You would like to marry me? I would like it very much. But not looking On it we should keep to love each other and to trust each other, you with me Agree? I that can not make with self, is love, she sing in me as bird in The spring sky. I think that it is destiny it can be dangerously, but I am mad Is in love with you. Your letters are filled by such heat and care, and at me Tears of pleasure sometimes run. I think ' My God, a thank that you have helped me to find Mine unique and I hope that we shall incorporate to him and we shall be happy. ' I dream of our meeting and about that as we shall go for a walk with you, to keep for hands, As we shall look after one after another and as we shall do love. I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER In MY HEART, In MY IDEAS. I dream as you Will carry me on hands, to embrace me, to kiss and to embrace my gentle body. It is a pity that only dreams and whether it is fated by him to come true the God knows only. Today or tomorrow I shall try to call to you.
I very much wish to hear your voice. I hope soon to see your letter. Yours love Darya P.S. My mum wishes to write to you the letter and I shall translate its letter for you.
Letter 7
Hi Christian!
I am mum at Darya's - Nadejda. I have honour today to write to you the small letter.
I want to tell you, that Darya spoke me about you much.
I very much would want that you cared of her. I hope, that it will be sometime.
I want to wish good luck you only happiness together with my daughter. The most important, That you had good family. I also shall be quiet if my daughter will be happy.
Please take care! You have got acquainted with not so usual image.
I got acquainted with my husband not so. I all over again did not trust in love under the Internet.
I see as my daughter blossom similarly to a fine rose!
I want that my daughter was the happiest woman in the world.
You should care about each other always. I shall be always Is glad to see you. We very simple people and you may be convinced of it.
I always aspired to give my daughter all best and even more.
I refused in many respects to myself that my daughter anything did not require.
I want that my daughter had with you good life. Thank. Mum Darya's - Nadejda
Letter 8
Hi my love Christian!
I am very glad to your letter.
URRAAAAA!!! I have good news to you, today I spoke with my boss and he has allowed to take to me holiday!!!
Today on work there was a ridiculous case. I thought of you and casually named my boss your name, he has smiled and has told that I did not worry and that soon we with you will together.
My love I try to prepare our meeting.
As I want to inform you, that Russia does not let out the young and lonely women.
Therefore I should arrive to you as the tourist.
If tomorrow I shall finish the work earlier then I shall go to agency of travel and I learn what documents to me are necessary for travel to Switzerland and then I at once shall inform on it to you.
I want to know my pleasure, what you think of it?
I consider that only personal meeting will help us to find our happiness, which we so long searched for.
It is very interesting to me as to learn your habits of enthusiasm.
I want to know culture of your country.
Please inform me the best time to stay to you???
That you had more free time.
Though if you will be at work day, I can be at you at home, and evening to wait you from work And to feed by tasty supper.
What you think of it?
I very much wait our meeting, when we shall have romantic evening and we shall stay one.
Illness Elsheimer is very a pity that at your neighbour, it is terrible illness. I read that doctors search for a medicine against this illness.
I shall think of you my prince.
Love and kiss.
Yours Darya
P.S. What international airport most close to you???
Letter 9
Hello my fantastic prince Christian!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I have for you good news. I have learnt from friends where it is possible to make the visa. To me have told that it is possible to do the visa by two ways. In the first it through embassy Switzerland in Moscow to me will be necessary to go in Moscow, and the visa will make to me only in 14 days. The second way it is faster and cheaper. At us in city is travel agents. There do tourist the visa. Today I went in travel agents to learn more in detail about necessary documents to be near to you my love. To me have told that I should conclude the contract with them. And documents will be made 7 days. They to me have told that all my documents will cost 383 euros (the passport, the visa, the insurance and medical survey).
My visa will be valid 3 months. What time I shall be at you?
I agree that in embassy the visa costs more cheaply (60 euros), but the embassy is in Moscow, it on distance approximately 800 km from my city. I should go there 15 hours by train and the one way ticket costs approximately 150 euros. If I order documents in agency then they will send all to embassy and in Moscow I will go by the agency bus free of charge. If I order all in agency then we with you can save some money.
Also I have learnt that the air ticket from Moscow up to Zurich and back costs approximately 355 euros. I have thanked them for the information and have come to write to you my love. I think that the second way more favourable to me it more cheaply and fastly. I to not have while such money. I always dreamt about travel in Switzerland. And it is fast my dream I will be executed very much I want to be near to you in reality Christian. Today I shall please my parents. I know my parents than cannot help me because they do not have such money. My parents not rich, I sometimes to help them. I to pay for an apartment, for municipal services. I think at you all well, write to me letters. Your letters warm. I love you very much. My heart burns with the desire what to be near to you my love. I kiss you. Your princessa Darya
Letter 10
Hello my dear Christian.
I am glad to receive as always your warm and Very gentle letters. Thanks for your recognition in such deep and Tender feelings to me, I am simply happy it to read in your letter, Because anybody did not speak for a long time already me such warm and gentle words.
I understand that you are very cautious, but you have my home address and a phone number in which you can always hear me.
I think that it will be better if concerning travel you set all questions to the manager of agency.
I went to agency of travel which is called "Volga", it is in Cheboksary, K. Vorobyovy str. 20, e-mail
Thanks Supreme, that you are on the Earth, Christian. I will repeat, that I AM happy to read in your letter, that YOU LOVE me. I now I write you the letter and at me to shiver hands a little and are a little drawn in Knees (fairly).
Promise Christian, that you will be always fair with me Also you can always help me a difficult minute, also as well as I to you; Promise, that if your feeling will start to "die away" to me, you to me You will necessarily tell about it that we could try somehow To keep our love. You to me promise it Christian?
I dream of 3 children: 2 elder sons and 1 The younger daughter. In our house would be a lot of pleasure and happiness. All Decisions in would sew to the big family became in consent as Men, and women. The main thing that in our house reigned love and The trust, and happiness will be obligatory. Therefore here so I represent Our house and my family in the future you Christian will be which part...
Remember that you have a girl, which, if You would be near to me, would be simply happy to name you the The best man. Therefore I look forward your following letter.
The love is close... P.S.: give we will think up each other any personal nicknames, which Will be known only to us. It will be possible to name I you "my lion"? And me You will think up a nickname and will send in your following letter Christian. OK? Your favourite Darya

Letter 11
Hi my love Christian! The Phone conversation has encouraged me. I hope that will soon answer you from embassy. I write this letter for you, specially that To tell to you what feelings I I test also what thoughts I have Concerning you. I wish to tell to you, that you my man and I want To belong to you. My body and mind very much grieves for you. I want, That you took me, at first is gentle, and then is more and more passionate. I very often represent, that we with you lay on hot sand, On sea coast. Your hands begin caress my body, a neck, then The ******, it to become firm. Your gentle, but at the same time The persevering hand falls on my stomach, it irons it, and then All falls more low and more low. OH - OH - OH - OH it is very pleasant For me.
Then you lean on me and our bodies incorporate in Love. My feet cover your back and I more and more strongly will To nestle on your body.
When, such thoughts come to me, Me starts even to shake a little from desire. Oh as I wait for ours Meetings. Please the darling, only do not laugh at my imaginations, I did not show still to anybody myself from this party. This letter only For you. I love you. I want you. Yours Darya
Letter 12
Hello Mr. Christian Wirth!
You have written to us the letter with your questions and we with pleasure shall answer you!
We Agency of travels "Volga" is engaged in official registration of papers for arrival in what or the country (for the boundary passport, the visa, insurance, booking of tickets, certificates), to the person which wants to leave Russia. We already are on a labour market about 10 years. Our agency uses the increasing popularity in Russia. We have gained trust and reliability of our numerous clients across all Russia! Thanks that have addressed to us!!! My name is Kseniya - I the agent engaged in documents of our client Darya. In April, 27 Darya have concluded the contract with our agency and since that moment she is the full client of our agency of travel. The sum has been brought on on April, 27. Cost of documents for Darya 383 euros.
Validity of the visa 3 months from the date of reception by her client. At present the visa and the questionnaire of our client Darya, is on consideration. To me has personally addressed my client Darya and has explained a situation.
Dear Christian Wirth to us address with such similar situations.
Our client Darya cannot pay completely all our services. The sum of booking, insurance of tickets up to Zurich makes 355 euros.
Our agency accepts payment only from that person with whom has concluded the contract differently at us there will be a problem with tax police. Earlier we accepted for payment a credit card, but once a credit card has been used without the permission of the holder and it was necessary to return money, and our agency incurred losses. If our client Darya will not pay all payments she will be involved in the administrative responsibility before our agency during time. Payment should be brought till on May, 15 (inclusive). I I hope has answered all questions interesting you.
If you had still questions we shall be glad to answer them! Thanks!!! Yours faithfully Kseniya.
Agency of travels "Volga"
Letter 13
dear Christian!!
Your behaviour is strange recently. Me surprises why we cannot speak by phone. Earlier you called to me and took a tube when I call to you.
Now I cannot phone some days to you and you speak that work. You do not have one minute for the beloved???? It is very strange.... Now about your letters. I understand that your girlfriend Sarah wishes you good and happiness therefore gives advice, but she does not know that we long time correspond and we speak on the phone, she did not hear our conversations. She to you has given advice and has gone home to the husband or the guy and has fallen asleep in his hands, and you remained one houses and on doubt heart. Can be then you will live with your girlfriend Sarah? You spoke that I changed my surname I some times, you can name it one after another??? We by phone discussed the arrival plan to you and were defined that I will not go to agency and I will go to embassy itself why you have again recollected now agency?
At first I have offered this variant because they for me will make documents, and I will work at this time to leave a few money my mum.
When I will leave to you her can support nobody. But we have solved that I will go to embassy in Moscow to that person with which you corresponded, but now you speak the impossible. The agency has received many permissions and licences at the Russian government that it could work and render tourist services for people and now it should receive the permission at the Swiss embassy??? It is delirium!! My girlfriend last year bought the permit in this agency for travel to Turkey and at her there were no problems. I have got tired to you to prove my intentions, I have a pride. Now before you a trust and belief question. If you trust me then I will arrive to you and all of us will prove that the love on distance exists. Please well think and make the correct decision. I will understand you in any case. Yours Darya p.s. I can send a copy of the contract with agency of travel,
it is necessary to you?
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