Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Fedorova to Stefano (Italy)

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Letter 1

Stefano I very much upset! I am not capable to arrive to you today because of a situation at customs! I can arrive same flights to you in Monday! It long to explain! I have made nonsense! When I passed customs inspection that I I have not specified in the customs declaration one thing which wished to bring to you! It was my gift! It is very old book! The book collection and very expensively cost! It is the book our family relic! It is the Bible of the edition 1862 years!
It also has silver cover of a cover! I did not think that it represents art and big material assets! In it there was my oversight!
I should present necessary documents on export from the country of it!
Me have detained at customs and have forced to pay the penalty! I have paid the penalty 1800 euro. But on it problems have not ended! To me have told that against me criminal case upon contraband of historical values is raised! I have explained to them that I the employee of Militia and I did not have such intention! I have told that now in holiday and not at execution of the duties! They have contacted my police station! But it only has worsened a situation! I am threatened with dismissal from my work! The unique exit will win judicial session against me which on Monday 9:30. It will be the closed judicial session on which will be present only I wash the lawyer and also the judge and the public prosecutor! But I will submit today the counterclaim! I to want that workers of customs have paid me back money which took from me for the penalty! Also I to wish to receive from them money for mental cruelty! I can make it in that case if I will win judicial session! I do not deny the fault! But in actions of customs officers there were infringements of their powers that contradicts the Russian legislation! They have broken my constitutional laws! But for this purpose very good lawyer is necessary to me! I now will go to the Moscow Lawyers Board! To me have advised very good lawyer! I will meet it today at 17:00 my time! I should pay for his services and conclude the contract! I need to pay 1500 euro! If I shall win judicial session then to me will return money which I will begin to pay for services of the lawyer and for all legal cost and also money for mental cruelty! Means we we lose of nothing also I can return you all your money with percent if you want!
Also I need to remain till Monday in Moscow!
Therefore it is necessary for me a To pay on hotel a feed!
I to have 200 euro which at me have remained after payment of the penalty!
On Monday I will be capable to arrive to you! Do not worry my tickets will not be gone as they at me with open date! Please transfer to me as it is possible soon today 1500 euro!
Excuse me that I have broken your plans but believe to me now also very badly! I while in a shock also have not understood that occurs! I for the first time in such situation! Usually I am present on court at a role of an accuser instead of the defendant! Now I very much am afraid of scandal and not to wish to lose work! But more I am afraid to lose you! I do not hope for your pardon! But I will do all to deserve it! I cannot insist on it but I do not have possibility to make another the decision in this situation! I the strong woman but during such moments too am necessary to me the help and understanding!
Though I realise that have made a silly act! Now I should go to Office of Public Prosecutor to receive criminal case particulars! That in the evening to develop with the lawyer tactics of our protection in judicial session! I hope i can to check mine email till tomorrow! Sorry me!
To me very pity for problem! Love! Oksana.



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