Scam letter(s) from Victoria Nesterenko to Vangelis (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Vangelis, I'm really sorry that yesterday we didn't talk on MSN. I wasn't in the office all day long - I had some things to do that my boss told me to. There was a problem with some papers at work, so I had to go to the bank and some other institutions, but now it's OK and I'm glad to write this letter to you. You know, you have permanently been on my mind since I started getting your messages. My colleagues are asking me "what's wrong Yuliya? You seem to be in another world today. Is everything OK?" If they only knew what was in my thoughts. I was thinking of a precious, handsome, sweet man who has found a key to my heart, and he accomplished this with written words and I have not even met him yet. You know, I saved all the songs you sent to me into a special folder, I'm listening to them very often in the office - they make me feel better, a bit more relaxed and a bit more happy. They make me think of you. Feelings I have for you are so complicated, yet so strong. I feel I have found a soulmate, someone I feel very close to mentally and spiritually. I really hope that one day you could love me - and I'm not just saying, the word "love" means a lot to me. Even though I cannot hug you and talk to you in person as I would like, I can feel at least you tell me over the Internet: " Don't worry my dear, I am ALWAYS here,to look after you, to hug you, to give you support during this challenging period, and to make sure that you always know that you can count on me, even though we are separated by distance but only for now". I feel great knowing that I am still in your thoughts, and it fills me with wonderful anticipation or seeing your face for the first time. I am glad that you think about me and look forward to our meeting. I look forward to it too. Of course, all will depend on our meeting, how we feel about each other. I am sure, if nothing else, we can at least remain friends. The meeting doesn't commit us to anything, it simply gives us a possibility to get to know each other better, more profoundly, and to understand what we are to each other and what we can become. My thoughts about the place? Well, I don't think that meeting in Lugansk is a good idea - this city isn't very interesting to visit, not very romantic neither. I wish our first meeting could take place in a more romantic place - like Rome, maybe Paris, Prague or Budapest. I've never been to abroad. Maybe we could meet in a month or two - I can take a holiday in winter, I don't think there will be any problems. Your situation is a bit more complicated than mine, so tell me when you're ready and I'm sure we can sort something out. You say that will feel you want to love me, and that warms my heart, makes me feel so glad, and hope this continues, no matter what we decide regarding a possible romance. To a large extent that is dependent on the stars, or fate, or chance, or simply timing. But friendship is more of a choice. It makes me very happy to know that we both have the drive and expectations to meet each other....... this is what makes me happy. I wish you a very good day and I want you to know, that I think of you very very much. I send you a big kiss and a hot hug,
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