Scam Letter(s) from Irina Russkih to Mike (USA)

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Letter 1

Good-day loved Michael!!!!!!!!!!
I to have very good news. I have learned in agency about the visa.
There to me Have told, that there are no problems with the visa. First I need to make The passport for travel abroad. I was already photographed. Me have asked to bring The reference. To receive the visa I should pass Interview in embassy. To me have told, that with it problems will not be. As the visitor I can arrive to you, but it will be more complex to receive Citizenship. As there is still a visa of the bride, but it not the best Variant for us as we did not meet also we to not have photos Together, but there is a visa of work. The visa of work is made for very Short term. The agency will find to me work in your country and Will be the guarantor, maintenance of me with work. So from you not It is required any documents. This visa to me will give easily and quickly. The Moscow embassy will make all documents, and I am very fast I can To arrive to you. The visa can be received for term from 6 till 24 days. Now I To have one problem - at me there is no money for the visa. It will cost 314 USD, it are expensive for me. Tell, you to have such Money??? I can save up money, but will pass a lot of time. You Know, what at me the small salary. If you can send me Money the visa will be very soon ready and to us it is necessary Will think of tickets. So all depends on you. I very much want To meet, see you, but for me it is expensive. You know, that I the simple Russian girl. I not so am rich. I think it a shame For me. As it is bad, that money in our life at times solve all. But I do not think, that this money can destroy our love!!!!!! I It is sure, that any riches cannot rise between us!!!! It So? I think, that it so!!!! As the true love, not probably To buy for any money. The most important in a life is true, Sincere love! You agree with me? I never thought, that love It is possible to wait. So let's not do from this a problem! I want To present you everything, that at me is, my love, my caress, my Tenderness!!!!! Only to you!!!!! And not to that you are rich that is why That I love you!!!! My heart speaks me it!!!!! If I could, That I would not ask you money. Present, that in a month we We can be together. It so is fine!!! It is dream for me!!! But I I shall aspire to that this dream would turn to a reality!!!! You my hope!!!!!! I think, what you think just as I? I learned In bank, that the most safe way to send money it through system money transfer " Western union". For a sending of money it is necessary for you to know My address and full name. I send you it once again.
Lenina, 25 - 3.
Elena Lapshina

I wait for yours soon the answer!!!!
Love you!!!!!
Your Elena.

Letter 2

Hello Mike!
I am happy, that you have written to me the answer. My name is Elena. To me of 29 years, Growth 168 cm. I live in Russia, in small city Ekaterinburg. Our city Very beautiful: here the fine nature, is theatres, museums, Monuments of architecture. I live with my parents. They already for a long time on Pensions. At me the maximum economic formation. But at us in Russia It is very hard to find work on a speciality, therefore I work the teacher in a kindergarten. But I do not regret about it. To me very much To like to communicate with children. I should help parents, becausein parents, pension very small . I have come in Internet - cafe to get acquainted with the man from other country. In Russia men very rough, they at all do not appreciate Russian women. And me It is necessary present the man! I think, that in other countries of the man much more Better concern to women. To get acquainted through the Internet to me My girlfriend has advised. One year ago she has left for other country and till now Lives there with the favourite husband very happily. She also Has got acquainted with it through the Internet and does not regret about it. I for a long time Looked a site and suddenly my eyes have stopped. It were you. You to me At once have liked, I have read your structure and at once have decided to write To you. I with impatience waited your answer and you have written to me. I very much It is glad to your letter. It is very interesting to me to learn about you little bit more, Because you have interested me. I want to set some questions. Where exactly you live, what your city where work? Tell about To your family, it is more about itself. I hope, that you were interested with my letter. And if it so I shall wait from you for the following letter. Good-bye!!!

Letter 3

Hello, my light Michael!!!
I do not want to frighten off you, but, please, understand me, I need to know your intentions to me. I do not want to injure my heart.
Perhaps, I early began to write to you about the feelings, can be not ready you, I can hasten??? In the last letter I have written to you, that my heart overflows feeling of love to you. I can do nothing with myself. Today at night I could not fall asleep, I for a long time thought of you. I am in love with you!!! With me never such was!!! I do not know, when it has come to me, but I cannot without your letters. I ask you that you have written about your intentions to me. If your intentions are serious, and you as well as I want to meet to learn each other then write to me as all of you plan. Then we shall start to take steps together already as we can meet. You will arrive to me or I to you, we shall decide further. I am sure that your intentions to me are serious, my heart prompts me it. You know as it it happens? When your heart speaks you, that this person can trust, possible to entrust to it, the heart. I believe that you, that person whom I so for a long time searched. Now you know all my feelings and I shall be disappointed in you my heart will be broken, and I shall suffer very for a long time. I very sensual woman. I know you the good person and I believe, that you will fairly answer my question. I am afraid, that you do not have such feelings. Only at a meeting we can learning each other whether understand we are necessary each other whether or not. In fact under letters it is impossible to define the person up to the end. I am sure, that the meeting will help us. I am not afraid, that after a meeting you reject me, but I shall damn myself up to the end of a life, that and have not met the man which has grown fond. And suddenly it is destiny!!? You trust in destiny??? I believe in it!!! I have trusted in destiny and now I have you!!!!! You which I love that!!!!!To decide you. I have opened to you completely, I have nothing to add. I with impatience shall wait for your following letter and to hope for reciprocity.
p.s. Michael, I like to cook very much especially I like Russian food: different salads, pelmeni (like raviolly), borsh (soup) and many other dishes. I am not very good at American food or some others but I prefer the food, which was made at home but not in other places. I have no animals of a house. However, I love animals very much. I prefer dogs, as they are very faithful and reliable. I value these qualities very much in people too. I think, that if once I shall see your dog, I shall be the friend for her so as you!?! Jodi will not bark at me? You have asked so about my knowledge of English language! I studied English language at university and now I can understand without problems you. I even can look English films without translation. But I do errors! Possibly it of that I do not have colloquial practice!?! But you write to me very clearly! As to my opinion on your country. I think, that your country very strong! In Russia for the present is not present such! Probably it of that people are dealt with the problems, and is possible because of policy! But I do not take a great interest in a policy, I think, that a policy this business of men! There Are many opinions on America, for certain in America so there are various opinions concerning Russia? For myself I do not do big distinctions between Russia and America, though! As I know, that the American government does not forget about the citizens! It in fact so? I mean that in Russia, people which are in power do not notice problems or pretend, that do not notice. For example, in Russia a lot of jobless and homeless! I think, that it only that nobody thinks of these people!
Your Elena.



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